The Beast with Three Backs By The Secret Vixen

Sep 1, 2021

The Beast with Three Backs By The Secret Vixen

Reading back through the last few chapters, you could say that I had well and truly taken the ‘Bull(s) by the horns’ with my entry into the world of Hotwifing. At this particular moment in time, I had already acquired, 2 Bulls; 3 if you included my first dalliance with our mutual friend and a ‘Bull-ette’ if I include my encounter with the female of our species. It would certainly appear that my tendency to be competitive had helped accelerate my progress down the Shared Wife path.

I have always grown up with the superstition that ‘bad luck comes in threes,’ one that has so frequently been proven accurate in my 30 something years. However, it was never something that I would ever have imagined I could connect to this lifestyle, yet it soon became apparent that encounters with Bulls could also come in threes! The events described in ‘Do Not Disturb‘ and ‘Past the Point of No Return‘ followed one another in relative quick succession, a reality that had taken me by great surprise. I still couldn’t quite believe I had embarked on this adventure and yet I had already engaged with two different Bulls in the space of little more than a month. As I revelled in this realisation, plans were secretly being made behind my back by my Stag and an allusive Bull I didn’t know was back in town.

A busy and tiring working week had finally come to an end and I was looking forward to a lazy weekend spent with the family. I awoke on the Saturday ready to undertake the usual ‘Mummy duties’ of ferrying children to various different engagements but something appeared to be amiss. The typical chaos of the weekend living room couldn’t be heard from my bedroom where I was dressing for the day. No sounds of children arguing or terrorising poor unsuspecting pets could be heard anywhere. Why was the house so quiet? I entered the room and there was no sign of my children or my husband. My first instinct was ‘How bloody rude!’ as I assumed they had gone off somewhere exciting and left me! I knew nothing could have been wrong as there was no evidence of a mad dash to the A&E so everyone was in one piece. Why had they gone somewhere without me? I picked up the phone and called my Stag instantly to discover they were on their way to his parents. This confused me even more as there had been no talk of this at all during the week before. I was informed that the children were spending the day and night with their grandparents and was then instructed to ‘make myself look pretty’ and be prepared for an ‘adult only day.’ My interest was piqued.

Excited and intrigued, I raced back upstairs and changed my outfit into something more appropriate for an ‘adult only day.’ What did that entail these days? A few months earlier that would have been a trip to the cinema and if we were feeling particularly risque, a drink in a local bar but now this term had a very different meaning. I sensed a mischievous tone in my Stag’s voice so decided to follow my gut and assumed that a Hotwife event was on the cards. I changed my outfit and most importantly, my underwear, for something more appropriate for what I was now hoping was going to take place. What felt like an eternity but was probably no more than thirty minutes passed, before my husband returned and I could finally quiz him. He has never been very good at lying so my questioning soon revealed that my hopes were being granted. This Vixen was getting a meet! The question remained. With whom?

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My Stag was holding this card very close to his chest and I have to say I delighted in the secrecy. He has never been one to tease and yet I could see he was enjoying this power over me so I didn’t press him for an answer. I was however, informed that he, whoever it was, was approximately 15 minutes from arrival. I tried not to create a preference in my mind as to who I wanted it to be but the anticipation of knowing that it would be one of them was incredibly arousing. When I had awoken that day, sex was far from my mind but now I was replaying moments from previous encounters in my head and I was hungry for it.

The sound of footsteps on the drive alerted me to the fact that a Bull had arrived. I resisted the urge to steal a glimpse through the window and tried to look casual on the sofa. My Stag headed to the porch and let him in. The two of them stepped into the living room. My jaw dropped. Never had I expected the Bull standing before me to be him! I was shocked but certainly not disappointed to see our friend whom had been the catalyst to this adventure in front of me. I stood up to greet him, still trying to remain cool and collected but what happened next blindsided me. Instead of the usual hug we would always greet one another with, he grabbed me and kissed me. It wasn’t a peck on the cheek like friends would normally exchange, this was a hungry and searching kiss; his tongue was clearly seeking mine. Whilst I was taken aback by this greeting, I was not offended. I reciprocated his kiss with full force, momentarily forgetting my Stag was present. We continued for several moments before coming up for air.

