FFM with Cheating Wives – Erotica

Jun 26, 2022

FFM with Cheating Wives – Erotica

I’ve always wanted to fuck two chicks simultaneously. I never imagined it would happen, but occasionally your wildest wishes come true.

Lorraine and I connected online and exchanged emails. We came to realise that our marriages were both unpleasant and sexually boring. I requested that we meet when I was in the area on a business trip. She agreed, but with one stipulation. No sex.

I didn’t like the response, but I accepted it. See, when we first met, Lorraine was already having an affair . She claimed that even though that was over, she still needed to organise her life and simply couldn’t manage another relationship. If I agreed to behave properly, we could become friends. We agreed on her boundaries.

I asked Lorraine to bring a friend who wasn’t quite as reserved. I would get fucked while she maintained her virtue. Although Lorraine thought it was a foolish notion, I persisted. I informed her that she must know someone who was looking for amazing sex but was unsatisfied in her marriage. All I wanted was that. No conditions. No remorse.

Finally, Lorraine agreed to speak with a friend, but she insisted on meeting me alone beforehand. She sent me a photo of Jenny during our photo exchange. Although her companion had never engaged in such behaviour, she was sexually unsatisfied and aware that her spouse was an adulterer. Jenny instructed Lorraine to call after they met me because she wasn’t sure whether she would follow through.

From the minute Lorraine introduced herself, I liked her. the kind smile, the warm brown eyes, the uneasy quiver in her voice, and the way her eyes would go misty when she talked about personal matters. After a while, it became obvious that Lorraine had made up her mind not to have sex with me and was not going to change her mind. I was a great gentleman because I had kept my word. It was time for her to fulfil her obligation.

“Lorraine, I’ve enjoyed myself a lot. Although I’d love to take you back to my room, I am aware that it is unlikely to happen. You did mention calling Jenny, a friend of yours. So, my query is: Are you still up for being my pimp?”

She chuckled. I waited for a response as I stood there with my hands out. After giving me a “I guess I promised” expression and rolling her eyes, she finally pulled out her phone from her purse.

“Hi Jen. It’s me. He’s a really good guy, and I think you would enjoy him, as I promised when I said I would call. Here we are in the Pizza Hut parking lot. You might come and talk to him. We’re going to stay here for another 30 minutes or so.”

After saying their parting words, Lorraine hung up the phone. Jenny still hadn’t arrived thirty minutes later. I anticipated that Rosy Palm and I would spend another lonely night together. The only two people left in the parking lot were Lorraine and I, and we were about to leave when a car pulled up. Jenny went outside. She resembled her image exactly.

“Dear Lorraine: I’m sorry for the delay, but I should not be  here. This is absurd. I have no idea why I came.”

She was alarmed. I wasn’t really sure what I should do next. Although I didn’t want to push her away, I realised that she was there for a specific reason. She desired to be fucked from some obscure part of her muddled mind. No harm could come to me. I leaned my face closer and placed my fingers on her cheek. Her eyes conveyed fear.

“You came due to your loneliness. You came here because you are longing to experience womanhood once more. Jen, I can helpt you with that. We may help one another.”

My mouth was next to hers. Her lips split gradually. Our lips touched. Two souls in search of something that had been lacking from their life for a very long time shared a kiss. passion erupted. She slipped her hands behind my shoulders. Her waist was encircled by mine. Her throat let forth a groan.

Her clothing was radiating heat from her body. Her firm nipples and delicate breasts were pressing on my chest. I stroked the bloated mound between her legs with my escalating hardness. Our thoughts were swimming in a sea of desire as our tongues lashed out in a wet dance. We were two strangers on the verge of stepping over the line between reason and passion.

Can I have a brief conversation with you, Jen?

The two girls needed to have a pow-wow. They were engaged in a contentious argument. They eventually returned, appearing to have reached a consensus.  Lorraine spoke,

“We’re all returning to the hotel together, so listen up. I don’t feel good leaving her alone after dragging her all the way out here. It’s just my ridiculous sense of responsibility; I know nothing horrible will happen. As soon as you two are done with whatever, I’ll just wait downstairs in the lobby.”

Jenny was drawn to me once again, I wrapped my arm around her. She embraced me, placing her hand on my chest and her arm around my back.

“Lorraine, on the contrary. I believe the word “bad” perfectly describes what will take place. Who is to say that we be just an hour or so? I’ve got a better thought. Why don’t you both come back to the room? We’ll throw a little party when I buy some champagne. Just slink away when you decide it’s time to depart. Do you agree Jent?”

