We want you to enjoy using VXN. But, we also want you to remain safe. We cannot control the actions of our other users, so please act responsibly and always put your safety first, whether interacting online or meeting up offline.

Here are a few safety guidelines to bear in mind and follow:

Keep your account secure

Don’t tell anyone your password, and if you suspect someone has accessed your account, please tell us and immediately change your password.

Don’t share everything

Keep some information to yourself, or at least don’t share everything straight away. You can easily be identified if you share too much information about yourself, so be wary about sharing your details such as your home address, your employer or your work address. Don’t give details about your family or close friends.

Stick with VXN

There’s no rush. Communicate with other users on VXN. You can remain anonymous for as long as you like. Don’t rush to share telephone numbers, emails or other social media contacts.


Unfortunately, like any online platform, scammers may well target users of VXN. Never send or wire money or share bank or credit/debit card details. Don’t share account details for online banking or payment platforms.

Report it

Please help us to keep VXN operating as a safe platform. Report to us any other user who:

  • Asks you for money or financial information or assistance
  • Behaves in a manner that is threatening, discriminatory, offensive or inappropriate
  • You suspect is pretending to be someone else
  • Is using VXN for commercial purposes by trying to sell you something

Meeting up

You may decide to meet another VXN user. Please only do so if you feel entirely comfortable doing so. There is no need to rush things. Get to know each other online first and do not arrange to meet another person if you have any concerns. Always meet in public; don’t get picked up from your house. Tell a friend or family member when and where you are going, who you are meeting and how you are getting there and returning home. Give your family/friend as much information as possible about who you are meeting before you leave. On your date, behave appropriately and know your limits. Do not drink to excess, and do not leave your drink unattended at any time.

Sexual health & consent

Do not feel pressured into anything that you do not want to do. Talk about how you feel and what you are comfortable doing. If you do go ahead and have a sexual relationship, always protect yourself. Use condoms to significantly reduce the risk of STIs. Remember, you can change your mind at any time, and if your partner changes their mind you must respect that.


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