Why Stag Vixen Lifestyle and not Cuckold?

Jul 2, 2023

Why Stag Vixen Lifestyle and not Cuckold?

There are many different sorts of fantasies, one of them is to see your partner with an other lover. But for most guys, the idea of their partner having a male lover is frequently a step too far. Unless you enjoy stag and vixen, hotwifing, or cuckolding. What distinguishes these allegedly comparable play styles? Let’s analyse them in more detail.

Cuckolding is a fetish or kink in which a person becomes attracted to their spouse when they are having sex with someone else. It has a strong connection to BDSM and can coexist alongside play types including dominance, submission, and humiliation. When a husband wants to be told he can’t satisfy his wife or partner, cuckolding frequently involves humiliation. To appease the woman, a more virulent male—a stud, if you will—known as the Bull is brought in.

However, that is not at all what we mean here. Historically, the term “cuckold” refers to a guy who was inadvertently cheated on by his wife. The kind of cuckolding we like requires consent and lots of discussion. The modern-day cuckold, who need not be a cisgender or heterosexual guy, is well aware of and enthusiastically supports their partner’s extramarital activities.

The definition of hotwifing varies depending on who you ask, and like many Consensual Non Monogamy practises, it relies on the relationship. However, possible definitions would be: When a wife engages in sexual activity with someone other than her husband, frequently the husband will support her and even observe the behaviour. a custom among married couples when the wife is willing to look for sex partners, frequently to the husband’s satisfaction. An open relationship when the wife is free to consider her possibilities while the husband either does not or is not allowed to look for other partners.

Similar to cuckolding, stag and vixen involves a couple wanting to bring in another guy so that they can have sex with the wife. In this case, the husband cheers and supports his wife or partner as well as her boyfriend (referred to as the Bull). In other instances, the woman goes out and has sex (akin to hotwifing), then when she gets home, she tells her husband about it. The stag feels satisfaction in the idea that his wife is desired by other men.

It is extremely uncommon to find instances where the woman appreciates seeing her husband with another woman because this practise is frequently one-way. If it turns around, that enters cuckqueening area.

What distinguishes cuckolding from stag and vixen then?
There is no element of humiliation linked with stag and vixen. While it’s frequently just plainly attractive to consider viewing your spouse with someone else, you don’t want to be told that you’re not accomplishing anything else. You don’t have to be into S and M to enjoy everything else about this popular kind of play, and that’s alright.

Why would you consider yourselves stag and vixen when you could just have a threesome with another man involved? That’s a valid question, to be sure. When you play a threesome with another person, everyone is usually distributed quite equally. When it comes to stag and vixen play, the emphasis is primarily on the enjoyment of the wife and the enjoyment experienced by the husband while witnessing his wife being fucked by another man.

Please note that you are free to substitute whatever gender, binary, or non-binary term you like in this sentence! Years ago, I had a very steamy meeting with a couple in which I did a good job of playing the Bull.

Some couples claim that participating in this kind of play gives the woman in the relationship a lot of power. Imagine having complete control over your sexuality and being able to dictate who gets to come when, when, and how, in addition to picking your partners. While your husband or partner is looking on.

What is the nature of the stag and vixen relationship?
There aren’t any strict guidelines that everyone must adhere to, much like in the majority of consensual non-monogamous partnerships. I will add that there should always be a few fundamental principles present.

I’ll hammer home the importance of communication until everyone gets it. Any and all relationships ought to be built on direct, unvarnished, and open communication. If you don’t tell your spouse, they won’t know what’s going on in your thoughts. Don’t expect them to read your mind since they can’t. Stop fizzing someone else if something changes, even in the middle of it, and express your thoughts. All of your emotions—doubts, anxieties, and feelings—are OK. Keeping them to yourself and counting on your partner to figure it out is not acceptable.
Trust: If you don’t have trust, you should probably stop talking right now. I won’t suggest that you must approach situations with complete trust because, let’s face it, that isn’t always the case. Trust is developed through time, whether with your relationship or someone new, and yes, it is occasionally shattered. This does not imply that we discard the entire individual (unless the issue is insurmountable or is rooted in abuse or trauma). You pick how much trust you need, but if something feels off, it’s up to you to decide if it’s too off to proceed.

Data and research – now that’s hot. Yes, that is possible. It will get heated when a couple sits down and discusses all the aspects of being in a stag and vixen relationship that turn them on. Do your study, read erotica or watch porn about it if that’s your thing, listen to audio stories about it, ask friends who are into the lifestyle about their experiences, and read creative nonfiction that is based on actual events.
There are several ways to obtain the data you require in order to continue the dialogues you require with your spouse. Look at swinging clubs and parties in your area (or farther out if you don’t want to risk hooking up with the postmaster, haha). See if there is a section on adult dating sites specifically for couples looking for single males.

When you’re prepared to look for someone with whom to interact, make sure to be open and truthful with them about what you’re seeking. Never give someone the impression that you’re single or only seeking for a hookup by yourself. Although it’s supposedly “well known fact” that guys are open to hooking up with anyone, the truth is that’s just not the case. Tell your prospective partner what they’re getting into because it’s dishonest and will help them make an educated choice.

You don’t want it to be a shitshow right away; you want it to be a sizzling meeting.

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