VXN Lifestyle is here to help you explore your fantasies. A community in pursuit of sexual fulfilment, freedom and liberation. From where it all started, to where it’s headed, here’s our story. We want you to come along for the ride.

You choose how you want to engage. You have full control of your profile, if you prefer to stay in the shadows to begin with that is your choice. But we guarantee you will not find a more exciting place to chat with and meet Stags & Vixens just like you.

VXN Lifestyle

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Vixen and Stag Mask

DIscretion & Privacy

Your privacy is important to you and to us. We give you full control, you can share as much as you are comfortable with.

We give you many tools to build a profile so other members can find and engage with you if you allow them too, you can even restrict access to friends or preferred members only.

VXN Lifestyle is perfect for beginners and experienced online community users.

Other platforms don’t give you the control you need. We understand that sometimes you need to disable your profile, or even delete it. This is ok. 

Other platforms may share your information, we won’t. They may even retain your information after you close your account, we won’t.

You are not always in control, with VXN Lifestyle, you are.

Profile Builder on VXN

Active Community

VXN Lifestyle online community established itself in 2019, and has grown consistenltly , the ‘Stag and Vixen’ lifestyle is a hot buzzword and people from all over the world are realising that it is them, just like you may be doing right now.

Profiles are checked for validity by our admin team, each and every one. We do not and will not allow fake profiles.

This has allowed our community to grow fast, and we expect this to continue and have every desire to make our platform THE Stag and Vixen portal of choice, for everything from chats to webcam meets to physical meets.

Other platforms will populate their community with fake profiles, we won’t. You find yourself sending emails with no replies or engagement. 

Other platforms have moderators that go through the motions, they don’t understand the scene and are just their to police.

Our VXN Sheriffs are part of the scene, they enjoy the scene, they understand it and will help everyone to enjoy it.


Find your perfect relationship

The right fit

We have the very best filters, allowing you to search for other members by preference, location, sex, interests and much more. 

You can categorise yourself by the role you want to take and how you want to be seen. If you are just looking for some online fun then you can restrict your connections to members who want the same. Or if you want to meet in person then it is just a simple click on your profile to let others know. The choice is always yours.

Other platforms don’t provide the options you need to filter your connections, limiting the ability to meet the people You want to meet.


10 reasons to join vxn lifestyle


The number 1 Stag & Vixen community online


Multiple chat options, one on one and in groups


Connect with people you want to connect with


Filter members by location, age + more


Control your profile and who sees you


1,000s of verified members, pics and videos


Live Video chat with other members


Cancel anytime, no questions asked


Community moderators who live the scene


Constantly evolving with new features

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