Vixen Hotwife shared with Bull

Jul 10, 2022

Vixen Hotwife shared with Bull

My darling wife Claire, the love of my life, is where I suppose this tale begins. I have never encountered a woman as amazing as she is. Claire is beloved by all. In addition to being a wonderful wife and mother to our three children, she also has a fantastic libido and is constantly hungry for sex. Despite having three children, she is 34 years old and still has a rock-solid figure. She is 5’4 “, who has lovely “C” cups and fantastic legs. Since the beginning of our five-year marriage, we have had incredible sex.

She has a quiet demeanour, which belies the uncommon lady who can be just as easily aroused as a male. I can always get her in the mood by grabbing her tits or touching her pussy, even if she isn’t in the mood. She is also capable of having orgasms simply for the sake of having orgasms. Usually, I have the impression that I could manipulate her into doing anything at some point during our fucking. That idea was what truly attracted me. In my fantasies, I would imagine all kinds of situations in which my wife would lose control during sex and would essentially do anything my heart (or cock) requested.

One fantasy that I frequently entertained was seeing her fuck another man. She’s told me a few stories about her experiences before we met, and although while I don’t think she’s a slut or even promiscuous, she’s had her fair share of fantastic sex, sometimes without any conditions. I secretly wish she had been more of a slut when she was younger because the thought of her fucking as many guys as she could is so appealing. We have recently begun discussing our sexual lives—past, present, and future—much more frankly.

She admitted that having sex in a limousine while the driver watches is one of her top dreams. Her typical sexual demeanour, in which she is very reserved, is clearly different from this. The idea of her fucking another man in front of me, I confessed to her, was extremely appealing to me even though I knew it was immoral and perverted.

She revealed that she also felt that fantasy was incredibly sexy, which surprised me. I made the decision to start the “would you?” game at that point. I said, “Okay, I’ll start. In a limo, would you really have sex?”

Oh, yes, she responded. Would you allow the driver to observe? She responded

“Yes” without any hesitation.

Would you ever permit me to snap pictures of you in your underwear?

Sure, she replied with a smile.

Okay, will you join me in making a sex video? (Something we’d never even discussed) “Yep.” Would you allow another person to record it? “Yep.”

These responses completely blew my head. Claire considers going without a bra extremely provocative, so she won’t even do it at home. I reasoned that I should keep going to determine the exact location of the limits. Would you ever bring home a stranger from a bar to fuck in front of me?

She stated: “Are you certain you could handle it, Dave? Something like that cannot be undone, after all.

“I said, “I’m confident that I can manage it. I would adore it if you were into it and made yourself out to be a complete slut to the guy.”

She stated: “Sure, I’d carry that out for you. It really turns me on too.”

Holy crap! I found it hard to imagine that my wonderful, devoted wife would accept the concept of being such a massive slut! After that open dialogue, I fell even more in love with her. I didn’t think she would actually follow through on any of those fantasies, though. It was heated enough that she became intrigued by it to consider following through.

Things in the bedroom got fairly hot after that night. We frequently discussed our fantasies and even contributed to them. She appeared to enjoy the notion that I thought she should be a slut. She consented to “accidentally” flash a few strangers, upskirts and down blouses.

The more we talked about it, the more certain she seemed to be that she would fuck a stranger for me, contrary to what I kept anticipating her to say. Will you put him in your mouth and swallow him after you’ve fucked him?

Yes, she replied. “I’d carry that out for you.

” Do you think it would be difficult to approach a man in a pub and get him to return and fuck you? I queried.

She chuckled, “No. “Getting a guy to fuck me has never been a problem for me.” Touché.

After that talk, it took me approximately a month to plan the big event. I had anticipated starting with her fantasy of the limo. This seemed to be an easy task. I had arranged for my wife and I to take a short limousine ride to a nearby town for a romantic dinner, followed by some intense fucking in the limo on the way home.

