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VXN Community Questions

How do you build relationships in the vxn community?

You need to be courteous and respectful at all times, if somebody or a couple says no thank you or rejects your friend request this is their choice, and you need to remember this. They might come back to you at a later date if they see you have respected their boundaries. Everyone has different needs and preferences, that is what makes this lifestyle amazing.

My Partner does not want to take part or explore what can I do?
This means you are not ready to physically take party in this lifestyle and no means no. You need to both agree and be in a healthy strong relationship prior to looking to take the next step into your sexual fantasies. However, it does not mean that the VXN Lifestyle community is not for you, there is something for everyone at every stage of their VXN sexual journey, be it just chatting online and finding out more information and becoming more comfortable, you might just be happy fulfilling your fantasies virtually and this is totally understandable and can be so much fun.


Is VXN Lifestyle only for adults?

Yes, VXN Lifestyle is an adult community and users must be over the age of 18 to use our platform. Any underage users will be removed and banned immediately.

How do I report someone actiing inappropriately?

There are various report tools available to all members. Locate the user and then on their profile you will see ‘flag’ icons. Click this to report the user, please provide a detailed explanation of why you are reporting a user. You can also report pictures, comments and any other user interaction.

Does VXN Lifestyle have an app / mobie version?

At this stage we do not have an app, but our website is mobile friendly and designed to work on all devices seemlessly.

My Subscription

Are there restrictions?

No, all members have full unrestricted access to all features of the website.

Changing membership level

You can easily upgrade from regular gold member to lifetime gold member. Simply login and go to ‘My VXN > My Subscription’ and click change, from there you can upgrade with a single click and payment.

Deleting my account?

You can delete an account by logging oin and visiting ‘My VXN > Edit Profile’, then click ‘account settings’ and click ‘Delete Account’. Please note this can not be recovered once deleted, it is permanent deletion.

Using VXN

Privacy & Notifications

You have full control of your privacy and notification settings. Once logged in visit ‘My VXN > Edit Profile’, click ‘account settings’ on the left menu. From there you can control notifications and privacy settings. 

You can also choose how posts, pictures, videos etc appear, when you create a post of any kind you decide who can see it.

Posting Pictures & Videos

There are 2 ways to post pics and videos:

1 – You can post pics and videos to the VXN Wall which will display to the larger community. Simply visit the VXN Wall and use the ‘post’ button controls.

2 – Visit your vxn profile at ‘My VXN > View my profile’ and click ‘Personal Galleries > create a gallery’ You can make picture or video galleries and You control who can see them, the whole community or your friends.

You can edit your galleries or delete them at any time, you are in control.

The VXN Wall

We have a special VXN Wall feature, where users can post to the entire community, to their joined groups or to their friends. Users can post words of wisdom, pics, videos or anything else you can think of that our Stag and Vixen community will want to know.

It’s easy to post, just click the VXN Wall button and post away using the simple controls.

Vixen and Stag Mask

DIscretion & Privacy

You are in control of your profile. You can share as much or as little as you like and YOU decide who can and can not see your profile.

A safe online community for adults

Community moderators

Our trusted moderators are a part of the Vixen and Stag community, understand, love it and are here to help, support and guide you.

Stags and Vixens VXN Lifestyle

Secure & Protected

We take data protection seriously. Your data is safe, we use SSL encryption on our website to keep it that way and we are GDPR compliant.

Can cel your membership anytime

Cancel Anytime

We will be heartbroken! But of course, you are free to cancel your membership at anytime. You can choose to deactivate or delete completely.

It's for you

Thousands of genuine verified members inside, sharing their partners, pictures, videos and much more, all waiting for people just like you to come and play.

Whether you are a newcomer, couple or an experienced friend, VXN Lifestyle is the place for you. 

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