Hotwife Teases A BBC

Apr 2, 2022

Hotwife Teases A BBC

I’m a really fortunate man! I am married to a lovely young woman whom I adore. She’s a small 24-year-old beauty who attracts attention wherever she goes. She is only 5″ 2″ tall and weighs 105 pounds, but she has everything in the correct places and has a really curvy form. Her tight tiny buns stuffed into a pair of jeans are a sight to behold, and she can fill out a sweater nicely. To top it off, her light brown hair is bobbed to the shoulders, curled beneath and to the front, and framed by an innocent face with a big inviting smile, giving her a pixie aspect. She works as a bank teller and is so attractive that strangers have approached her window with roses in hand to ask her out. I’ve learned to deal with the attention she receives, which makes me pleased and excited at the same time.

I must have been watching too much porno and grew fixated on the idea of sharing her with another man. I’m not sure why, but the prospect of seeing her play in front of an audience drove me insane! Part of it was letting someone know what I get on a regular basis… sort of like bragging, I suppose.

When we had sex, I fantasised about it and began to incorporate her in the role playing. The playing was enjoyable for both of us, and she seemed to like it, but she was adamant about not doing it for real. But I persisted in nagging her about it, and she refused. Then one day, she came home from the gym, clearly ecstatic, and told me we needed to chat. When I asked her about it, she replied she’d have to wait until later, when she’d had a couple of drinks to loosen up. Of course, I was fascinated at that moment and eagerly anticipated our conversation.

We relaxed on the sofa after dinner, had a couple of glasses of wine, and split a joint. When she first started, we were in a pretty relaxed mood.

“Do you remember the fantasy we were talking about recently, John?”

“Well, this new personal trainer at the gym just started…”

Did you screw a a guy this afternoon?” I had to intervene.

“Oh no,” she comforted me, “he just expressed an interest in me, and I think he’s very hot.”

“Oh, you do?”. I teasingly said, feeling a little more at ease. “Does it indicate you’re planning on doing him?” I kept going.

“I’m not going to do him,” she said, “but it could be nice to mess around with him a little.” “Are you sincere about wanting to watch me, or is it simply a fantasy?”

“No, I think it would be incredibly hot to see!” I said hastily.

“Are you serious?” I asked

“Are you sure you wouldn’t be mad?”

“Don’t you think you’d be envious?” Susan asked

“I wouldn’t be furious unless you did it behind my back, and yes, I would be jealous, but also aroused!” I said as honestly as I could.

“Well, he’s new to town from New York and doesn’t know anyone, so I could easily invite him to join us and see what happens.”

“Are you sure you want me to do it?” She asked

How could I say no when she was flashing the prettiest little smile and I had a raging hardon?

She returned from the club on Thursday, beaming from ear to ear. “I asked him”

“He expressed his delight at the prospect of meeting us on Saturday night.”

“Before I left the gym, he must have thanked me a dozen times.”

“I told him we’d meet him at Jakes at 9:00 pm.”

“Are you sure this is what you want to do?”

I assured her that it would be thrilling and fun, and that we could always back out if we didn’t feel ready. For the following two days, I was a nervous wreck. What a strange sensation. I was ecstatic, nervous, and a little envious, but it certainly added a spark to our lives! I couldn’t stop thinking about how attractive Susan was. I imagined her exquisite tits with their rigid dark inverted nipples over and over, the way she tapers to a thin waist before slightly expanding back to the most perfect tiny butt you’ve ever seen.

She had already stated that there would be no intercourse, but that she would tease and toy with him in front of me. For two days, my pecker was stiff. Susan is fucking hot, and he could get to see and… maybe even touch some of her goodies! I’d also get to see her torment him. Watching while she flaunts herself in front of him. Allow him to see what I have, to desire her… but always remember that she is mine!

Saturday arrived, and I stood there watching Susan get ready to go out. She was clearly excited as well, and she put a lot of effort into her makeup and hair. I noticed she was wearing only a white lace thong and her highest stiletto heels as she zipped her sundress. She didn’t need a bra because nothing showed and her breasts didn’t require support, but it was incredibly enticing to know that she’d be braless all night, with only  revealing underwear keeping her from being completely naked!

