Young cuck needed

May 28, 2021

Young cuck needed

When I saw a couple looking for a young cuck, I couldn’t reply fast enough. I’d had a few threesomes and loved it, so was eager to try out cuckolding. Fucking another man’s wife, while he watched…I got hard just thinking about it.

As I dialled the number, I stroked my dick and waited. When a man answered, I told him I was interested in being their cuck for the night. I could hear a woman in the background asking who it was ‘It’s a guy who wants to be our cuck!’ he said, ‘oh, put him on speaker and let’s see what he has to say’ she said.

I think he’s the one

After chatting for a while, they asked me to send photos so that they could see what I had to offer. I went one better and we switched to FaceTime. I was at home, so I propped the phone up and took my clothes off. As I push my boxers down, my cock sprang to attention, already excited about what might lay ahead. Having asked for a close-up, Becky then smiled and said ‘yeah, I think he’s the one’.

We arranged to meet that night in a nearby bar, with a room booked in the adjoining hotel, all agreeing that there was no pressure and we’d see how it went. My afternoon dragged as I fantasized about Becky, what she’d wear, what she’d look like naked, what she’d want me to do to her. I showered, dressed and headed to the bar, with my cock straining against my jeans.

After a few minutes, my phone vibrated

I sat in the agreed seat at the bar and sipped a gin & tonic while I waited. Becky appeared and sat down next to me, ordering herself a glass of Pinot. ‘Where’s Luke?’ I asked. ‘He’s watching us. He’s already said yes, so it’s up to me to see if we click’, she smiled.

We chatted for a while, and then she leant in and said ‘I want you.’ Without sounding too eager (I hope!), I suggested we move onto the hotel. ‘Go and wait in the hotel lobby, we’ll contact you and tell you what to do next’ said Becky.

I didn’t need asking twice, so made my way to the lobby. After a few minutes, my phone vibrated. The message read: Mr Davies, we are delighted to invite you to read for the part of Brad in our hotly anticipated film. The role will include full nudity, sucking, fucking and whatever else the Director decides. Our Producer will be watching your every move, so make it your best performance yet. Come up to room 301 now.

I wasn’t expecting that at all! But, man, I was ready to give it my best shot! I knocked on the door and was met by Luke, dressed in a suit and tie, he looked handsome and a little intimidating. ‘Ms James is waiting for you, go on through’

Are you ready for your audition?

I walked through to see Becky perched on the edge of the bed, dressed in a tight black skirt, killer heels and a white blouse that just about restrained her boobs. ‘Hello Mr Davies, are you ready for your audition?’ ‘Yes,’ I said.

‘The husband has cheated on his wife and needs to be taught a lesson. He needs to be humiliated so he never does it again. So that he can be punished, again and again, it’ll be videoed too. If you’re happy, let’s get started’

As I turn, Becky says firmly, ‘tie him up to the chair and gag him’. I’m momentarily frozen and then she passes me some ties and I moved to where Luke is sitting. He looks far from intimidating now, almost cowering from me. I like the feeling.

You wish you looked like this

With him tied up and gagged, Becky walks over to me and starts to unbutton my shirt. We’re stood inches away from her husband as my shirt drops to the floor. She turns me to face him and from behind caresses my chest and stomach. ‘See, this is what a real man looks like. No love handles here. You wish you looked like this’ She said and laughed at Luke.

My cock is hard and throbbing against her hand as she rubs me and pushes my jeans down, taking my boxers with them and leaving me exposed and hard in front of him. I smile at him and reach around to pull Becky in front of me. I unbutton her blouse and her tits spring out, almost spilling over the top of her tiny bra. I bury my head and unzip her skirt, discovering her firm behind as I squeeze her to me. I look over to Luke who is mesmerized. I can see his cock is hard too, so I slip her panties off so he gets a good view of what he’s missing.

