What is the New Vixen Hotwife Lifestyle?

Aug 17, 2023

What is the New Vixen Hotwife Lifestyle?

A Vixen Hotwife is a married lady who engages in extramarital sex with her husband’s complete approval. Her spouse may occasionally watch or even participate in a threesome. On other occasions, the husband is somewhere else, expecting to hear all the juicy details afterwards or to receive texts and videos as the live-action is happening. The couple’s own sexual stag and vixen dream world dictates that both scenarios are always carried out with everyone’s knowledge and encouragement.

Stag and Vixens
Also known as stags and vixens, these relationships are sometimes referred to as “Bulls” because the husband, the stag, aggressively pushes his wife, the vixen, to have sex with other men. In the end, he knows that she is “his,” therefore he is proud of his hot seductive vixen and likes that other guys notice her. Being aware that your spouse can have whomever they choose and will, but will always return to you, is a really powerful and reassuring position. The dynamic includes a scene where the stag ‘reclaims’ the vixen from her fucking exploits.

We both felt that exchanging SMS and images was a major turn on and significantly improved our hotwife experiences. When I update my boyfriend on what is occurring and what this man is doing to me, he enjoys hearing his phone beep while waiting in a different hotel room or the hotel lobby. He adores seeing images of me draped in another man’s come; it is his favourite kind of picture. by OMGKinky

Although you would believe hotwifing and cuckolding are the same thing, they are not. In cases of cuckolding, the husband is more likely to be either unaware of the wife’s liaisons or to revel in the humiliation that comes from the knowledge that she must find sexual fulfilment elsewhere. In the hotwife and stag and vixen scenario, the husband finds pleasure in the knowledge that he has given in to other men’s desire for his wife. resulting in the addition of a new power dynamic. Transparency is crucial in hotwifing, and everyone enjoys the sexy thrill of kinky sharing.

A couple explains why they would rather be referred to as a stag and vixen than a cuckold in an article for the New York Post. Because there is no shame or denial involved, Mark says, “It’s a term that fits us completely. “I like to observe, although on occasion I’ll participate. It really turns me on to see my wife with another man. Like foreplay, really. I can’t wait for the Bull to go so I can ravish Vicky myself, as much as I adore watching.

So how widespread are the stag and vixen fantasy and hotwifing?
Although it appears to be becoming more and more popular on porn and sexual interest websites, we haven’t discovered any concrete numbers to support this claim; instead, we have gathered anecdotal evidence and testimonials from people who just like this aspect of the swinging lifestyle.

Numerous blogs and websites are devoted to the hotwife, stag, and vixen fetish. One couple shares not just their bed but also their experiences on their blog, Secret Vixen, about what it’s like to live the hotwife lifestyle.

It is evident from reading the two voices of the Secret Vixen and Secret Stag that the journey started out of love and a genuine respect for one another. For instance, the first blog post on the Secret Stag is all about how much the author loves his wife and wants her to know what a gorgeous and wonderful person she is. He wants her to view herself like he and so many other guys do since he has spent years trying to praise her and she hasn’t fully believed him.

The husband is the one who first suggested referring to her as a vixen or a sexy wife, and he is the stag. They take the initial steps towards the hotwifing lifestyle as she discovers herself becoming attracted to the concept. However, rather with the customary “Bull” man, the initial physical contact is with a female mutual friend. At least for this Vixen, it’s a more gradual transition into the hotwife position. The pair seemed to take things one step at a time; their first meeting with a guy included a threesome with all participants present, and the wife took each man in turn until they shared a spit roast and were satisfied.

Following this, the pair thinks they are ready to begin with the vixen meeting bulls (who are carefully screened and picked by her stag husband in advance). Being taken by another guy while her spouse is fully aware of it is extremely thrilling and wicked to the vixen. The blog describes the idea of “reclaiming” following oral sex with a big cocked bull in his automobile. The vixen experiences some anxiety since she has swallowed his come, something her husband has never been allowed to do. When she informs him, they engage in fiercely intense reclaiming fuck. Her feeling that she may have overstepped the mark with another guy is brought into the mix, but the resulting ‘reclaiming’ sex is hotter than hell.

I want to know if the hotwife, stag, and vixen dream lifestyle is as thrilling and well-liked as this blog implies. I was thrilled when Secret Vixen herself decided to respond to a few queries:

What effects has the stag and vixen fantasy dynamic had on your union?
Our marriage has been greatly impacted by it in such remarkable ways. Everything about our sexual lives has changed. Before starting this lifestyle, I had practically no sexual desire. This wasn’t because I didn’t love or like my spouse; on the contrary, it was more because I had a small family and was trying to go back to my pre-pregnancy weight, which left me with poor self-esteem and a terrible body image. My husband and I have always been very close, something our friends have frequently expressed jealously about. However, it has somehow made us even closer, and we like keeping our closeness a secret because no one would ever expect it of us.