Jenny was biting on my ear and tonguing it. She reached for the bulge in my pants while rubbing my stomach. She was slowly rubbing my thigh with her pussy. My hand crept across her rounded ass cheek and gave her a squeeze. Her response sounded more like a drowsy mutter.

“Mmm-huh. Lorraine may come along.”

She said, as if it were necessary to state the obvious, “I’m not going to stay.”

At the hotel  I called for room service. While Lorraine and I talked, Jenny went to the restroom. Actually, I listened while Lorraine anxiously chattered. The bubbly showed up. I poured glasses for all of us. Lorraine sat in the chair next to us as Jenny and I sat on the edge of the bed.

I recalled Lorraine telling me that she had trouble handling alcohol. There was nothing Jenny needed. Already, her hormones were in full rage. She covered me in kisses and tongued my ear and neck. She played with my nipples with her hand hidden under my shirt. To get over her anxiety, Lorraine kept talking and drinking. I poured Lorraine a second glass while trying to keep my cool.

Jenny pulled up my T-shirt and took a nip out of nipple. Jenny reached down and forcefully stroked the length of the bulge in my jeans. She loosened my belt and yanked open my zipper. Her fingers slid inside and around the hard muscle, freeing it. The second glass was finished by Lorraine. I poured a third from the champagne bottle after picking it up.

As her pal stroked my cock, Lorraine averted her gaze. When Jenny licked down my stomach and slid the swollen tip between her lips, she had already finished her third glass. A fourth glass was poured. My shaft was stirred by Jenny’s lips. Her tongue danced over the delicate knob. As I slowly stroked my cock up into her mouth, I placed my hands on her head.

Since my last ball drain, it had been almost a week. Jenny was acting like a nasty lady as she attacked my cock with her lips, mouth, and tongue. I wasn’t going to last for very long. With perplexity in her eyes, Lorraine turned to face me. I sensed she was already humming from the booze in her system. She finished her drink and got out of the chair.

“Lorraine, stay here. I’d like you to remain. Knowing that you are watching me makes me feel hot. Please stay here.”

I have to go to the toilet.

I was so near, but I held off since I didn’t want to cum. I grabbed Jenny by the mouth and gave her a passionate kiss on the lips. I tugged up her bra and lifted her top. On the bed, we reclined. My fingers caressed her tits. I stroked at her pussy. Her throat let out a gratified sigh. Our tongues intertwined in a passionate tangle.

I  lowered my mouth to her firm nipple. Her hands encircled my cock and gave it a strong rub. It had pre-cum oozing from the tip, making it already sticky. My fingertips brushed over the scorching folds of her pussy as I slid a hand deeper and deeper into her trousers. I inserted two of my fingers into her steaming cunt.

My two fingers poked around in Jenny’s hot pussy as she writhed and groaned on the bed. Neither one of us saw Lorraine emerge from the restroom. When I got up to dress Jenny, I noticed her standing at the end of the bed. While I took down Jenny’s slacks and panties, Jenny undid her top and bra. She had no clothes on.

I was standing with my hard cock protruding from between my legs and my jeans around my ankles. I undid my top, showing a torso with good definition. I cast my gaze down at Jenny. Her large, hard tips and swelling dark nipples topped her shapely tits. Between her legs, her shaven pussy mound protruded. Her swollen clit could be seen through the split in the middle.

“She is stunning, isn’t she? Would you like to share her? I believe your friend needs you dont you Jen?”

As I spoke, I used my thumb to stroke Jenny’s crotch. She would have said anything since she was so turned on,

“Uh… yeah… sure,”

Lorraine turned to the opposite side of the bed and took a seat next to Jenny’s head. She seemed lost in a fog. The champagne had to be to blame. She turned her head back to me before looking down at Jenny’s pussy, where my thumb was rubbed, and then to her breasts. Lorraine appeared fascinated by her friend’s body. I made the decision to help her more.

“If you wish, you can touch her breast. Jenny won’t object. Jenny, why don’t you assist her while I suck your pussy?”

I observed Jenny guiding Lorraine’s hand to her bare breast and holding it there. Jenny’s legs were spread wide as I sank down between them. My tongue teased her clit while gliding around her luscious gash. My tongue was rammed into her hot chamber as I closed my mouth over her huge peach. Oh fuck was followed by a loud moan that I overheard.

I kept licking, sucking, slurping, and munching on her clit and pussy. I pressed two fingers hard against her pelvic bone by pushing them up inside of her. My tongue brushed her clit over. I took a sip of it while grinding my teeth on the married cheating clit. Jenny shouted as she raised her hips off the bed with her back arched.