When Mark approached us, we had already arrived at the dance club and were seated at a table. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, who He was dressed nicely in a dark jacket, a white button-up shirt that had been freshly starched, and grey pants. He was a linebacker’s height and build. Of course, since I already knew he was a personal trainer, this didn’t surprise me… but he was black as coal! It wasn’t that I objected or that it bothered me, but Susan  had grown up in a tiny town and, as far as I knew, had never been with a black person in her life, so it came as a surprise.

I understood why Susan had been drawn to him when we were introduced and began to get to know each other. He was a fantastic gentleman, laid-back and easygoing, with a terrific sense of humour and impeccable demeanour. He soon put us all at ease and thanked us several times for accepting our invitation.

He showed out to be just as good a dancer as he was at conversing, and he and Susan were soon out on the dance floor. I was content to sip my beer while watching them gracefully walk across the floor. Susan was having a blast, and because I’m not in her league when it comes to dancing, it was entertaining to watch her “cut a rug.” They danced virtually every dance, only stopping when the band stopped or to have a drink and chat. I never got tired of seeing them dance, and as the night progressed and the booze took effect, they became more suggestive. Susan would thrash her shoulders from side to side, turn, and rub her ass into the front of his jeans as she shook her boobs at him. And she continued to dazzle him with her radiant smile. He appeared to be holding her tighter, letting his hands travel down her side and back, or resting on her ass. I knew he’d be able to feel her bare ass cheeks flatten on him and her nude tits flatten against him beneath the thin fabric of her garment. They started attracting a throng to see the sultry dance of the petite young white girl and her black stud. What a performance they put on! As they swayed to the music, she would literally straddle his leg and humped his thigh. Susan would dance in close to the beat and gently go into a squat position until her face was even with, and only inches from, his fly during quick songs. I’m sure he was as erect as a steel.. I certainly was!

Susan went on her tiptoes as one song set concluded, and Mark leaned down to kiss her. My heart skipped a beat, my stomach turned sick, and my dick started to throb! My lovely, sweet, innocent wife had just kissed a black stranger with a raging hardon on a brightly lit stage in front of a crowd of onlookers! And the kiss was clearly passionate and promising!

Mark and Susan returned to the table with their hands in their pockets. Marks compliments couldn’t have been more complimentary. He complimented me on my wife’s beauty and charm, and how fortunate I was that she had picked me to spend her life with. He expressed his wish that one day he might be able to marry another woman as lovely as mine.

Mark then excused himself to go to the restroom… To give us an opportunity to talk discreetly, I believe. Susan hadn’t been this giddy in a long time. She was agitated, anxious, and nearly out of breath.

“Are you sure you want to do this, John?”

“I’d never do anything to make things difficult between you and me.”

“If you want, we can call it a night right now.”

“We’ve had a thrilling night and can now put everything to rest.”

I confessed that I was more horny than I’d been in a long time, and that her teasing was driving Mark and me insane. I inquired as to her intentions. She startled me once more when she said she had previously told Mark that I wanted to see her sexually interact with another man. He said he’d enjoy it, that he was glad we chose him, and that, as I had predicted, he went to the washroom to give us some time to decide. When Mark approached the table with a sheepish expression on his face, I stood up, clapped him on the shoulder, and encouraged him to swing by for a nightcap before heading home. He smiled broadly and agreed without hesitation. I proposed that we all take my car and I would take him back to his later because I knew the “cat was out of the bag” and we lived so near to the club.

It took me roughly fifteen minutes to get home. Mark and Susan sat in the back, and it didn’t take long for them to move in together after an evening of taunting one other. When I heard rustling in the backseat, I realised my wife had shifted to sit on Marks lap. I couldn’t see them since they were right behind me, but Susan pushed forward and placed her forearms on the back of my seat, almost against my ear.

She started whispering, “He’s caressing me… he’s feeling my breasts, oh my God. “Yes, oh, you know what it does to me,” she added, her breath becoming short. “John he’s unbuttoning my dress, and I’m going to let him,” she cooed a few moments later. “I can’t believe we’re doing this; he’s toying with my bare tits and twisting my nipples!” said a raspy voice.

“He’s yanking on them… oops!”

