Watching My Hot Girlfriend with her Toy Boy

Feb 25, 2022

Watching My Hot Girlfriend with her Toy Boy

Candy, my girlfriend, and I have been together for over ten years. I’m not sure why we never married, but I believe we both think our relationship works just fine without it. Candy is 32 years old, and my name is John.

Candy stands just 5 feet tall and weighs little over 100 pounds. Her figure is beautiful, with firm B cup breasts. I believe her tits are gorgeous, but her nipples are always hard and visible through practically anything she wears. With her huge brown eyes and beautiful auburn hair, she is simply stunning. Her olive skin is velvety smooth at all times.

I’m 6 feet tall and weigh 180 pounds, so I’m quite a bit taller than Candy. I work out a couple times a week and, while I don’t pretend to be muscular, I consider myself to be in decent condition. I’m a military-type man who’s a little more conservative than Candy. In the equipment category, I’m average and have never had any concerns.

I believe one of the primary reasons we’ve never married is because our sex life is so good and we’re frightened of ruining it by getting married, which has been the death knell for so many of our friends.

We do everything a typical married couple would do. We share a modest house, both have excellent careers, have no desire to have children, and enjoy traveling the world together. Because we’re both experimental and occasionally push the envelope, I believe we have a rather spicy sex life.

We’ve dabbled, once inviting a Candy friend to join us for a threesome, which was fantastic but Candy acted strangely afterwards, so we never tried it again. We enjoy having sex in public locations, and Candy has even gone as far as flashing passersby in the vehicle and at the beach. She enjoys fondling me in public. Candy even gave me a blowout at the beach one day when there was just one other person present. We’re sure he put up a good performance.

Candy is a tremendous flirt, and while I’m confident she’d never do anything behind my back, I’ve often wondered whether she’s ever wanted to do more than flirt. Because we aren’t legally married, I suppose it wouldn’t be termed adultery, but I’ve always had the uneasy sensation that she did more than simply flirt with me. She enjoys flirting with and showing off to young males in particular. She’s been worried about exhibiting her age since she hit 30 and is always seeking attention from young men.

Last winter, we thought it was time to get away for a few weeks and relax in a warmer environment. We’ve been all over the globe and discussed taking a trip to Central America for our next winter break, so we picked a package that included a Panama Canal crossing and a trip to Costa Rica’s rain forest. We’re both fairly adventurous, so we planned on seeing some off-the-beaten-path locations.

The big day arrived when we took off from Boston’s Logan Airport, with a connection in Atlanta to Panama City. Surprisingly, the flights were on schedule and went off without a hitch. We were on our way to the hotel in Panama City an hour after arriving since Customs and Immigration in Panama were far less intrusive than we had anticipated.

The hotel was great by Central American standards, but I assume air conditioning isn’t as good down there, because it was hot and humid everywhere. We had a great time touring banana fields and enjoying a boat tour of the Panama Canal during our first few days in Panama. The canal trip was an incredible adventure that neither of us will ever forget.

After a few days in Panama, we flew to Costa Rica on a short flight with hopes to see the rain forest and explore undiscovered caverns within the jungle.

Our Costa Rican hotel was far more primitive than our Panamanian hotel. We didn’t have air conditioning, and we didn’t have many of the amenities that hotels provide. However, because the neighborhood we were in was quite old, with most of the buildings dating back to the 17th century, we both thought that it created a more real and local vibe.

The next morning, we got up early to join our tour at 7 a.m. for our three-hour trip to the rain forest. The bus was basic, with no air conditioning or windows, and appeared to have been manufactured in the 1960s. Apart from being unbearably hot, the lack of modernization contributed to the experience.

We were with a group of around 40 visitors, the majority of them were American high school seniors on a class trip. I subsequently discovered that they were all between the ages of 18 and 19, as they needed to be adults to participate in this trip. There were a few other visitors from different nations, but they were mostly younger than us, as this was a tough excursion that would not be suitable for the old. You had to be a skilled swimmer to take this tour because certain caverns were only accessible through underwater channels.