Even though I had my doubts that she would ever follow through on any of this, the suspense was killing me! That evening, when my wife came out of our bedroom, she was very gorgeous. She was dressed in a sleek black evening gown with spaghetti straps, a low neckline, and a short hem. She wore nothing but a fully transparent bra underneath the outfit. She had visible tits when she bent over, and when she sat down, her perfectly coiffed black pussy was completely on display. We both hoped the limousine’s driver would indulge her desire when it arrived.

We weren’t let down when he got out of the car. A thin 6’4″ “He was taller than expected and a little younger, maybe 25 years old. He was ruggedly attractive, had short black hair, and an unknown foreign accent. He identified himself as Paul and appeared completely. He taught us how to use the privacy button to close the front of the car’s divider as he got us into the car and confirmed our evening plans. We won’t need THAT, I thought to myself, laughing.

My wife’s approval was immediately apparent. Even though this was just our first fantasy, being observed, the wrong individual may set off the “creepy” sense, ruining the entire evening. She didn’t aware that as she sat down and bowed down to enter the car, she unintentionally exposed her tits and also gave him a wonderful pussy shot. She wasn’t even aware that she was already fulfilling our wishes! She held my hand and gave me that giddy grin as soon as we got in the car, as if we were about to embark on an extraordinarily wonderful activity. Indeed.

I slipped a video camera beneath my seat without Claire noticing me, just in case things subsequently got out of control. I put my hand on her bare thigh and started to glide it up her leg as the car backed away from the curb.

After giving me a nice response at first, she stopped me and said, “No! We must wait  following dinner. I don’t want to expose myself to him now and then have to deal with him later, I die,” I suppressed my laughter. “I’ve got some news for you Claire; when you got in the car, he already saw your tits and pussy.” She was appalled. “Are you kidding?” She pushed back. I chuckled at her and said, “The enigma is solved!” She burst out laughing as well and covered her face in shame. I comforted her with a hug and then began gently stroking her hair.

Claire’s breathing pattern changes when she became turned on, as I can always tell. I began kissing her neck as I leaned in. She didn’t push back this time. Even before we started, she began to become aroused. Her knees were gradually stretched apart as I once more ran my fingers down her leg. Whether she realised it or not, the driver now had a clear view of her pussy. In case my hotwife backed out and requested me to push the privacy button, I wanted to put on a fantastic performance for him.

I started lightly rubbing her pussy as I continued kissing her neck. She was already very wet, which was a wonderful surprise. She reacted when I slid two fingers inside of her with a muffled moan, hoping Paul  heard. I was simply unable to tell at this time. Did she intend to follow through on this? She was wearing a strap, so I cautiously reached over and removed it. Not a problem. To the other I did the same.

As I began kissing her, I slowly reached forward and pulled her dress down, revealing her see-through bra. Despite her gasps, she didn’t object. I swiftly took off her bra and sucked in one nip. I took my hands and pushed her dress down to her hips as I began sucking on her tit. I had one free hand and was stroking her pussy while nibbling on one nipple and pinching the other. She was becoming irrational from all of this activity. I got down on my knees, pulled her legs apart, and stuck my tongue in her pussy before she could snap out of it and stop this whole thing in its tracks. God, oh God! She groaned in shock.

Dave, what are you doing? She briefly resisted, but eventually gave into her urge. She was now completely showing the driver her tits. She was completely engrossed in the oral sex I was giving her as she leaned back on the chair. My reserved wife made no attempt to conceal herself. At this point, I had to assume that she was conscious of her actions.

I thought I would cum before I even got my cock out of my pants since I thought all of this was so sexy. She had juices streaming from her pussy, and I was unable to lick them up quickly enough. I decided to refocus my efforts because she was on the verge of having her first orgasm of the night.

I wished that this fantasy would last the entire trip. When she achieves a certain level of desire, she is willing to do almost anything, but once she hits that stage, she begins to think clearly. My concern was that reason would also spell the end of our nightly sex experiences.