“Oh John” she moaned

“Oh my God, John,” she moaned in my ear, “I can feel his erect cock twitching on my skin.”

My heart was thumping against the inside of my chest. I couldn’t take a breath or swallow anything. I couldn’t see anything, but her play-by-play panting was even more seductive! I sped up the car, trying to reach home before anything else happened. “His hand is beneath my dress and creeping up my thigh,” she whispered, followed by a rapid inhale and a faint, “Ahh… oh, oh.” I knew he’d reached her lace panty, pushed it to the side, and perhaps pressed his finger into my wife’s lovely pussy. I know what her  sensitive swollen lips and the moist core of her sex pussy.. feels like. but now it was his turn. My wife sat on a stranger’s lap with her legs open, enabling him to explore her wet aroused pussy! He’d been teased all night, but now he was finally receiving his due.

Susan was already dressed and ready when we got at the condo, so we proceeded to our flat. I went to get some premium wine that I had set up for a special occasion and pour us a drink. When I returned to the living room, I was relieved to discover that, despite the fact that the lights had been darkened and they were dancing to gentle music, they had not started anything sexual while I was gone. Mark and Susan joined me on the couch, and we continued to talk while we drank. At the club, I proceeded to compliment them on their elegant dance motions and taunt them that they had captivated the entire crowd.

Mark viewed this as permission to ask Susan to dance once more. They danced more sensually this time, just a few steps from me, to the sweet romantic music. Mark swayed in his arms, both arms around his neck and her cheek against his chest, and dipped his head to brush his face against her hair and nuzzle at her neck. Marks hand glided down the small of her back, landing on her firm ass. But this time, while they danced, he brazenly squeezed and fondled her ass while working the hem of her dress up inch by inch. She didn’t make any attempt to dissuade him. I kept my eyes peeled for more thigh till the bottoms of her cheeks peered into the light and his fingers landed on naked skin. He abruptly lifted the back of her skirt to her waist, claiming the one region of her body that he had not yet explored. She let him freely run his hands over her exposed skin, plunging his long black fingers into the crevice between her cheeks. She extended her legs slightly and rose on her tiptoes to invite him to touch her, allowing his fingertips to trace the satin string of the thong as it slid between her legs. As he openly pet my wife’s most private parts, I saw my fantasy come to life in front of my eyes. Their motions were quite enticing, but the contrast in their skin tones made their interaction much more mischievous and bold.

As he moved his hands to the sides of her head, he released her dress, allowing the hem to return to its natural place. He lifted her face up to kiss her softly on the lips, then moved his hands to trace the backs of his fingers across her cheek, neck, shoulder, and the sides of her breasts, holding her little head in his big hands. It was about to happen, oh my God! Susan’s dress was going to be unbuttoned in front of me, and she was going to allow him. Susan stepped back slightly to give him room to undo her dress, but she continued to give him gentle soft kisses on the lips and chin. She was unmistakably giving him permission to continue.

Then it smacked me in the face like a tonne of bricks. My lovely wife had chosen to offer herself to her strong Bull freely. My mouth was dry and open. My stomach was doing flip flops and I was barely breathing. . When I began to see her through fresh eyes, my voice became stuck in my throat. I’d forgotten how seductive, enticing, and sexy she could be! It was all new to him, and he was clearly attracted by her alluring allure, anticipating her blessing him with her feminine charms. Her gift to me was the chance to see her personal interaction through new eyes. My nervousness and terror were replaced by pride, lust, and awe all of a sudden.

Her clothing fluttered to the floor as that perspective sunk in, and she stood magnificently naked but for her underwear and heels in front of an adoring stranger. “My God, you’re a goddess!” he said, breaking my trance for the first time.

“I’ve never seen a woman quite like her.”

