Wife Meets Three Strangers MMMF (Erotica)

Mar 2, 2022

Wife Meets Three Strangers MMMF (Erotica)

Wife Meets Three Strangers MMMF (Erotica)

Sometimes I simply want to fuck. I’m not interested in waiting for the foreplay or the “warming up” phase. I simply want to stroll down the street, spot a guy, grab him, and take him to a dark alley or car where I can have my brains fucked out. I realize it’s not very ladylike. But that makes no difference to me. I don’t always want to be treated like a woman.

I was in one of those moods last night. I slipped into a leather mini, a slinky halter top, a pair of shoes, and, of course, some make-up and told my husband I was going out. I had the appearance of a whore. who I knew I was in for some trouble when I glanced in the mirror, but hey… I figured I’d go ahead and acquire it. The type of person who wants me like this is the same type who will do it to an unwilling lady who will be scarred. I’d rather take her place and like it more than he does.

I headed down to a dive bar in a seedy neighborhood of Los Angeles. I had a feeling I’d find something useful here. I parked the black BMW and secured it, then double-checked that the alarm had been activated before entering. The establishment was filthy, smelled like a brewery, and appeared to never close. Three bicycles were parked outside. Not good motorcycles, just rice rockets with a boost. The guys inside wished for a good Harley, but due to ignorance, they opted for the smaller, less desirable model. I wasn’t searching for a brain surgeon, thankfully.

From the entryway, I lit a cigarette and studied the inside of the pub. There was a thick layer of pollution in the area, and there were three pool tables with enough players to seat six. Behind it was a large corridor that appeared to go to a bar and dining tables. Rather, benches. I went back, making sure to pass the lads who were playing pool, and waited for them to catch up to me.

I hear three loud sets of boots hitting the cement flooring down the corridor in less than a minute. I gave myself a little smile as I walked them to the bar.

“Tequila!” Over the din, I cried out to the bartender.

I spun around and pretended to be waiting for someone. I mean, I was, but it wasn’t somebody specific.

“Excuse me, ma’am,” said a gruff and inebriated voice from behind me.

I shifted my gaze. Three lumbering guys in huge white shirts stood there. They’d be OK.


“Well, my pals and I had a bet going on. “I’m sure you got lost.”

“I know where I am, and you’re in trouble.” “How did your pal react?” I oohed and aahed.

“You came here to get fucked, he added.” As he placed his hand on my right knee, he said. “Did he come out on top?”

“I definitely didn’t come to a shithole like this for conversation,” I said with a smile. And then I turned to take my shot.

While his friends snickered, his hand gently went up my thigh. From where I was, I could smell their breath. Something about the whiskey, the smoke, and the perspiration that was dripping from them made me shiver just thinking about them.

To give him the notion, I touched his hand and widened my legs crack.

“Do you believe you’ll be able to do anything about it?”

Then, in front of his pals, he walked in with his burly and inebriated self and kissed me. He put his hands up my skirt as I extended my legs wider. My thong was swiftly pushed to the side by his huge hands, and he slid his hand into me. His hands were huge and broad, yet he managed to get three into them while his pals looked on, snickering like high school boys. As their companion pushed his hand farther within me, I grinned at them. I was getting wetter and wetter just thinking about them watching. As I came all over the hand within me, I grinned once more. It was too much for me.

I yanked his hand away from my face and licked the liquid off his finger.

“Oh my gosh, she’s a little slut,” said one of the boys.

“I can’t believe you did that just now!!” The other, who appeared to be excited, snickered.

“What are you going to do about it?” I said, looking at them.

They were obviously too stunned or inebriated to notice, so I sprang off the bar stool and motioned them to follow me. I walked them out the back door and stood against the wall in the desolate parking lot behind the establishment. The two lads who hadn’t had their turn sprinted for me and began to grip my breasts and ass over my clothing like beasts. They bit my nipples and licked my neck. My clothing were slowly coming off and being pushed down in the open, until I was exposed enough for one of the other men to have their turn.

For a little while, I closed my eyes and felt their wild roving of my body. Someone lifted my leg, held it in place, and inserted four fingers into my hole. Someone’s hand was pounding on my cunt, and I was loving it. He hammered me with his fingers while chewing on my one exposed breast and mumbling vulgar and nasty slurs in between. As I moaned for more, I let him go at me.

I groaned over and over, “Give me more, Give me more.”

Then one of the other guys unzipped his pants, and I opened my eyes. I was still standing, thanks to the amazing man who was now pounding the crap out of my cunt with virtually his entire hand.

Then I felt him being yanked away from me. I whimpered once more, this time at the lack of hammering to my hot hole. I was on the verge of falling to the side after losing my equilibrium, but I was caught. The first man appeared once again. He pushed his big cock into me and effortlessly lifted me close to him. I slammed myself into him with my back against the wall and him supporting my weight.

The other guys could be heard in the distance, but I couldn’t see them because of the shadow cast by this incredibly massive, strong, and well endowed bastard who was fucking the hell out of me.

“Fuck you, man, it’s my turn now…. “Give me a piece of that bitch…” They were moaning and saying, “Fuck her, Fuck that bitch hard.”

It was fascinating to hear them talk about me in this way. It made me impale myself harder and quicker, and it made this fellow impale himself harder and faster as well. I was out of breath and feeling fatigued, but I was desperate. I couldn’t stop fucking him. There was a jet of fire inside me with each insertion. I was sweltering, but I persisted.

His grasp on me was slipping as he finally let out a little sigh. Inside of me, I felt him hot and moist. Because there was so much, part of it dripped out as it came in. It was really satisfying, but I knew there were still more males to go. I have to be objective.