I shifted to the side seat so the driver could see us from our profile. I didn’t need to speak to Claire at all. She knelt down in the proper posture, unbuckled my pants, and enthusiastically put my cock into her mouth. I had never witnessed her in this way during our five years of marriage. If it weren’t so incredibly hot, it may have been threatening. She has lost control, I say. I pondered.

I could see Paul at this point. From his rear view mirror, he was definitely observing the performance. He was clearly adjusting his erection by moving around a lot in his seat, as I saw. My orgasms are typically very controlled, but her inspired cock-sucking attempt along with this scorching action was propelling me toward an early one. It proved to be a little trickier than anticipated to get her to remove her mouth from my cock in time to prevent an untimely eruption.

I had to use both of my hands to push her away. She had a strong desire for it. She said in a guttural whisper “Screw me! I am in urgent need of it! Oh my God, it’s so hot right now.” I found it hard to believe what was happening. Was she my hotwife? Wow, this was amazing. I said, “I intend to cum. Sweetie, I must slow down.” “No way! You have a little more time to wait… Give that cock to me.” She said, “Is he watching? Oh my god… This is so fucking hot! Fuck, fuck, fuck!”

I then rammed my entire cock into her shaved tight pussy. Unfortunately, I was ready to blow after just a few thrusts. She enthusiastically accepted my cock in her mouth as I pulled away and straddled her face, just as I went off with my load. I pushed so hard that I worried my balls could also pop out. She drained me completely, gulping down every drop. However, there was nothing novel about that. Claire had always been a pro at swallowing. She swallowed, but this time she did so quickly.

She was craving more. She still hadn’t finished when I was done. She begged me to eat her pussy since she was so horny. I had the thought while I was licking her lovely box and slipping a few fingers into her that if I could only stop her from cumming, I could have her sweet ass for the rest of the night. Of course, she wouldn’t like it. My Vixen Hotwife cums when she wants to. I was, nevertheless, in a position of authority. I continued to lick and finger fuck her, but I would stop whenever she approached. She asked me to do what I had started since she knew I was making fun of her. “Pleeeeeease! Let me cum, please!”

I didn’t, though. I, however, tormented her the entire way to the restaurant. She must have seemed like the horniest Slut Wife in the world to Paul. I recommended that we gather our composure and get ready for our dinner date as the automobile slowed down and made a bend. Oh my God, she exclaimed. “What a fucking jerk you are! Seriously??? Fucker…”

It amazed me that she didn’t even make an effort to hide herself as she arranged her clothes. In terms of her body, Claire is VERY modest. The limo pulled into the restaurant as we were still trying to get dressed. Paul was aware of this and graciously took his time returning to our door to open it.

Claire had been naked and screwing in front of Paul, which ordinarily would have caused her great embarrassment, but she seemed unfazed because she was still turned on. She even smiled at him and winked at him as she got out of the car. She was in her most unusual form.

The talk over dinner was first a little tense but quickly moved to a review of the trip. It was, in our opinion, the sexiest thing we had ever done. What about the ride home, then? I queried. You have some unfinished business to attend to, Mister, she said, raising her eyebrows. “I’m sorry, Honey. I know. I GUARANTEE I’ll kill you on the way home.

Were you uncomfortable to be exposed in Paul’s presence?” “Umm, NO!” She chuckled. “Didn’t you notice how hot I was? He was observing me through the rearview mirror as I was watching him. It was unbearably hot!”

Claire, my sweet, conservative wife, was not the innocent woman I had thought she was. But she was gradually turning into the Vixen Hotwife I had always wanted to wed.

We couldn’t truly enjoy our dinner because we were preoccupied with the trip home. After hastily eating, we paid the bill and asked Paul to come pick us up. Before he could seat us, I called him aside. I informed him of the hidden camera and gave him $20 so he could film us. “Simply pull over in a remote area. You might even get a blowjob out of my wife because she is so out of control.” Before permitting my wife and I to board the limo, Paul grinned knowingly, nodded, and quietly collected the camera.

