Vixen Hotwife FFM Fun

May 15, 2022

Vixen Hotwife FFM Fun

Patty emerged from the tub. She enjoyed soaking in the tub after her morning workout. This was her preferred time of day. Her children were in school, her husband was at work, the housekeeping and exercise had been completed, and she had some time to rest before she had to resume her role as the family taxi service. In the mirror, she examined herself. She didn’t appear to be 35 years old. She’d been a tall, gangly adolescent, but after three kids, she’d acquired hips, a soft, rounded stomach, and D-cup breasts. She looked every part a Vixen Hotwife.

The sound of the phone jolted her awake from her day dreaming. She grinned as she picked it up and heard her husband’s voice.

“Hello, sweetie!” he exclaimed. “Did I disturb you?”

She teasingly replied, “I was just enjoying my nakedness.” Tony had sneaked home for lunchtime sex in their early days as husband and wife, but once the kids arrived, Tony’s business kept him too busy during the day. “what are you calling for?”

“Danny is coming over to pick up some papers I left on my desk at home. They’re kept in a blue file folder. Are you able to hand them over to him?”

“I certainly can.” After telling Tony that she loved him, she hung up.

The thought of Danny made her cringe. He was five years Tony’s junior and lacked half of her husband’s expertise and qualifications. Danny, on the other hand, had recently married the owner’s daughter and been promoted to Tony’s boss, a position Tony had coveted for years. To make matters worse, Tony had ended up performing the majority of Danny’s work for him because he was inept and lazy. Tony had been depressed for some time, and Patty had wanted to help him but didn’t know how. Until recently.

Patty’s brain was quickly forming an idea. Louisa, her best friend and next-door neighbour, was the one she phoned.

“Hi Lou! Do you have a few minutes to spare?” She told her friend about her plan, and she was eager to participate.

Lou came in wearing only a dressing gown after a knock on the door a short time later.

“Should we do it here?” Lou inquired. “In your room?”

Patty agreed, “Yes.” “Is it too late to arrange something else?”

“Are you confident he’ll fall for it?”

“Oh, I’m certain. His hands were all over me at the last Christmas gathering. He was completely enamoured with me. However, I am unable to participate in the photographs. I’ll be recognised.”

Patty and Lou proceeded into the bedroom and took the duvet off the bed, as well as any photos or personal items that could identify the owner. The bed was then moved to the opposite wall, and the bedside tables were placed under the window. It was the best they could do short of remodelling to make it look as different as possible. Lou removed her dressing gown and tossed it to one side. Patty followed suit. They both sat down on the bed and began touching each other, hoping to appear hot and agitated when Danny came. Lou’s physique, like Patty’s, had grown those delectable feminine curves after four children.

“Do you recall how we used to do this as a form of foreplay?” Lou’s nipples stiffened as Patty whispered.

“Yes, the sight of Matt and Tony stroking their cocks while watching us used to excite me on. Those were my favourite times.” We loved being a Vixen Hotwife foursome in the past.

Patty answered, “Me too,” as she kissed her way down Lou’s tummy and past her trimmed dark triangle. Patty plunged in when Lou separated her legs wide. Patty remembered Lou’s pussy tasting even better than she remembered. She buried her face in the wet slit, wanting the tasty juices to coat her face. Patty began tongue fucking Lou, Lou moaned. Lou’s hot hole slipped in and out of Patty’s tongue. She wasn’t as tight as Patty remembered, but she wasn’t either. She knew they both exercised, and they were quite tight for someone who had given birth multiple times.

The doorbell rang just as Patty thought Lou was about to say something. Patty rose from between Lou’s legs and replaced her dressing robe. She was agitated, and pussy secretions were running down her face. She draped the gown over her, exposing plenty of cleavage. Before opening the door, she took a deep breath.

She smiled and said, “Hello Danny.” “Nice to see you again what do we owe this pleasure?”

“Hello Patricia,” he said, his gaze avoiding her hard nipples, which threatened to push through her gown. “I came to get a folder.”

“Oh yes,” she answered, nervously laughing. “I haven’t had  the chance to look for it yet. Could you help me find it?”

“Of course.” Danny entered the room and shut the door behind him.

Patty whispered over her shoulder as she led Danny to the bedrooms, “Tony’s office is down the hall.” Lou was finger fucking herself when she looked in through the wide open bedroom door. Lou was a genius, and Patty almost burst out laughing.

“Did I interrupt anything?” As they approached Tony’s office, Danny inquired.

“Oh, nothing crucial. I was just about to devour my friend’s pussy “Patty stated unequivocally. “Is this  the folder?” A blue folder with the corporate logo was shown.

“That is, indeed, the folder.” Danny gave her a friendly smile and approached her, sandwiching her between himself and the desk. “I wouldn’t think it’s only fair to eat your friend’s pussy if she is  eating  yours?”

“Not now,” Patty replied quietly.

“Is she going to eat it today?” Patty’s lips were massaged by his lips, and he tasted Lou’s pussy as he proceeded.

Patty answered, licking Danny’s lips with the tip of her tongue, “as soon as you’re gone.”

“Do you mind if I stay?” Danny muttered something.

