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The VXN Lifestyle community is a safe, discreet and non-judgemental global community where Stag and Vixen partners can and will meet with other likeminded, respectful people who enjoy this adult lifestyle.

If you are already familiar with the scene and looking to meet new like-minded people then welcome to VXN Lifestyle, your new place to connect, liberate and play. If you have recently come across the term Stags and Vixens and are keen to learn more, welcome. This is a safe environment to explore no matter wherever you are on your journey. Be bold, try something new and embrace the VXN Lifestyle.

Who is a Stag and Vixen couple? In short, a Stag enjoys his Vixen being desired and sexually enjoying herself with other men (her Bull) or another lady. After a Stag witnesses or she narrates her adventure back to him in great detail, he is biologically obliged to reclaim his partner and enjoy the heightened senses that come with the experience of the loyalty and unselfish devotion they have for each other. It is important to recognise during these sexual adventures there is no humiliation by anyone, it is a respectful and highly sexually charged experience. The roles can of course be reversed.

This practice builds trust and eases communication in a relationship. It makes it possible for everyone to open up to each other about their wildest fantasies and not oppress them. Everything is discussed openly without fear of judgment. Sexual Liberation is the ultimate freedom.

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Erotic Stories

My First and Best Vixen Hotwife

My First and Best Vixen Hotwife

When I was in my late 20's I had an incredible experience. At that time I really didn't know about things like cuckold, or hotwife. At that point in my life I was very good at the more vanilla sexual acts. I had experienced a threesome. I had experienced public sex. I...

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Stag Vixen Couple hookup with a Bull on VXN Lifestyle

Stag Vixen Couple hookup with a Bull on VXN Lifestyle

The time was drawing closer, to the point that he could be showing up at any second, and Becky had been sitting nervously on the end of the bed with me, clutching at my hand with a hesitance still deep inside of her. That emotion had to be quelled rather quickly, as a...

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Being Dominant

Being Dominant

A few weeks ago I met a woman online. We started chatting and found we were attracted to each other. She then told me she was married and was looking for fun on the side. I was ok with it and told her I would be discreet. All of our communicating took place over...

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Your Divine Nymph (Erotic Hypnotic Audio Track)

Your Divine Nymph (Erotic Hypnotic Audio Track)

This full hypnotic audio track is aimed at straight men for their orgasmic enjoyment. I do hope you enjoy your sexual adventure... Please allow time to give this audio track your full attention, listening to it from start to end with headphones on and in a comfortable...

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Watching The Wife Next Door by Sexy Beast!!!

Watching The Wife Next Door by Sexy Beast!!!

A few years ago I was living in a nice suburban neighborhood in the south. I was single and I had a large two story home. The couple that lived next to me was in their late 30's. They had two kids. One just started either the first or second grade and the other was...

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Hubby Losses A Bet by Sexy Beast

Hubby Losses A Bet by Sexy Beast

A friend of mine is a New England Patriots fan. So is his neighbor Todd. Last season they had a party for the Patriots game versus the Chiefs. I'm a Chiefs fan. They invited me over for their party. The Patriots were the home team, but the Chiefs were having a good...

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A Wife Becomes A Hotwife by Sexy Beast

A Wife Becomes A Hotwife by Sexy Beast

Thank you to Twitters very own Sexy Beast!!! https://twitter.com/Jason64626852 in allowing VXN to publish your Erotic Story I work for a management consultant firm in the southern part of the United States. I handle key relationships with other businesses for my...

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