My wife leaned over and started kissing my neck after we had been sitting there for a few minutes. I grabbed her pussy right away and was shocked to see how moist she still was. This was going to be a memorable ride. But as much as I wanted to simply start fucking her, I also wanted to move a little more slowly so that Paul could take the wheel and get to a remote location. By simply kissing her, I was able to buy her some more time, but it was obvious that she was ready for more. She was open about her want to be penetrated. Now and hard.

When the limo eventually started to slow down, I realised Paul must have located a good spot to park. My wife noticed something was wrong after a few sluggish turns. Why are we doing this? She muttered. “What made him leave the Interstate?” I lied, “No idea.” She gave me the expression she saves for situations where she is aware that she doesn’t know everything. I began kissing her neck as I leaned back in.

She couldn’t resist me but continued to worry about the unexpected stop. She had become far too sensual at that point. Then, in an effort to divert her attention from what was going to happen, I was extremely forceful with her. I was really working over that ravenous pussy of hers with a couple of fingers inside of her. She made no response when the car stopped, and she also didn’t appear to realise Paul had turned around in his seat and was filming us with a camera.

Once he was in place, I began to strip her of her clothing. I dragged her dress down below her stunning tits while keeping my mouth firmly planted on hers. I then took her straps off her shoulders. This time, I continued. She moved her ass off the seat to comply with my request so I could lower the dress all the way to her feet. She must have noticed Paul with the camera as I was taking off her bra because she instantly froze. I said, “Take no notice,” “No worries, Claire. This is our camera. I requested him to record.”

I can honestly say that the following five seconds were the longest of my life since I was unsure if I had gone too far and shattered the fantasy. She leaned down to unbutton my jeans, which gave me great relief and let me know she was committed. She kicked the dress off her feet, exposing her entire body. She took my pants off and knelt down to start working on my dick. This was a breathtaking sight. The experience of having a stranger record my naked wife blowing me in a limo exceeded my expectations. The good news is that because I had been cumming earlier in the evening, I actually had some control.

Paul appeared to be enjoying the performance as well based on the enormous bulge in his slacks. After a short while, I made the decision to fuck her once more. My wife climbed up on top of me in cowgirl fashion while facing Paul while I laid on my back on the car’s floor. She simply slid down onto my cock. It was a great view. She was thoroughly enjoying fucking me in front of Paul. She was very quickly on the verge of cumming again when I quickly drew away to switch positions. Come on, she yelled. “I MUST cum!” When I was behind her, I forced her to her knees so she could face Paul. She started acting quite responsive when I started fucking her dog-style.

I had the sudden idea that now may be the ideal time to introduce Paul’s cock. I made a quiet move for him to pull out his dick in the hopes that he would attempt the blowjob I had earlier hinted to. He didn’t require two reminders. He opened the zipper on his jeans with his free hand. I could see why he was having some trouble pulling his stiff cock out of his zipper when I saw it. Paul had some serious meat! I had never seen such a thick cock until he pulled it out. Although it was about eight inches long, the girth was what truly jumped out. Even though Claire doesn’t have a lot of dick fantasies, she had to recognise such a remarkable specimen.

Paul’s exposed prick first escaped Claire’s attention. But when she stopped fucking me back, I could tell she must have noticed it. She just briefly paused before resuming her beat and quickening her pace. When I gestured for Paul to approach, she was fiercely careening toward her orgasm. I then withdrew once more. She had reached the point when she was insanely lustful. Paul was now standing exactly in front of her, and she extended her hand to grab his fat cock. She looked back at me while struggling and said, “Are you certain of this? Are you truly confident that you can handle this, Dave?” I reassured her while grinning “Claire, I agree. This is AMAZING!” She gave me a beaming smile before turning to face Paul.