“Oh god, oh fuck, Ah, Ah, Ah… I’m cumming… UUUUUUHHHHH… MMMMMPPPPHHHH… OOOOHHHH…”

My face was covered in juice, and my chin was dripping. I licked what I could and then swallowed it. Jenny kept bucking up and pushing my head I ran my tongue over her clit while inserting my third finger up her cunt. Her body experienced a second orgasm. I pulled her legs back as I licked the juices from her gash that was still dripping with juice.

With her legs folded up beneath her ass, Lorraine was sitting on the bed. She was squeezing Jenny’s tits and pinching her nipples with her hands. Lorraine was looking down at her companion, whose face was still twisted from the intense orgasms that had just taken place. I turned to the opposite side of the bed, knelt down, and gave Jenny a kiss on the lips. To taste her own juices, she stuck her tongue in my mouth. I released the kiss and turned to face Lorraine.

“You up for a kiss? You never denied letting me kiss you.”

She was not in a quandary, as far as I could tell. In order to kiss her, I placed my hand behind her head. She started responding gradually. Although I could still taste Jenny’s pussy on my lips and tongue, Lorraine didn’t seem to mind. She might have found it even more enjoyable. Jenny moved to the point where her head dipped back over the edge of the bed below us. She licked my balls before reintroducing my cock to her lips.

With what Jenny was doing to me with her mouth, it was challenging to focus on the kiss. Cum was spinning around in my balls. I wanted to screw her first, even though letting go would have been so simple. I was unsure of how many times I’d be able to get it up because I wasn’t as young as I once was. I had to make every shot count, just like a soldier.

I removed my cock from her lips and dragged her ass over the edge of the bed as I retreated to the other side. She extended her legs wide as she leaped straight up into the air. I took hold of each leg and directed my cock’s head toward her moist slit. Jenny massaged my shaft up and down her gash with her fingers till it fit into the opening to her fuck hole.

A hot married cheating pussy was encircling my throbbing cock for the first time in longer than I cared to recall. My hard meat entirely vanished inside of her scorching cunt as I descended deeper and deeper. I kept it there, savouring the trembling heat that was applied to my protruding flesh.

My cock was moving in and out of her pussy as I gazed down. My shaft glistened with cunt juice. On the bed below me, she was writhing and groaning like she was on fire. The area where my cock moved in and out of her friend’s pussy caught Lorraine’s attention. She almost had an unconscious reflex to rub one of Jenny’s breasts.

“Suck it Lorraine.”

I pressed while placing my hand on the back of her neck. Her lips made contact with Jenny’s breast. I watched as she took a small nip of it. Her hand brushed the opposite breast of Jenny. As my cock continued to pound Jenny’s pussy, she was writhing and groaning. She placed a hand on the back Lorraine’s head. With my thumb, I gently stroked her clitoral area.

I held my cock there after driving it deep into her pussy. My thumb pressed harder and slid more quickly on her tender nub. Jenny gave me a powerful buck up onto my cock, pushing me even deeper. Her body tensed up. She yelled. Her cunt erupted with pussy juice. I yanked back and returned my cock to her trembling chamber. Screams continue. I kept fucking her till she passed out in a whimper.

I was quite near. extremely near When I noticed Lorraine’s head was perched on Jenny’s belly and was keeping an eye on me, my cock was slowly going in and out of Jenny. My cock was yanked from her soaking cunt. My swollen meat, which was hovering just above Jenny’s pussy, caught Lorraine’s attention. I brought it up to her face.

Her lips gradually going around my throbbing shaft. I put it even further in her mouth. Her tongue probed the curved surfaces of my bloated meat. My shaft was further sucked down by her lips as they constricted around it. When only the bulb at the tip was left in her mouth, I took it out. I pulled it back until it was up against her throat opening. I repeated the action repeatedly, holding her head steady with my hands as I raced ever-faster.

“Oh god, oh fuck, I’m going to cum… oh… oh…”

As I penetrated her mouth, Lorraine’s mouth, lips, and tongue were even more aggressive, sucking and slurping my cock in loud smacks. In my swelled balls, cum was churning like a hurricane. My head was filled with endorphin swirls. My groin immediately received all of my body’s vitality. My cock grew. I muttered. I jerked my body forward. Then, more and more streams of hot cream erupted into Lorraine’s mouth.

I was limp and shaky. As the last drips flowed into Lorraine’s cum-filled lips, my body jerked in one more spasm. She managed to retain the majority of the white cream inside her mouth, but a trickle did spill as I pulled back. I was so worn out that I fell into the chair. The subsequent series of events were something I observed in awe.