“Yes. We dislike being watched “Patty responded, noticing Danny’s dissatisfied expression.

“However, you are invited to take part.”

Patty and Danny spun around to see Lou standing at the doorway. She was kneading her tits while nude. Patty removed her gown and approached Lou, kissing her passionately and massaging her tits.

“What do you think, Danny?” Patty and Lou, their tits pushed against each other, glanced up from their caress. “Would you mind sharing your cock with us?”

Danny remained silent. With his semi-erect cock in hand, he swiftly stripped off his clothing and moved over to Patty and Lou.

Lou smiled and kissed Danny, saying, “I can’t wait to taste this big guy.” “Please join me in bed.”

Lou told Danny lie down on the bed, and she went staright for his cock, sucking it with her warm lips. Patty sat on his chest, sliding her wet cunt across his chest hair and bending forward so he could suck on her tits. As he felt Lou deep throating him, he moaned aloud and bit Patty’s breast.

“Danny, are you looking for some pussy?” He grinned and nodded when Patty asked.

Patty took a step away from him, twisted around, and straddled his face, his head buried between her legs. He was inept at work, but he wasn’t too bad at eating pussies. Patty’s wetness was absorbed by his tongue before he opened her pussy lips. He licked her all the way from her clit to her ass and back. This action was repeated by him. He then placed her clit between his lips and began flicking his tongue across it. Patty moaned happily to herself. Danny’s tongue then began to fuck her, consuming her sweet pussy juice. She knew she was about to cum.

Lou raised her eyes to Patty, who seemed immersed in her own pleasure. She shifted her grasp on Danny’s shaft rapidly, briefly swallowing his balls while playing Patty’s breast. Patty was panting, but she was paying attention to what Lou was trying to say. She was pointing to a birthmark close to Danny’s erect shaft while sucking on his balls. It was unmistakable. Patty took a couple photos with the digital camera she’d hidden beneath one of the cushions, delighted that the room was light enough that she didn’t need the flash. Lou began sucking his shaft again as soon as Patty finished snapping the shots.

Patty hastily replaced the camera and eventually gave in to her orgasm as Danny’s tongue fucked her hard. Her cunt tightened around his tongue, and she yelled with delight. She took a step away from Danny’s face and kissed him passionately, her breasts falling on his chest as she tasted her own fluids on him. Danny let out a shout and fired his load straight into Lou’s gaping mouth. Patty wished she had the camera with her when Lou crept up to allow him to taste his own come, but she didn’t want to risk it just yet.

Danny grinned and got out of bed, saying, “This was great, ladies.”

“Where you’re going?” Patty had inquired.

He said, “Back to the office.”

“Without first fucking us?”


“You can’t leave without giving me a taste of your cock…” insisted Patty.

“All right, I’ll stay a little longer.”

Patty and Lou quickly sucked him dry. His shaft was soon ready for further action with Patty’s mouth on his cock and Lou sucking his balls. Patty began licking Lou’s wet cunt as she laid down. Patty’s ass was up in the air, her legs wide, and her wet hole was exposed as an open invitation to Danny’s cock. It didn’t take him long to get comfortable. Danny began pumping Patty from behind as she was sucking hard on Lou’s engorged clit. He was gruff and tough, which she found appealing. When he slammed into her, his big balls slammed into her clit, making her scream for air, but with her face buried in Lou’s cunt, she sucked Lou even more.

Danny could see Lou kneading her enormous tits. It only made him want to fuck Patty even more. The two hotwives were incredible. Patty had always been cold to him, but it was clearly a ploy to mask how lustful she was for him. Perhaps he’d send her spouse away on business so he could come back and screw her again. Lou was finger fucked by Patty. As Danny penetrated her, her own cunt was flowing down her thighs, and she was sucking up just as much juice from Lou’s cunt. It was delicious. She wanted to go on and on, but she had a task to complete before Danny was ready.

Patty gave in to the pleasure of the deep and hard fuck Danny was giving her with increased pressure on Lou’s clit and her fingers striking Lou’s g-spot. As their bodies convulsed and their cunts tightened around the cock and fingers that were fucking them, both women yelled out in unison. Patty leaned over Lou and kissed her deeply, sharing Lou’s pussy juice as she raised her head from Lou’s crotch and pulled away from Danny.

Lou pleaded, “Please Danny.” “Allow me to ride you.”

Danny was unconcerned. He lay down and watched his cock disappear up the warm, beautiful moist cunt that was around his shaft. Patty licked his balls and reached up to play with Lou’s tits while kneeling between his knees. Patty gradually backed away, encouraging Danny and Lou. Danny retaliated by sucking hard on Lou’s tits. Danny with his cock up Lou’s cunt and his lips sucking on her huge breast and his hand squeezing the other. Patty reached for the camera once more and managed to get a few of shots of Danny with his cock up Lou’s cunt and his mouth sucking on her big tit and

When Lou saw Patty’s thumbs up, she said, “Danny.” “I’m getting ready to cum. When I cum, I want you on top, but you can’t cum within me because I’m not on the pill.”

