Two’s Company Three’s Even Better by the Secret Vixen

Aug 12, 2021

Two’s Company Three’s Even Better by the Secret Vixen

Considering how shocked I was to learn of my husband’s desire to share me with other men, it was only a couple of weeks before I found myself preparing for my first sexual encounter with someone, who was not my husband. Before I go on to describe that eventful evening, I need to take you back to a couple of days following the revelation, to explain how we came to reach this moment.

Once again it was as we were preparing to go to sleep that the topic of hotwifing reared its sexy head again. The lights were off once more, yet I was the instigator of the conversation this time. Having discovered that my husband’s friend had expressed his desire to be intimate with me – on more one than one occasion I hasten to add! – I was eager to see if he knew of anyone else who had openly shared their attraction for me. Let’s just say my ego had been stimulated at past disclosures and it was keen to consume more information. It turned out there had been! This greatly excited me as whilst I was flattered at the thought of my husband’s friend’s desire, the sad truth was that he lived a great distance away so the chances of anything ever physically happening was rather slim; not impossible. As he continued to list admirers, my excitement unfortunately started to dwindle, as all the men he was listing were either married or in long-term relationships, an avenue I never wanted to stray down if I were ever to take the plunge into becoming an actual hotwife. At this point in our journey, the mere thought of having sex with a complete stranger genuinely terrified me as in terms of sexual partners, prior to my marriage, I had very few. Therefore the only way I could be convinced into sleeping with another, would be for it to be with someone I already knew.

We started to list our single friends and it was quickly becoming apparent that we had very few between us and those that we did have, I had no physical attraction to in any shape or form. This is when I was blindsided. My husband jokingly threw a name into the mix; a friend whom had just come out of a long-term relationship. Someone, I would never have considered prior to this moment, They were attractive, athletic and had common interests with me but there was something they were significantly lacking… A penis. For those of you slow on the uptake, this friend is a female ;).

Up until this moment, I had never considered having sex with a woman, largely because the opportunity had never presented itself and mainly because I enjoy men and all that they have to offer. However there was a part of me that was a little curious. What had I possibly been missing? I found it difficult to believe that men found me sexually attractive at this point in time, therefore the discovery that a woman found me sexy blew my relatively innocent mind! I couldn’t shake the image of the two of us kissing out of my mind, so much so, the thought had literary crept its way into my dreams at night, resulting in me having not just one but two erotically charged encounters in my subconscious. Could I really pluck up the courage to not only sleep with someone other than my husband but also someone of the same gender? Turns out I could!

Fast forward a couple of weeks, several sexually charged, yet not explicit texts and a dozen flirtatious encounters, I found myself sitting on my couch next to an attractive blonde woman with my husband sitting across the room from us. His distance was due to the agreement that he was to watch and not participate. Geographically speaking, I was sitting between two Cheshire cats with greedy smiles spread across their lustful faces, where as I, the supposed vixen, sat looking more like a rabbit staring down the barrel of a gun. Then the gun went off.

It wasn’t a movie kiss, where the two participants slowly leaned in, it was a rapid, do or die moment in which I led the charge before I could chicken out. Yet after a second or two, the fear dissolved and I started to enjoy the moment and the sensual fireworks that were going off, as it dawned on me that I was kissing someone other than my husband for the first time in 11 years. Fear turned to lust and the kisses became more hungry and passionate. I was completely oblivious to the fact that my husband was still in the room apart from the several utterances of “Oh Fuck” I occasionally heard from across the room. Aroused and emboldened , I took her by the hand and led her to the bedroom.

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Sorry to disappoint – this is not us!

The dimly lit room charged my confidence and we continued to kiss passionately. Whilst she was the experienced one at girl on girl action, she let me lead so as not to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with. Once on the bed, I dared for the first time to touch her. At first, I placed my hand on her arm. I slowly ran my fingers down to her hand where she gave me a reassuring squeeze. My confidence and curiosity started to build further and I moved my hand to her thigh. Every move I made, she quickly followed. Moving northwards, my hand started to search her torso until it brushed against her breast. It lingered for a moment. I walked my fingers across to her buttoned shirt and started to unbutton it, never once ending the kiss. Again she followed my every move so we were now both topless. I had completely forgotten the third person in the room as I started to softly kiss her neck before working my lips and tongue down her chest to her covered breasts. For the first time in my life, I was to remove a bra not being worn by myself. Turns out you guys make this look far easier than it is! This was proven to me when my bra suddenly came loose but not by her hands; they were occupying my neck and waist. My husband had entered the fold. I broke the kiss to remind him of his place but at the same moment he started to kiss my neck. I sank into his kiss as he teased my skin with his lips and teeth. Not wanting to be upstaged, she followed suit yet targeted my breasts. I was no longer in charge and I was fine with it.

Whilst my husband kissed my neck, she started to move away from my chest and started travelling south. Now I became the utterer of “oh fuck” as it dawned on me where she was going. I leaned back into my husband’s chest and spread my legs. He moved from under me so that I was lying on the bed and to allow him a better vantage point to watch as she started to lick my pussy. My heart was pounding and my mind was racing. There I was watching my husband as another person performed cunnilingus on me. She inserted her finger as her tongue continued to brush against my clit. Being a woman, she knew exactly the right places to focus her attention and I could feel the surge of my orgasm building. Her fingers and tongue worked in perfect unison as I started to moan and writhe at her every touch. As she focused on me, I summoned my husband over and I laid my hands on his fully erect penis. My hand moved in time with her tongue. I took him in my mouth as the orgasm continued to develop. Our movements all started to quicken; her tongue on my pussy, my mouth on his cock. I couldn’t take it any longer. My orgasm erupted, hard and fast. My legs trembled, my back arched. I was utterly spent. I then gave the order that I never in my wildest dreams thought my mouth would utter. “Fuck her.”

At my instruction, he entered her. It was instantly clear that she was enjoying a real penis rather than a simulated one she had become accustomed to with her previous girlfriend. As she rode him backwards, I began to kiss her neck and soon my tongue found her nipples. As my mouth engaged one, my hand worked the other. Her body trembled as it became clear that she was cumming on my husband’s cock. As she dismounted to enjoy her post coital come down, I took my husband in my hand and brought him to climax with a few strokes, causing him to cum over her pert and toned arse.

Whilst, I enjoyed this new experience, I wasn’t yet ready to call myself a Vixen hotwife as I didn’t feel that this encounter had earned me the title. It quickly became apparent that for me to take on the mantle, I needed something more than a FFM dalliance. I needed another man’s cock and I needed it all for myself.

Two’s Company Three’s Even Better by the Secret Vixen

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