When their faces were just centimetres away, Jenny pulled Lorraine back. She placed her hands on Lorraine’s shoulders before kissing her. Lips were separated. Jenny’s lips was filled with cum, which also dribbled down her chin and neck. As they shared my precious nectar, the moist and creamy kiss grew more aggressive and passionate.

Jenny undid Lorraine’s bra by pulling up her shirt. On the bed, they turned over so Jenny was on top. She began kissing Lorraine’s neck and moved all the way down to her nipple. She sucked the hard nub into her mouth after flicking it with her tongue. Her hand pushed down inside Lorraine’s underwear and unzipped her jeans.

Lorraine struggled against the fingers in her pussy while groaning. The sensual spectacle playing out in front of me rapidly roused my cock back to life. In an effort to release the suppressed sexual energy, Lorraine arched her back, closed her eyes, and pressed her pussy firmly into Jenny’s hand.

Jenny pulled Lorraine’s pants and jeans down as she kissed her stomach. Lorraine freed a leg by kicking it. Jenny spread her legs apart and covered Lorraine’s bloated peach with her mouth. Jenny’s head was touched by Lorraine, who then bucked-up into her mouth. The tongue-fucking Jenny was giving her, caused loud gasps and groans to fill the space.

More action was in order for my cock. Jenny was squatting with her ass raised. I moved to follow her. The view was breath taking. Her two round, creamy ass cheeks, which were divided by a black chasm that led to a valley, peered up at me. The bloated result of her excitement hung majestically between her legs. Her pussy’s glistening folds were visible through the incision in the middle of her.

I ascended behind her. Jenny was chowing down on Lorraine’s luscious peach while making audible sucking and slurping noises. Because of the intense pleasure filling her body, Lorraine was biting her lip and squealing. The folds of Jenny’s pussy began to separate as I ran the head of my cock along the gash. I pierced her belly with a forceful shove.

Jenny sputtered and yanked her mouth away from Lorraine’s fanny. After opening her eyes, Lorraine turned to face me. I clenched my teeth and kept my eyes on her. Jenny’s head jerked forward with each powerful thrust from my cock into her cunt. Jenny poked Lorraine’s cunt with two fingers. Despite her groans and writhing against them, Lorraine kept her lust-filled eyes fixed on me.

Lorraine and I almost appeared to be fucking each other. Every time I rammed my cock into Jenny’s trembling cunt, Lorraine bucked against Jenny’s fingers. Our beat accelerated more. I started yelling expletives as I turned to face Lorraine.

“I adore fucking your pussy, God… Oh, sh*t. It’s so wet and hot… You should feel it, please. Oh yeah, I want you to feel my cock deep in your cunt.”

Each time I pushed against Jenny’s ass, I was pumping ferociously and jerking her head. With passion, Lorraine was in a sexual rage. She was mouthing the words “fuck me” repeatedly while shaking her head in agreement with what I was saying. Jenny fingered Lorraine’s pussy as I leaned over her back to touch Lorraine’s clit with my thumb. Jenny rubbed her own clit with her hand between her legs.

The bedspread was dragged by Lorraine’s fingers. Her head was thrown back. Jenny’s fingers became even more entrenched when her body jerked. The air was filled with a deafening shriek. Later, Jenny became rigid. Her legs started to tremble. I grabbed her nipples from underneath and pulled. Jenny exploded. My cock slipped out of her pussy. Jenny was rubbing herself and squirting pussy fluid all over the place.

Next to Lorraine, Jenny rolled onto her back. Her legs continued to tremble. Her whimpers evolved from her gasps. Still attempting to regain her breath, Lorraine was resting on her back. Her knees were bowed as her legs were spread wide. She had folded open, cum-dripping pussy lips. It was too alluring to pass up.

I squeezed my lips over her bloated plum while crawling between her legs. My tongue pushed into her warm chamber and lapped the cream from her petals. I made love to her pussy with my lips and tongue as I slowly licked and kissed her. My hair was combed through by Lorraine. Her lips let forth a little groan.

I moved up Lorraine’s body and gave her a lips-only kiss. She started talking. Our tongues gradually entwined. My tough cock lightly touched her pussy. I kept swishing it up and down her slit. I glanced into her eyes while inserting the knob of my cock into the aperture of her pussy.

“Unless you permit it, I won’t fuck you. Lorraine, do you want me to? Do you desire to be fucked by me?”

She pulled me into her pussy instead of responding by digging her heels into my ass. She pushed up onto my cock at the same time. I drove deep into her hot cunt with my forward-facing hip thrust. She exhaled heavily and pressed her fingers into my back. I drew back and drove my hard meat back up her butt. I was dragged deeper by her heels. We carried on with our hammering and careless fucking…………..

Wife with Strangers Fantasy Explained


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