Candy and I dressed as lightly as possible and brought a change of clothing with us, as the tour organizers recommended. Candy and I were both dressed in tank tops and shorts. Her nipples were not going ignored by the young males on the bus because she wore no bra. It was quite humid, and we were drenched in sweat within seconds of starting our journey to the rain forest. Candy smiled and flirted with the majority of the young men, so I could know she was relishing in all of the attention. I’d estimate they were all between the ages of 18 and 21, the age when lads only cared about one thing…

After many hours of travelling on muddy, rutted roads, most of which were barely wide enough for our bus to pass through, we arrived at our destination.

As we alighted from the bus, everyone huddled around our tour leader, who gave us instructions on what to do and what not to do as we entered the forest. Candy was getting a lot of attention from the young men, and I could see she was enjoying it. She must have made eye contact with practically every young man on the tour, smiling and conversing with a couple. Her blouse was moist and her nipples were sticking stiff. Candy was oblivious to the fact that five or six of these guys were clinging to her. She was completely enamored with young guys, and they were all enamored with her.

We began our journey by strolling through tiny trails surrounded with trees, shrubs, and exotic flora that we had never seen before. Exotic birds, lizards, snakes, and monkeys were among the animals we saw on our trek. It was fascinating, as well as hot, humid, and physically demanding.

We arrived to our cave to explore after the guide informed that we’d have to swim through a short, tight opening. Candy had already gained a number of acquaintances, all of them were young males who clung to her and offered aid at every opportunity. All eyes were on her tits since they were so firm, and she took advantage of every moment she could to model them. I could see these guys were lusting for her, and I was starting to believe she was encouraging it.

One of the youngsters inquired, “Are you married?”

Candy answered with a seductive blinking of her eyelids, “My goodness no.” “All I have is a guy.”

This kid was quite slender, strong, and attractive, and he had been watching Candy the entire ride. He was with a small group of other young men, all of whom were of similar size. I assumed they were all members of their local sports team.

“I’m at your service if you need anything,” the young man added.

“I’m sure I’ll take you up on it,” Candy remarked.

At that point, the young man took off his shirt, ostensibly to show off for Candy. He had a well-defined six pack and was certainly ripped.

Candy groaned softly but loudly enough for the young man to hear, “Mmm.”

At that point, his friends also took off their shirts, as if to compete for her attention by offering themselves to her. Candy’s gaze flashed from one to the other, scrutinizing each man. God, she’s such a flirt, and these guys were giddy with delight. Her gaze were fixed on each of their crotches, clearly tormenting them.

‘Be careful around these folks, Candy,’ I said quietly. “We’re out in the middle of nowhere, and we might split off at any moment.” “I used to be their age!”

“I’m OK, these folks are harmless, and they’re quite helpful,” says the narrator.

“Whatever you say, Babe,” I cautioned, “just be careful.”

The instructor explained how to approach the first cave, as we needed to swim around 50 feet to reach the cave’s initial target.

The guide said, “Would you be willing to be the last person to swim through?” “I’d love it if you could just make sure we don’t lose anyone.”

“Sure,” I said, “I’ll make sure everyone makes it.”

Our guide was the first to enter the water, and the others followed suit one by one. Candy’s new pals were among the first to join her in the water, as her chosen stud took her hand and lead her in. She was surrounded by three or four other shirtless young males, all vying for her attention.

As Candy and the others entered the tunnel, swimming through the cave’s narrow aperture, I lost sight of them. I followed closely after the final visitor into the sea. Because it was so hot and humid, the water was startlingly chilly and clear, yet it was really pleasant.

As I got out of the water after finishing the brief swim, I was taken aback by the sight that greeted me. The cave was awe-inspiring, chilly, and expansive. I was even more taken aback by the amount of attention Candy was attracting.

As I neared, it became clear why. Her skimpy white tank top was entirely see-through, revealing her magnificent, flawless tits. Her nipples were the most brittle I’d ever seen. I’m not sure if it was the chilly water or all of the attention she was getting. Every single young man in the cave was enthralled by her flawless tits. I was gazing at them as well!

“You are extremely sexy Candy,” her young admirer whispered, but I could still hear him.

“Oh, you’re just saying that, aren’t you?” “Because I’m so much older than you, I’m sure you have a lovely partner at home,” Candy speculated.

“Actually, I don’t have any; I’ve only had a few of girlfriends and am still a virgin.” The young man said, “I just haven’t found the right lady yet.”

Candy looked at his crotch and stated, “I find it hard to believe.”

