Mindset Of A Stag And Vixen Hotwife Couple

Mar 5, 2023

Mindset Of A Stag And Vixen Hotwife Couple

The Psychology Being A Vixen Hotwife Stag Couple

The world is getting advanced and with this, openness is also increasing. Although things like HotWifing have been very common in developed western countries, now it has made a strong penetration in every corner of the world.

Till 2 decades ago, when things like stag and vixen fantasy or HotWifing were just names in small or developing countries, even today it is being practiced with full principle. People are becoming really interested about this kind of sexual fantasy. It is not that it is a disorder, but today’s young to old people want to experiment with sex and want to do different things and leave no stone unturned to live it. So let us delve deeper into what exactly is the hot wife or stag and vixen fantasy and why people do it.

What is The Vixen, Hot Wife, Stag Lifestyle (fantasy)?

In The Stag and Vixen and Hotwife Lifestyle, a Vixen hotwife is a married woman who has sex with another man (outside marriage), either with her husband’s full consent or voluntarily. Not only this, but sometimes her husband also participates in this threesome or group sex relationship and enjoys HotWifing. Mainly the husband watches and enjoys his wife having sex with another man. However, not only this, but the hot wife willingly has sex with other men even in the absence of her husband. Sometimes the husband sits in the other room and watches his wife’s sex enjoyment live action online, or enjoys himself by listening to her enjoyment. Or the husband is somewhere else but he sees the wife’s sex live-action. Only 2 or 3 people don’t need to be involved, but the wife can also enjoy group sex, and the husband enjoys watching his wife having sex. However, in HotWifing or the stag and vixen lifestyle, everything is transparent and there is no infidelity on the part of the wife. Transparency occurs with the full knowledge of the husband and this lifestyle is encouraged by all involved, becoming an intrinsic part of the couple’s sexual stag and vixen fantasy or HotWifing world.

Stags And Vixens

Hotwifing fantasy also known as stags and vixens, where the husband, the stag, knows and actively encourages his wife, the vixen, to have sex with other men (non-masculine) often called bulls. The husband is proud of his hot sexy vixen because he thinks that his wife gets attention from other men, even knowing that she is his. He knows that his wife can have anyone they want, but she still comes back to him. Really to put it simply, it’s a fantasy or lifestyle where the stag retrieves his vixen after his fu*king adventures, and his vixen doesn’t betray him.


It may come to the mind of some people that a HotWifing or stag-vixen relationship is similar to adultery, but it is not so. Concerning adultery, it is more common for the husband to either be ignorant of the wife’s adventures or to feel humiliated by the fact that his wife needs to go elsewhere for sexual gratification. Whereas in the Hot Wife and Stag and Vixen fantasy, the husband finds satisfaction, pleasure, and happiness in knowing that his wife is having relations with other men, and he allows it. With HotWifing, transparency is key, and all parties abstain from kinky sharing fun or activity.

So How Popular Is The Hotwifing Stag And Vixen  Lifestyle Fantasy?

 If you search the Internet, you will find a lot of such information, surveys, and study data which is enough to prove that this fantasy and lifestyle is very popular all over the world. In other words, HotWifing and the vixen lifestyle are more popular than porn and sexual interest sites. You may be surprised to know that there are many blogs and sites dedicated to the hotwife and stag-vixen fantasy, and all of them are highly popular. You will be surprised even more when you visit our website https://vxnlifestyle.com/. The articles and content presented here are genuine and are voluntarily written by the couples themselves from their actual incidents. All of them not only share about their bedroom spice but also describe their fantasy in detail. They don’t hesitate to share their secret vixen hotwife lifestyle experiences. There are millions of couples and individuals who contact us every day and wish to feature their events. They all want their fantasy to be known and discussed among people. According to a survey in the USA, 53% of the couples involved in the survey admitted that they have done or want to do HotWifing once in their life. And 44% admitted that they are a part of this lifestyle regularly.

How To Start A Hotwifing Or Stag And Vixen Fantasy Safely?

Although, in the beginning, it may seem a bit strange and even difficult, if you are ready to go into it then you can easily accomplish it. As if; The husband is the one who initially brought up the idea of ​​sharing her as a vixen or a hot wife and he as a stag, and this happens with the mutual consent of both husband and wife. And then they find themselves inspired by the idea and take the first step into the HotWifing lifestyle (fantasy). However, it is to be noted that the first physical encounter might be perhaps  with a mutual friend and not with the traditional ‘bull’ (other men). And then your experience and activity might lead you to great HotWifing, in which third or other people may be strangers or someone else. However, the thing to note is that whether it is a stranger or a close one, he should always be a confidant. After this, the couple can decide whether they are ready to start in The Lifestyle the task of thoroughly screening and selecting the people involved in the activity is done by by her stag husband with her input.