The subsequent scene will always stick in my mind. She grasped his shaft with both hands, dragged his cock to her mouth, and quite casually—as if she had done it a thousand times before—stretched her lips to fit his girth and completely engulfed his cock. I hope I could convey to them just how important this moment is to me. My lovely wife, who has been my wife for five years, is the mother of our amazing children, a respected member of our community, and a soccer mom. She had just put the thick cock of a stranger into her mouth for his amusement. She was just another man’s hotwife slut to this lucky guy, to whom she was blowing… Oh, that I had survived to witness this day.

Claire got to work on his cock right away. She was ferociously sucking it with both hands like a ravenous harlot. Paul gave the camera to me, so I took it to record the activity. Claire might never consent to something like this again after this evening was ended and she had regained her composure. I didn’t want to miss a second of this opportunity because it might only come around once.

Paul was undergoing a stunning blowjob from my wife. I had never been with anyone who even came close to Claire’s expertise in this field. It was fascinating to see another man go through this for the first time. Even while I enjoyed witnessing her perform orally for Paul, the crowning achievement would be for him to fuck her. To ensure her compliance, I needed to bring her back to the brink of orgasm. I approached her from behind and shoved my cock into her soaking pussy. “Oh GOD!” She sighed. Once my cock started pounding into her, she had trouble concentrating on Paul’s blowjob.

I signalled for Paul and me to turn her around after waiting for her to almost orgasm once more. We swiftly turned her 180 degrees with the accuracy of a pit crew, and before she could protest, I rammed my dick into her mouth. I saw Paul carefully slide his massive cock into her drenched pussy with great eagerness. God, oh God! She yelled. Oh my God, oh my God, YES! Paul completely slid his massive cock into her shared married hotwife pussy. With the slap, slap, slap of his balls keeping rhythm, he was fast ramming the length of his meat deep inside of her.

If you haven’t witnessed a well-hung stranger fucking  your wife while she cries out for more, you haven’t lived. This evening didn’t want to finish. I was working with the tenacity of a Hollywood director to capture all of this on camera. She stared into my eyes and mouthed the words “thank you,” bracing her hands against my legs to maintain balance against Paul’s powerful thrusts. One of the hottest things I’ve ever seen, in my opinion.

Now that Paul was fucking the shit out of her, she had forgotten about my blowjob, but I didn’t care. This exceeded my expectations in so many ways. Claire was once more moving quickly in the direction of an orgasm. She would not be disallowed this time. She started to fully lose control as Paul continued to pound her. “God, oh God! harder, harder, harder! “Yes, yes, yes, yes!” Please fuck me harder! God, oh God! Oh my God! AAHHHHH!!!”

It was amazing. Nothing in porn I had ever seen even came close to matching that scene. Even when my weary wife’s climax stopped, Paul continued to fuck her. She looked like a rag doll since her head was resting heavily on the limo seat in front of my legs.

Paul was about to get his big chance, so I gestured for him to let her suck him. She again closed her tight lips around that large cock when he turned her around. She made deliberate movements. Her mouth sucked the tip as both hands lifted him off the ground. Nobody is more adept at bringing a man to orgasm  into Claire’s mouth when she wants it.

Paul began to fucking  her mouth after grabbing hold of the back of her hair. The amount of cock she was deepthroating with each thrust astounded me. He tensed up quickly, grabbed her head with both hands, and fired his load into her mouth. She never took her mouth off of his cock and continued to milk it long after he was done, swallowing his sperm like a ravenous beast. I’ve never felt more in love with anyone than I did with Claire at that precise time in my life. What a stunning harlot!

Paul’s conclusion caused a calming of the situation for everyone. We all changed back into our clothes in the back of that limo without saying much. Paul re-entered the driver’s seat and commenced the journey back to our house.

Are you alright? Inaudibly, Claire spoke to me. Yes, I replied. “I’m doing fine. You are absolutely AMAZING.” She sighed with relief, “Oh Good. I am OVERJOYED that you feel that way.

You’ll have to give Paul a really hefty tip, she murmured while grinning. “Actually,” I replied, “I intend to leave Paul a customary tip. Fucking YOU is its own reward, that much I can say with certainty.”

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