“You’re even more stunning than I expected!” She patiently stood with her arms at her sides and shoulders back, allowing her companion to savour her nude tits. Susan stayed immobile as he used his fingertips to trace the curves of her breasts before lifting them to check their weight and firmness. He gently pressed his thumb over her nipples, seeming to relish the way they jumped back into place, completely erect as his thumb passed over them, signalling her excitement. Susan slid back into his arms with a smile. I glowed with delight as he complimented my achievement of my wife. They continued to dance in his arms, with him completely clothed and her virtually naked. Susan unzipped his shirt and slid it over his shoulders, exposing his massively muscled chest to her touch in a matter of seconds. She sensually massaged his pecks and fondled his abs until she reached his belt buckle and unlocked it. Mark heeded her advice, took a step back, and tossed his shirt, shoes, socks, and pants onto the floor. For a little period, they stared at each other in their underpants. Before locking eyes with Mark, Susan’s eyes went down and back up his body. She pushed her panties to her ankles and exposed her nude, well manicured pussy to his view with a flash in her eyes and a naughty smile on her face. After that, he took off his boxers and let his manhood bounce completely erect from his loins.

They then moved into each other’s embrace, each absolutely naked. Susan reached forward and grabbed the cock of Mark. She moved his ebony pole slightly up and away from his body, cupping his balls in her left hand, with the underside of his ebony pole laying in the palm of her right hand and her fingers curled securely around its girth. She didn’t stroke him; instead, she held him reverently in her hands, as if she were picking up a valuable but weighty object from a low shelf. She leaned back in her chair, inviting him to kiss her. While his other hand carefully explored the folds of her pussy, he bent at the neck and touched the side of her face with one hand, and they began to trade sweet, teasing, lingering kisses. I’ll never forget how long they held that stance for what seemed like minutes. She remained poised and still in her heels, sharing soft “butterfly” kisses and cradling his black cock like Venecian glass, letting him  play freely in the downy fur between her thighs. He had her whimpering at his touch with light circular caresses of her clit. She was hunching over his finger as it vanished between her dilated lips, massaging his dick, and actually licking and sucking on his tongue like it was a little cock in no time!

I was overcome with desire. I was free to release my own cock and begin feverishly beating my meat as I watched my wife perform in a live sex performance just feet from my position because I had faded into the woodwork as if I was no longer in the room! Oh, my God… she was stunning and seductive!

Susan seemed to be in another universe, separating her legs and feverishly taking his fingers, his tongue only withdrawing from her lips long enough to mumble incoherently, groan, and whimper. He mumbled something to her and then drove her to her knees by pushing on her shoulders. His huge black cock hung just inches over her upturned face in her kneeling stance. As she stared at his meat, she had an evident submission in her eyes that I had never seen before. He gave her a long look before quickly turning and stepping to the couch, his cock bouncing in front of him.

He sat on the edge of the couch next to me, his legs widely apart, and leaned back against the cushions. What occurred next completely astounded me. “Come here!” he said as he locked eyes with her. It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before. She crawled with her breasts dangling and the muscles on her ass and flanks rippling like a cheetah seeking its prey, never losing eye contact. She used the flat of her tongue to lick across his dangling black ball sack, up the length of his shaft, and kiss him softly on the tip when she reached her target.

“Oh yeah, lick my nuts,” he grumbled.

I was worried about how far she was willing to go, but I couldn’t speak because I was so excited. I sat there stroking my cock and watched as she dived lower between his legs and started painting his scrotum with subtle tongue sweeps.

“That’s all there is to it, baby… lick them all over… lick them well!”

“Do you enjoy kissing my balls, baby?”

“I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.”

She licked back to the crown when his balls were glossy with her saliva. He pushed on the back of her head this time, encouraging her and directing,

“Suck it down, baby,” He said

“Suck it down to the last drop!”

I stood there in awe as his cock slid down her throat. As he slid his black dick to the hilt, jealously ravaged my head. “Look at me, Susan,” he said, stretching her lips to accommodate the girth of its base. She flashed open her imploring baby blues with her mouth packed with cock and his balls squeezed against her chin. In my entire life, I had never witnessed anything so seductive and sumptuous. He reached forward and pressed her nostrils shut, putting her trust to the test once more. Her eyes widened, but she held her breath, her mouth and throat full with cock and tears in her eyes.

He finally let go of her nose and the back of her head after what seemed like an age. Gagging and gasping for oxygen, she popped off her cock. Tears streamed down her lovely face, and her mouth gaped open, revealing saliva and cumulus ribbons sticking to the roof of her mouth and tongue. I assumed she was furious and began to rush to her aid when she exclaimed, “Give it to me!”

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