How Has The Stag Vixen Hotwifing Lifestyle Has Changed Your Marriage?

  • Many people wonder whether the stag-vixen fantasy has changed their marriage or life. However, the answer is for you to find and experience yourself. But the data shows that it has had a phenomenal effect on our marriage, in all positive ways, and our sex life has been a complete makeover. According to the couples, my sexual appetite was almost non-existent before I switched to this fantasy (lifestyle), and I had never experienced this much sexual satisfaction. Not because of a lack of love or attraction for my spouse, but because of a new experience and youthful thinking. According to another Hot Wife, my husband and I have always been incredibly close and trusting. While some of our friends have envied this, others have been inspired by our satisfaction and happiness and have chosen to follow us and HotWifing. And after all, this has brought us even closer, and we enjoy our lives even more now.
  • According to another Hot Wife, for both of us individually it’s always a solid way to build up and gain new experiences. I always missed the dating scene and never went on a date with anyone who wasn’t a friend or acquaintance. But what I am experiencing now is amazing. I love getting to know a potential and stranger bull (other men), and when I’m in bed with him and my husband encourages us, my desire increases, and I get a different satisfaction.

The Psychology Behind Hotwifing Or Stag And Vixen: 5 Reasons Why Some Men Love Hot Wifing

I like to see my wife having sex with another man. It seems that the whole scenario goes against the ethics of marriage and the sacred relationship between husband and wife. However, there is no single number that fits exactly how true this is, as the number of HotWifing enthusiasts is innumerable. However, it is a fact that some men like to fantasize about their wives having an extramarital affair with another man, and other men turn that fantasy into reality. So what is the psychology behind HotWifing or stag and vixen, why do men love it, why is it so popular, and why are people reluctant to talk about it? Why do men like to see their wives having sex with other men? Although there are many reasons behind this, we are mentioning some of the main reasons, and know what is the psychology behind Hotwifing.

1: Seeing The Wife (Vixen Hot Wife) Having A Secret Relationship With Another Man

Most men are exposed to pornography or adult content at some point in their lives. And, with repeated viewing or exposure, it becomes normalized as part of their sexual repertoire and they become mentally enslaved or addicted to it. And imagine how sexy his wife is, and her intoxicating voice gives him satisfaction and pleasure when she has sex with a bull. Some men just like to watch secretly, that’s why they encourage their wives to HotWifing. Some psychotherapists and experts suggest that some men are used to voyeuristic processes in their sexuality, so they often want to fulfill it through their marital sex life as well.

And some men have used it to get out of their porn-watching habit weirdly. According to a man’s/husband; my wife is the sweetest and most beautiful woman in the world to me. I respect her a lot and I would like to see her having a relationship with another man and not a porn actress.

2: Better Sex And Satisfaction

Psychiatrists and experts believe that there is a subtle biological complex that occurs when a man sees his wife as a hot wife having sex with another man. Due to this, their sex drive gets positive mileage. And this is further reinforced when 52 percent of the men surveyed admit it.

After witnessing his wife having sex with another man, the husband is psychologically motivated to have longer, more vigorous sex. Some men have a short refractory period between erections, which they do to get around this and for better satisfaction. They believe that then they enjoy more sexually and have better sex.

3: Realization Of Women’s Empowerment

Many husbands interviewed by psychotherapists describe their wife’s increased independence, self-confidence, sexual satisfaction, and assertive happiness that came from their wife’s freedom to have sex with other men. At the same time, women felt that they had gained an entitlement in the form of living and having relationships with freedom. And the open sexuality of the wife is the most ideal point of women’s rights.

4: Sexual Health Problems

Many men also admitted that they got rid of physical problems (sexual problems) with it. Because they were victims of erectile dysfunction and could not satisfy their wives earlier, but now they enjoy sex more, and also get better support from their wives.

Also, encouraging their wives to have sex with other men or outside of marriage helped them to compensate for these feelings and issues that they faced. And now made their wives feel more sexually satisfied and fulfilled.

5: Feeling Proud Of Myself

Many men get thrilled and turned on by the thought that their wife is so sexy and hot that other men want her. And it makes them proud of themselves.


So are you ready for some HotWifing or stag and vixen? Surely you will be ready to move on. If you are mentally ready to connect things, you get a stronger pleasure. HotWifing is not wrong but there should be limits. If both husband and wife agree to do it then there is no harm in it, but neither side should be pressured, nor should you cheat your real partner after moving forward. You are doing this just for pleasure and it is not permanent but for a fixed period. The hotwife scenario can be a healthy and honest way to explore your sex life together. And the fact that you are open and honest with each other about your desires and fantasies.


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