The build-up is always the key factor for me. I was never actually single for a long time, so I completely missed the dating environment and had never gone on a date with someone who wasn’t a past friend. I didn’t experience the butterflies one has before a first date as a result. I’m not complaining at all, and I consider myself to have been pretty lucky in my dating life before being married. I adore getting to know ‘possible’ bulls, and the thrill of a first encounter, not to mention the opportunities it may open up, is indescribable. There is no pressure while “dating” in the hotwife way of life as opposed to traditional dates. I’m not going out searching for someone to spend the rest of my life with, and I don’t feel the need to hide anything from anyone. I have the game squarely in my favour.

Do you wish you’d started living the stag and vixen ideal sooner?
The timing of this, in my opinion, is perfect. The next 10 years of our marriage and 14 years of our relationship will be upon us. I’m really happy that we have a strong relationship. Engaging in the lifestyle hasn’t put any strain on our marriage—just enthusiasm and a greater degree of unity—because our family and jobs are where we want them to be.

Do you have any regrets about living the hotwife life?
I enjoy it and have no regrets

Any unanticipated joys?
The feeling of acceptance. Since I knew I wouldn’t be able to share my experiences with my close friends, it was the major motivation behind starting my blog. Although I think I have a great set of friends, kink is still very much a taboo topic. I was definitely never prudish, but I also had little understanding of the practise outside of the sensationalised instances in the media. My friends and I had often exchanged stories about our sexual experiences, but the mention of threesomes was enough to spark conversation and debate; the subject of wife sharing would absolutely blow their minds! As a result, I needed a venue for discussing my experiences, which is where my blog comes in. I never expected people to appreciate it, and I never expected couples to approach me to share how much of a positive influence it had on their own marriages. My husband and I have met some wonderful individuals because of the blog and my twitter account; we never would have crossed paths with them if we hadn’t ventured down this stag and vixen dream road.

Have you ever had an unexpected encounter at a scene?
Not right now, but I feel like I have a newfound capacity to see other potential hotwife couples while I’m out and about.

Is the stag and vixen dream way of life more widespread than we realise?

Definitely! The amount of individuals who have contacted me via my website and blog seeking guidance on how to start the lifestyle continues to astonish me. As I’ve already stated, it is very much a cultural taboo and is very unlikely to ever be fully accepted for a variety of reasons.

What emotional differences are there when you are having sex with another man? Are you contemplating how you’ll break the news to your husband, for instance? Or is it possible to fully disappear into the moment?

Knowing that my spouse approves, I am able to totally immerse myself in the moment. After my first experience, I was surprised that I didn’t feel guilty but still had my husband’s support. This is not infidelity since I tell my husband everything and he talks with the bulls; thus, it is not a violation of the law. He is the one who first approaches the “potentials,” and if he thinks we’d get along, he will send them on to me. He knows me better than I know myself, and thus far, I’ve only encountered good things. When asked, “Does it differ emotionally?,” In a big way. I just have pleasure in mind when I’m with a bull. There is, as I have frequently stated, a distinction to be made between fucking and making love. That’s not to suggest that having sex with a bull is entirely animalistic; there is still some sensitivity and sensuality there, but it’s not quite the same as when I’m with my husband. This would be a warning sign if it were to be.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to play the victim and have your stag go out and meet other ladies while you get the report?

I’ve done it, and it’s not something I would personally like. We’ve been a couple on occasions, and I never had any erotic fulfilment when I saw my spouse with another woman—and, this may sound absurd—neither did he. Watching me with another man gives my husband pleasure, he says. He regularly says that I am his fave pornstar.

How have you kept the hotwife dynamic going while under lockdown?

Unfortunately, I have only been able to sustain it through discussion. Although I have had some extremely alluring offers from Bulls already in existence, I would not want to risk endangering my family by engaging in physical contact. My family is always my top priority, and if I ever thought that my way of life was hurting them, I would leave without thinking twice.

What do I do now that I’m ready to be a hotwife?
So how can you incorporate the hotwife dynamic into your relationship without making the other person feel inferior or ‘less than’ what you want? When you worry that talking about your inner dreams could endanger your relationship, which may already be going great, it can be a frightening idea. It’s a good thing that FrolicMe can help with all kinds of situations acted out for you to enjoy; perhaps after viewing some cheating wife porn together, you can bring up a subject more subtly. Does your spouse turn on easily? Does seeing it or listening to the audio help you express your inner wishes more freely? Alternatively, is it sufficient to confine them to the world of stag and vixen imagination. Sometimes having our dreams explored as just that—fantasies—can be enough to provide a satisfying and thrilling experience.

On the other hand, it’s possible that all the indications are producing the same response and that both of you are ready to make the initial steps towards a genuine exploration.

According to the VXN Lifestyle Blog, the hotwife scenario can be a healthy way to explore your sex life together. The ability to be honest with one another about your desires demonstrates that neither of you is seeking anything that excludes the other. Rather, you are searching more intently for an experience to share, and that is undoubtedly a good thing.

Maybe he wants to watch you being banged senseless by a raging, muscular stud he could never be? Or perhaps it’s witnessing you treat your other cock like it’s nothing and slide your moist, filthy pussy all over a sex toy man to be used and fucked. Sharing your Hot Wife fantasy encounter with other people may be exciting and truly take your relationship to the next level—as long as everyone is mature, consenting, courteous, and eager.

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