She licks me, then pulls away

Becky pushes me back a little and then bends over. She takes my cock in her warm mouth, while she sticks her naked butt in the air just inches from Luke, teasing him with the view as she sucks and sways. ‘His cock tastes so good. Yours never tasted that good’ she said. She licks me and pulls away, leaving me wet and wanting more. I decide it’s my turn. I gently push her back towards the bed, still in good view of Luke. I spread her smooth legs wide and start to finger her wet pussy. I love that she’s so wet, I must be pleasing her, I think.

As I push two and then three fingers inside her, deeper and deeper, I turn to look at Luke. His eyes are bright and he’s watching me rhythmically finger fuck his wife just out of his reach. Becky sits up to lock eyes with me and then Luke. ‘His fingers are better than your cock’ she says. She reaches down and takes my hand to her mouth, I groan as she licks my fingers, sucking all her lovely juice – never once taking her eyes off her husband. God, it’s a beautiful thing to watch.

I spread her wide

She takes my head in her hands and pushes it down between her legs. I spread her lips wide so I can get my tongue as far into her wet hole as I can. She’s moaning and breathing hard as I suck and fuck her with my tongue. Her pussy tastes so good, I don’t want to waste a bit of her juice. She stops me and pulls me up onto the bed with her, so I’m lying the opposite way. She straddles me so her throbbing pussy is on my face and takes me in her mouth. Her ass is in the air taunting Luke as we lick and suck each other frantically. With my tongue as far inside her as I can get, I feel her start to pulse around me, I pull her down harder onto my face as she thrusts her hips and cums in a wave all over my face.

I’m not far away from cuming, as she turns and guides my cock into her still pulsating pussy. She leans forward and licks my face ‘I love the taste of my cum on your face. He never makes me cum’ she says, looking at Luke.

She kneels in front of him

She digs her nails into my chest as I find her clit and rub it as she rides my cock slowly so I don’t come just yet. She sits up and starts to touch herself, running her hands all over her body. Rubbing her boobs, pinching her nibbles and making herself gasp as she grinds on me.

She slows my hips, gets off and walks towards Luke. ‘He’s so good I don’t want to him to stop,’ she says. She kneels in front of him, with her mouth just inches from his bulging cock, then turns to beckon me over behind her. With her hands on his thighs, she angles her smooth bum so I can once again get my cock inside her. Being so close to him as we fuck, my dick pounding her is almost too much to bear and I feel myself on the edge. As I hold her hips to get in deeper, she reaches down and rubs her pussy, then forces her fingers into Luke’s mouth. ‘See how good I taste when he fucks me’ she says.

That’s it. It’s too much for me and I thrust hard into her as I cum inside her with a loud groan. She’s not quite done tho!

I can feel ger start to cum again

She turns and tells me to sit on Luke’s lap. I was a bit surprised, but he nods, so I do. She then kneels down and puts her mouth around my cock, sucking my cum and her juice. It’s the most surreal thing as I feel Luke’s dick straining into me as his wife sucks me and licks my balls.

‘I want you do make me cum with your tongue now’ she says as she stops and looks up at me. Not bothering with the bed, I push her back and spread her legs so I can see her glistening hole. I dive in a suck and lick her as hard as I can, pushing my fingers into her too. She starts to moan and I can feel her start to cum again. With a final scream, she cums as I realise I’m hard again!

‘Do you think he’s been punished enough’ she asked me, laughing and eyeing up my cock again. ‘Yeah, I think so’.

She walks over, unties Luke and takes off his gag. Quick as a flash he’s up and throws her onto the bed ‘you too’ he says and I get on the bed with them. He stares as her lying there glistening with sweat and smelling of sex. He starts to touch himself and then her, slowly rubbing her and pushing his fingers inside. She reaches over and takes my cock in one hand and then his in the other. Having been punished for what seems like hours, Luke is soon breathing hard and on the verge of cuming. ‘I want you both to come on my tits’ she says.

Luke cums first, shooting his load all over her boobs. And then I give in and cum too, mixing my cum with his.

‘I need shower’ says Becky with a giggle. She leads us both into the bathroom and turns on the shower. The night continued on, but that’s a story for another time!

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