Stag and Vixen Hotwife Nudist Resort Fun

Aug 21, 2022

Stag and Vixen Hotwife Nudist Resort Fun

My spouse and I own a very nice three-bedroom condo at a nudist resort in Central Florida. There, we had  many wonderful weekends. Let me describe the nudist resort to which we belong in case you are unfamiliar. They do have a gated neighbourhood with fenced perimeters and guarded entryways. It has a very beautiful condominium complex feel inside. There are a lot of elegant brick apartments, a few compact one-bedroom apartments close to the club, many exclusive, pricey mansions, and a small number of travel trailer sites. In addition, there are a few eateries, stores, a nightclub with a lovely bar, as well as a number of swimming pools, water volleyball courts, and hot tubs. Overall, it feels like you’re in a luxurious condo building.

Contrary to popular belief, the setting is not a highly charged sexual one. Men do not walk about with hard underwear, and there is no excessive sex. It is largely like any other town, with the exception that some people are naked. You will witness folks roaming about the neighbourhood while driving or walking around while half clad or almost nude. A towel is the one item a nudist never leaves home without. Every time you sit down on a public chair or another person’s chair or other seating area, a towel is utilised. Most people are nude around the pools, but some do wear coverups. Everyone is naked and acting as they would in other settings, thus the environment is not sexually charged.

The most fascinating place is the nightclub. The women are dressed in a range of looks. A few may be nude, while others may be topless, wearing sex lingerie, or only wearing a knotted wraparound. Some are dressed in typical nightclub attire. The attire of the men ranges from simple street clothes to nude displays and only underpants. Only here might it be challenging to avoid being sexual. Guys will want you to dance, and during slow dances, touching a very barely clad woman’s body can thrill them and make them wear a woody. Women are aware of this, enjoy it, and usually continue dancing with the male until he regains control. Sexual activity in public is not permitted. Both this and their fellow nudists are respected by them.

Now I’ll share my personal perspective with you: roughly 75% of visitors to upmarket nudist resorts are swingers or sexually open-minded. Mark and I have been going for seven years, and during that time we have never missed a chance to connect with others for some back-at-the-condo sexual activity. Men and women will ask or be invited to dance or converse with someone they find attractive while at the club. Standard nightclub conduct. When partners discover a shared interest, they decide to conduct business privately. Parties for large groups are occasionally organised to occur at a condo. Our acquaintance utilises his tiny one-bedroom condo, which is practically next door to the club, for quick trips.

Mark and I often travel on a Friday night and return on a Sunday. First, we unpack and prepare food, snacks, and enough of drinks for the weekend. We then prepare to enter the nightclub. I typically dress in a lovely thong, a sheer top resembling that of a baby doll, thigh-high stockings, and 5″ heels. Mark typically sports a variety of shirts and shorts.

On one of our trips, we arrived at the club around 9:30 PM and settled into a seat at the bar. We knew a few of the regulars because we had been a member for a while. While placing our drink orders, we chatted and took in the sights. A really stunning blonde sitting at a table not far from the bar instantly drew Marks attention. I recognised his look and knew what he was after, so I wished him luck. I didn’t see anyone right away, so I continued to talk to the couple seated next to us while sipping my drink. When a well-known slow song began to play, I told Mark to go ask Miss Eye Candy to dance before he could rejoin the conversation. He didn’t require any further motivation. She immediately agreed when he asked. She was a novice, therefore her clothing was a little more formal than the norm. I’ll admit, she did have a good look. Ray and Carol, the couple we were speaking with, were regulars with whom we had enjoyed a few nights out. Ray mentioned one of the gatherings we held a few months prior, saying it was the biggest gathering he had ever attended at the resort. He claimed that our condo was home to 10 couples and 2 singles. I informed him I was aware there were numerous people present, but I had no idea how many. He then proposed that we do it again. I told him there were no guarantees and we would have to wait and see.