Danny and Lou rolled over, and Danny fucked Lou hard. He was driving into her, each thrust digging into her clit. They didn’t seem to notice Patty was in the room. She was able to capture a few additional images. The wet fuck noises of Danny’s cock burrowing itself deep within Lou’s ravenous cunt drowned out the sound of the digital camera.

Lou yelled Danny’s name and groaned aloud as her cunt convulsed around Danny’s throbbing cock. He accelerated his tempo even more, and as soon as Lou’s aching cunt had finished cumming, he drew back and fired his load all over Lou’s stomach and tits with a shout. Patty snapped as many photos as she dared before slipping the camera into a dresser drawer.

Patty came up to Danny and Lou’s bedside and kneeled beside them, kissing his cum off their tits.

“This was fantastic,” she said, kissing him and slipping him some of his own cum.

He kissed her back and said, “It sure was.” “Can we do it again soon?”

“I don’t think our husbands would appreciate it,” Lou responded. “I believe it should be remembered as a one-time event.”

Danny smiled evilly and added, “I’m not so sure about that.” “You see, if I don’t get to fuck you two again, I’m going to tell Patty’s husband about today, and he’s not going to be happy.”

“We’ll talk about it later,” Patty stated coldly.

“I’ll give you a call tomorrow.” Danny exited the bedroom, gathered his folder and clothes from the study, and quickly departed the house.

Patty said Lou, “I don’t feel the least bit sorry about this anymore.”

Lou and Patty took a lengthy shower together, pausing to finger one another to another climax. They both dressed up, and Patty took the digital camera over to Lou’s place. The photos were gloomy, but thanks to Lou’s graphic design skills, they were able to lighten them up and remove anything in the backdrop that may be used to identify Patty’s residence. They were very pleased with a photograph Patty had taken as Danny was cumming. Lou’s juices had soaked his cock, and his climax had distorted his face.

They copied the photos to a couple memory sticks and proceeded about their day’s business. Patty decided to tell Tony what had happened late that night, after she had put the kids to sleep and relaxed in his arms.

She said, “Sweetie.” “Today Lou and I had some fun in bed.”

“Was it the reason for the rearranging of the furniture?”

“Partly. We ate each other before fucking.”

“With your dildos, perhaps? I wish you’d waited till Matt and I were available to participate.”

“Today, however, that was not possible. there was a second man in the house?”

Tony took a step back and stared at his ever-faithful wife. “Another fellow?”

“Come here and look,” Patty drew Tony into his study and handed him the one memory stick she hadn’t yet posted. She inserted it into the computer and began playing the slideshow. Tony gasped when he recognised Danny and Lou, as well as Danny’s neighbor’s wife.

Patty smiled as she said, “I posted this to Mr Motson and his daughter, Danny’s wife, this afternoon.” “It should arrive the next day.”

Tony shut down the computer and went to pick up his wife. He walked straight to her room and stripped her of her clothes, then his. He felt how moist she was for him with a simple touch of his finger. He pushed his cock into her and lifted her legs over his shoulder. He raised her ass off the bed as he leaned in to kiss her and suck on her tits, allowing him to get deeper into her cunt.

Patty was panting. Her husband’s huge cock possessed her hungry cunt, and she liked it. Long, purposeful strokes were being used to pump her. Almost totally out and then straight back in. He became very engrossed with her. Her cunt throbbed around him, attempting to suck him even more. His lips pressed over her irritated nipple, and his fingers gripped the other. She had trouble breathing. Tony continued to fuck her harder and harder. Her clit was slammed hard on his pubic bone. Both of them were panting. Patty eventually gave in and let her cunt to cum around her husband’s shaft with a moan. Despite her cunt squeezing his cock tightly, he continued to pump her throughout her climax. the Stag was recaliming his Vixen Hotwife

Tony  flipped her over. He pushed his shaft into his wife’s wet cunt once more. As he slipped in and out of her wet hole, he pulled at her tits. He moved his hand around her clit and stimulated it. There was silence. Tony’s cock and hands had taken over his wife’s body. He put more pressure on Patty’s clitoral area. He fucked her harder and deeper than ever before. He was a possessed man. He gyrated his hips every time his cock was all the way into her cunt, making her feel his entire length and leaving her in no mistake about who was fucking her. She had lost control once more. Her cunt convulsed around Tony’s cock, and she almost shouted as she felt the final slam into her as he let go and spewed his big load up his ravenous wife’s cunt.

Patty and Tony flopped on the bed and fell asleep together. They fucked against the tiles under the hot water while showering together in the morning. They said their goodbyes with a long kiss, and Patty went to get the kids ready for school. Patty was having a cup of coffee with Lou at lunchtime when her phone rang. Tony was the one.

She said cautiously, “Hello honey.” “How are you feeling?”

“I’ve just been promoted, effective immediately,” he replied, his voice bright with a smile.

“Congratulations!” She was incredibly proud of him.

“Make plans for the kids to see their grandmother this weekend, and instruct Lou to do the same. Matt and I, I believe, need a public apology from our whoring vixen hotwife spouses.”

Patty grinned as she hung up the phone. “It appears that we’ll be having a good time this weekend!”

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