As they conversed, he was wearing rather tight shorts, indicating his rising desire. This guy was either hung like a horse or had a full erection, as I could tell. When I was 18, even the mention of a woman made me uncomfortable, let alone staring at a gorgeous, half-naked lady like Candy.

“Well, it appears that you have a lot to give a girl Joshua,” Candy said, his gaze fixed on his crotch.

She was now addressing him by his first name, and she was becoming more cordial than I’d ever seen with a complete stranger. She was fond of teasing, but I was beginning to worry how far she’d go with this guy. As I felt my cock rise, the notion of the possibilities was getting to me.

“If I could ever meet a girl like you back home,” Joshua continued, “I’d do all I could to convince her to go out with me.”

Candy ran her fingers over Joshua’s forearm, saying, “You’re just being kind, stop.”

“Not at all, you’re as nice as it gets,” Joshua responded, resting his massive hand on her shoulder in response to her touch.

Candy murmured as she felt the muscles on his arm, “We best break this up, you’re making me all hot and bothered, and you’re so young.”

We resumed our subterranean exploration. I backed away from Candy because I was having so much fun seeing her drive these young men mad with need. She now had four young guys following her every move, with Joshua’s approaches getting more aggressive as time went on. Even the other males were talking, flirting, and caressing Candy on occasion, but it was all harmless enough that I didn’t intervene. Candy was undeniably enthralled by the attention.

“I’m feeling chilly,” Candy whispered to Joshua as she moved in close to him. “I hope we get out of this cave soon or I might need someone to warm me up.” “I’m not sure where my guy is.”

“Don’t worry about him; he’s not going anywhere.” As he wrapped his arm over her, Joshua whispered, “I’ll keep you warm.”

Candy wrapped her arm around his waist and drew his torso close to hers. As his cock struggled to be released from his shorts, his enthusiasm for her was palpable. This youngster was all set to go.

We went back into the water one by one after concluding our cave expedition, until I was the only one left in the cave. As I exited the cave, the hot, humid air hit me like a blow as I stepped back into the water and swam through the narrow aperture once more. It had to be well over 100 degrees outside.

After the tour, everyone congregated in a small location approximately 100 yards from the cave entrance for a picnic lunch. The tour leader was busy putting blankets on the ground beneath a large tree to provide some shelter from the scorching sun. Picnic baskets were being placed on the blankets by others.

“We have plenty of time for everyone who wants to change into dry clothes.” Because there are no changing rooms in the forest, you’ll have to choose a tree to change behind,” our guide said.

Candy declared, “I’m saturated and revealing a little too much through my top, so I’m going to change.”

Candy collected her dry clothes and walked down a little, winding path to a more quiet location to change. She returned my stare and winked as she walked away. I had no clue what it was all about, but I’d find out soon enough.

As Candy vanished into the woods, Joshua rose to his feet, gathered his dry clothing, and walked along the same path Candy had gone. I followed him into the woods, trying not to make any noise while searching for them.

I followed their footsteps slowly and attentively, almost as though hunting prey softly. I was taken aback by how far I had travelled before catching a sight of someone. I took a step off the walkway and gently circled them, not wanting them to see me. As I concealed behind a tree, stooping to avoid being noticed, I came extremely near, easily within 20 yards.

Candy stood without a top while Joshua gazed, not making any type of move.

“I’m sorry I didn’t wait long enough for you to finish changing Candy,” Joshua replied, his gaze fixed on her tits.

“It’s OK, Josh; I’m sure it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.”

“I’ve never been this close to a gorgeous, attractive lady before, half-naked.” “I’ve never seen a physique like yours.”

“I find that difficult to believe,” Candy stated as she slipped out of her shorts, revealing her shaven pussy and stood naked in front of Joshua.

“Oh my God, you’re so sexy,” Joshua said, his breathing growing substantially deeper.

“Thank you very much, Josh.” I must admit, I’d want to see you nude as well. I’m sure you have a great figure, being so young and fit.”

He instantly removed his shorts and stepped out, revealing his massive cock. He may have had a 12 inch cock, as large around as a beer can, I’ve never seen anything like that. Candy’s eyes were transfixed on his massive cock, which was practically hard and aiming directly at her. His veins protruded throughout his massive shaft, indicating that he had been circumcised.