The following song was a quick one, and a nice young man approached me and asked if I wanted to dance. I agreed because I just adore dancing, and then we went to the dance floor. This guy displayed some moves that were nearly of professional grade in the first few minutes. I was having so much pleasure dancing with him that for almost 8 songs, we didn’t stop. I gave him a huge kiss and told him I wanted to dance with him more as he led the way back to my seat. Mark introduced me to his dance partner when they were at the bar. Sharon remarked on how attractive my dance partner and I appeared to be. I remarked that I was impressed by his talent. Then I said that I was unsure of how he would perform in bed. My remark caught Sharon off guard, but she quickly recovered. Probably really nice, she said. At that point, I assured her that she would have a wonderful evening if she chose to accompany my husband, especially if she enjoyed large cocks. She glanced at me with a smile after bursting into nervous laughing and thanked me for the information.

Mark and I mostly danced and chatted with our new acquaintances throughout the rest of the evening. I informed Ray that there wouldn’t be a party tonight since what was going to happen was evident. Though disappointed, he was sympathetic. Around midnight, Mark gave me a look indicating that he believed it was time for us to return home. I gave my assent with a nod, and we both enquired about returning to our apartment with our new partners. The four of us departed and started our journey to our condo once they both accepted. The romantic stroll was enhanced by a few stops for kisses and embraces. We were the most amazing couple Sharon had ever met, she declared just before we arrived at our condo. She could feel our affection for one another but was amazed by how at ease we were with each other when the other person was the centre of attention. I assured her that all it took was a deep love and complete trust.

Once inside our condo, we prepared some drinks and headed to our individual bedrooms. I quickly got John out of his silk boxer shorts, which were all he was wearing. He had a slightly larger-than-average cock, so I took my time getting to know it. Before eventually putting it in my mouth, I gave the head many kisses and ran my tongue over its entire length. I could sense the excitement John was feeling as I swallowed his cock. I looked up at him and told him I wanted him to last a long time when he fucked me so I could savour his first load in my mouth before his excitement got too intense. As a result of his increased excitement, he started to hit the roof of my mouth with streams of cum. To ensure that I didn’t miss a drop, I swallowed in between squirts. I kept sucking till his cock softened inside my mouth. Then I let go of it, stood up, gave him a kiss, and said how much I had liked it. He gave me a kiss in return and expressed his gratitude for the most thrilling blow job he had ever had.

We continued to kiss and fondle one other while lying on the bed until he was once more rock-hard. Then he mounted me after expertly rolling me onto my back. He slid right in and started stroking his cock in and out of me with long, slow strokes because my pussy was so wet. It was incredibly satisfying, and I could feel an orgasm coming on. As my desire increased, I told him vocally that I wanted his sperm in me and that I wanted him to fuck me harder. He persisted, and I experienced an amazing orgasm before he finally filled my pussy with his cum. He continued to lay on top of me, resting his weight on his elbows, and continuously gave me kisses while praising me as a great lover. I also told him how talented he was. He rolled onto the bed next to me and cuddled me once his cock had finally died. When we were excited again, he took me again, this time in a doggie fashion, as we laid there making out and having private conversations. He wasn’t as big as Mark, but he more than made up for it with skill, I must admit. He filled my pussy a few more times after making me cum numerous times. We heard activity coming from the kitchen at 2:00 AM, so we got up and joined Sharon and Mark.

We talked for  long as a group of four before falling asleep. Since we always ended the night together, we offered Sharon and John to spend the night, but they would have to stay in one of the extra rooms. John chose to go home because it was only a few doors away from his place. Sharon stayed and slept in the other guest room’s new bed. I led John outside and gave him a farewell kiss. Mark then assisted Sharon in settling in before we went to bed. We discussed our new pals and how much we enjoyed them once we were in bed. We got a little excited about this and made love to each other before dozing off in each other’s arms.

Sharon joined us for breakfast the next morning, and we discussed the previous evening and our sexual preferences. She made it clear that she had never been with a woman and didn’t really want to. We cleaned up the kitchen after breakfast, and I excused myself to go take a shower. As soon as I arrived, I applied makeup, styled my hair, put on a sarong, and gathered a towel. I was eager to relax by the pool and in the sun. I advised Mark and Sharon to take their time and enjoy each other while they were still talking and that I would see them later at the pool. After giving Mark one more kiss, I went to the pool.

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