He sat me down, took a step back, and reinserted his cock into his trousers. I could feel his come pouring down my legs since my skirt was hiked up a little, exposing the tops of my legs. My insides, on the other hand, were still yearning for more.

I turned around and knelt against the wall, my hands up. I never knew who was going to fuck me next. I felt his cock enter my body. He hammered violently in my cunt as he bent over and beneath and gripped my tits, and he was rock hard.

We developed a motion, and every time he didn’t go in deep enough, I slammed into him again.

“Fuck you, you little jerk. I need  fucked. Harder Harder…..:” Through clenched teeth, I spit.

“Uhhh… All I heard was “Uhhh… I believe I’m about to come…”

“Oh no, you won’t, not yet,”. “Hold on, Fuck me!” . I was on the verge of yelling at him.

The folks behind him were shouting him on, and as I looked down, I noticed the second guy standing in the bright light of the parking lot, ready. His cock was already in his hand and his zipper was down. He was prepared, and I was as well.

The cock inside of me let go at that moment. I felt warm inside, and his entire body shook for a second as he jerked harder to make sure it was all out. He hobbled over to me and panted. He nearly fell over as I stood up, and his buddies laughed a bit.

With his firm cock in hand, the third man approached me.

“Can you take much more?” he questioned, a worried expression on his face.

I just stared at him. I was relieved that the five-minute boy had already been taken care of. This man seemed to know exactly what he was doing. But I never said anything. I just gave him a sly smile and knelt in front of him.

I snatched his cock from him and slid it into my mouth. He just stood there and let me suck on it. I alternated between playing with the head with my tongue and putting my entire face into it and nearly swallowing it.

I felt his hand grab for my hair at the back of my head. I begged him to lead me, and he did so. We began with gentle yet deep penetrations before picking up the pace. I was about to suck him off, but I couldn’t handle it any longer. I desired to have him inside of me. I raised my eyes to his and inquired about his plans for me.


He lowered himself to my level, shoved me back, and spread my legs wide apart. I arched a little since the ground was asphalt and it was chilly and rough.

He murmured, “Relax,” before kneeling down and licking my moist clit.

I looked up from the ground to the two men who were now standing over us. The five-minute youngster was hard again, his jaw open as he looked down at me.

I suggested, “You can jack it off on me while you watch,” and then returned my focus to the man on top of me. He slipped his cock into me hard and paused for a while. I sat and observed him for a while. This was the most intimate I had ever been in this circumstance, even if I was playing a slut for the evening. I raised my eyes to his as he clenched his fists inside of me. His dark brown eyes locked on mine for a brief second before he began to move. I closed my eyes once more to get the most out of the experience.

His fangs sank into my breasts, and he thrust himself into me in a rhythmic manner. The slapping of the person above jerking off and the traffic off of the road could be heard. I soaked it all up. The discomfort from the asphalt was really a welcome bonus.

I couldn’t help but moan as his speed quickened and he began to slam me against the wall.

“Speak to me. “Please tell me who I am.” As his cock drove quicker and deeper into me, I screamed.

Both he and the above-mentioned thug started calling me names.

“You filthy little bitch, you whore…”

I was on the verge of screaming. I yearned for more. And he gave it on to me. He hammered for a while, then calmed down. My legs were pulled higher above me, and he inserted a slippery finger inside my ass. He tinkered with it for a second before softly guiding his cock in.

This had never occurred before, and I was taken aback at first.

“Shhhhhh,” he whispered.

I attempted to relax. I opened my eyes as I heard jerk off lad come against the wall. His cock accelerating and my ass opening to it. He squeezed the full unit into my little virginal hole, gradually by bit. It was simpler to get in, and it sent a shiver up my spine. My back rocked on the asphalt as I leaned towards him. He quickened his tempo and slammed his cock into my crotch.

There was discomfort, but it was accompanied with euphoria. I couldn’t move because I couldn’t, but I didn’t want to. The world swirled in my head, and I was getting near. He was as well. We arrived after a little more pushing and thumping, virtually at the same time. My entire body felt like it was on fire. I was unable to move. My cunt dripped fluids all over the lot, and he was in my ass. A little more came out as he drew it out, mixing with mine on the outside of my clit. I laid there for a few more moments with him on top of me.

It was still somewhat intimate with him for some way. I had completely forgotten about the two men who were standing nearby. As my insides spasmed, I simply laid there with him on top of me, caressing his hair.

“Lady, are you all right?” he finally said.

I grinned. I attempted to talk but couldn’t, so I grabbed his head and pressed it against my chest for a few seconds more, closing my eyes.

When I reopened the doors, the other two men were still staring down at us, and the bartender was standing at the entrance, staring at us.

“Are you okay, miss?” he inquired.

I looked over at him while I laid there and merely whispered, “My name is Janie.” And I’ll be here for the entire week.”

I must have dozed off in the parking lot, at least for a little moment. The bartender was lifting up the guy and pulling me to my feet before I realized it.

“Are you certain you’re fine?” He inquired once more.

I tried to cobble together my thoughts. “Yes,” I said.

He motioned for the guys to go and accompanied me to my car. He walked back to the bar as I got in, and I sat there for a little more, attempting to shake myself out of my stupor enough to drive.

The sound of a knock on the glass shocked me and jolted me out of my reverie. It was him. He merely glanced at me as he handed me a card as I pulled down my window.

“That’s me,”

“Thank you My name is Janie, and I will call you when I need fucked”

.Then I wind up my window and drove back to my house and husband.

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