“Wow, it’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything like that.” I can’t believe you’re a virgin with such a magnificent cock. Candy replied, “I wish my guy had a cock like yours; his is so much smaller.” “I’m sorry for being so direct, but would you wish to lose your virginity?”

As she gazed, Joshua’s cock swelled to a full erection, but neither of them had touched. He drew closer to her till his cock was almost touching her tits, his head resting against her.

“Your massive cock is stunning, Josh, and I’d love to be your first.”

Joshua didn’t make the initial move since he was terrified to touch her. Candy extended her arms around Joshua’s neck, beckoning him to kiss her. As his hands rapidly slid to her ass, squeezing her little ass cheeks, they kissed fiercely.

Candy panted as their kiss continued, her hands now groping for his massive cock. I could see the wetness leaking from the tip of his cock, shimmering in the light, as she held his cock as it grew. Candy rubbed his hands, which were now frantically massaging her tits. I swear this youngster was a virgin; he appeared to be on the verge of exploding.

Candy panted as she went to her knees, never losing grip of his monster. “You have a magnificent cock, I have to taste you,” she said.

Candy’s tongue circled his cock’s head, unsure if she could actually fit it in her mouth. She sucked the fluid off the tip, then ran the length of his cock with her tongue all the way to his balls. His balls hung low and big, a nice fit for the massive pole above them. I couldn’t blame her for being unable to resist his pubic hair, which was well cut.

Candy fondled Joshua’s balls while sucking them, and Joshua’s eyes were riveted on her. She then used her tongue to trace her way back up his shaft till she reached the tip, tasting the fluid flowing from the little slit and burying her tongue into it once again.

Candy arched her back as if assessing the situation, then wrapped her lips around his head, her tongue massaging the underside of his shaft in an attempt to take as much of him as possible. She ate him till his cock filled her mouth and made her gag. She could barely swallow around half of his monstrosity. She slid back up his cock, her lips securely wrapped around it, stretching as far as she could till his entire moist shaft was exposed again, and then she resumed plunging up and down his shaft.

I was so horny that I took down my shorts and held my cock in my hand, carefully stroking it while I watched.

“Oh God, Candy, that feels so fucking amazing,” Joshua grumbled.

Candy proceeded to fight his monster as best she could, despite his enormous size. As she rose, her lips fucking his cock, I could see the saliva shimmering in the light. She then took his massive mast from her lips and looked up at him, realizing he was going to come.

Candy replied seductively, “I want that filthy thing in my pussy.”

Candy took a step back as they hugged once again, their lips locked, tongues probing and exploring, a wet passionate kiss. Candy stroked Joshua’s cock as his hand traveled to her pussy, looking for her entrance.

“I’ve never done anything like this before,” Joshua explained.

“Fuck me and just follow my lead.” “Push that massive cock into my pussy,” says the cock.

Candy shifted her gaze away from Josh as she knelt down and grabbed a tree trunk, exposing her hot pussy for him to take. As she stretched back to lead his monster to her entrance, Joshua positioned himself behind her.

I shifted silently, taking down my shorts as well, to reach a better viewing position.

“Fuck me, but go easy on me at first.” Candy whimpered, practically pleading for him, “I’ve never had a cock as large as yours, so be careful.”

Joshua positioned his cock’s head on her labia as she reached behind herself and parted her pussy for him. As she stretched and moaned, the head of his cock penetrated her.

“Am I causing you any discomfort?” As he stopped, Josh inquired.

“Fuck no, Josh, that’s a great sound.” “Everything is wonderful, just fuck me,” says the narrator.

Candy pushed back against Josh, absorbing roughly half of his length as she tried to suppress her shouts of ecstasy so no one else at the picnic area could hear them. He drew back slowly, his eyes closed and his hands firmly grabbing her hips. As she shouted, muffled by her own hand, he pushed forward again, putting most of his monster cock into her little pussy.

Candy said, “That is so fucking delicious, give me all of you.”

Josh pushed forward till his massive balls dangled below her pussy, tickling her asshole with his pubic hair. It was nearly too much for her to bear, and she quickly quivered in climax, drenching his cock with her sweat. His cock glistened with her dampness as he retreated, ensuring that the following push would be more enjoyable and easy for her. He began moving back and forth, pressing his full length inside her, her pussy stretched to its utmost, grasping his pole hard. Joshua’s eyes were still closed, most likely rolled back into his head with delight as he relished his first fuck.

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