“Can I get anyone a drink? “

I was shocked at how collected my Stag uttered these words. Were it not for the outline of his erect penis through his trousers, he would have deceived us into thinking he was not bothered by what he had just observed. He exited the room as my Bull and I sat together on the sofa. The sexual tension as we sat there could not be ignored and we soon continued our kiss that we had engaged in not 5 minutes before. As our tongues resumed their dance, I was surprised at how normal this felt. I was expecting there to be an awkwardness between us for our friendship had undergone a metamorphosis into something quite different to that normally shared between a male and female. Just as they had on our previous encounter, our hands became involved. Mine found his neck. His found my chest. His fingers worked the buttons on my top and once he had created an entry point large enough, his hand slipped beneath the fabric and rediscovered my breasts. Unlike last time, there was no shyness, we were getting straight to the main event.

Our drinks soon arrived, along with an audible “oh wow” as my Stag discovered the two of us on the sofa kissing passionately; my breasts having been released. It was clear he had not been expecting us to be moving at this pace. He invited us to go upstairs and we eagerly accepted. I took my Bull by the… hand and led him upstairs. On entering our bedroom, we started kissing again but this time he was working my neck. As I closed my eyes, I relished in the sensation of one of my favourite physical acts. Whilst distracted by his kiss, I suddenly became aware of hands on my trousers. They were being unfastened in preparation to being removed. What puzzled me was how they were travelling down my legs. My bull had both his hands on my chest and neck. The guilty party was my husband. As I kissed his friend, my Stag undressed me as a way of offering me to my Bull. My shirt and bra swiftly followed my trousers and underwear, leaving me standing between both men naked whilst they remained fully clothed. For most, this would create a feeling of vulnerability but at that moment in time I felt utterly in control for the two penises either side of me stood fully to attention. I placed a hand upon each bulge and enjoyed each jolt of excitement at my touch.

I walked silently over to our marital bed, inviting both men to follow. First came my Bull. Without uttering a word, I removed his belt and unbuttoned his jeans, maintaining eye contact with him at all times. I freed him from his trousers and boxers and pushed him to a seated position on the corner of my bed. I removed his polo shirt and felt a great sense of achievement in the fact that I was no longer the only naked person in the room. I looked over my shoulder and informed my Stag that he would need to undress himself. I muttered those words as I knelt before my Bull, my intentions clear to all. I ran my hand along the eager shaft of my Bull’s cock before placing it in my mouth. As I ran my mouth along his penis, I locked eyes with my Stag. My mouth, whilst fully occupied, lifted into a grin as I could see what effect my actions were having on him. I continued to suck my Bull as my Stag began to undress himself. He removed his boxers last; his penis springing from its enclosure and he joined his friend on the bed.

Up until this moment, there had been no discussion as to whether or not my Stag was permitted to join or simply watch. My actions that followed revealed the answer. I withdrew my Bull’s penis from my mouth and approached my husband and his familiar cock. I took him in my mouth and for the first time noticed the ability of it to act as a measuring device; the current occupant was noticeably smaller than the previous. This revelation triggered a rush of lustful wickedness. I vacated my mouth and took a penis in each hand. I looked from one to the other, making it clear to the owners that I was comparing them. What followed next shocked all of us. I opened my mouth wide, a flicker of mischief danced across my face as I leaned forward and placed both cocks in at the same time. My tongue moved between each shaft as my lips encased them both. The audible moans encouraged and urged me to continue. I worked both lovers simultaneously but soon decided that it was my time to be pleasured. I stopped what I was doing and placed myself in the middle of the bed. I pointed to my Bull and declared that…

I wanted his larger dick

Without hesitation, he obliged. As he approached me, I laid back and opened my legs permitting him to enter. A surge of sensual pleasure raced through my body as his cock filled me. Not wanting to be forgotten, my Stag moved to where I was laying and took my hands in his before pulling them above my head and acting as a restraint. I laid there unable to manoeuvre except for the movements triggered by the rhythmic pounding of my Bull. My Stag and I breathed as one as we both experienced very different variations of pleasure. I turned on the bed to face my husband and re-positioned myself onto my knees. As my Bull continued to pound me, this time from behind, I once again took my Stag in my mouth. Each of us revelled in the different sensations we were experiencing and an earlier competition reared its head again; who would be the first to cum?

On this occasion, I did not win. I refrain from using the word ‘sadly’ as this was not a sorry defeat. As I felt my climax approaching, I quickened my movements on both of the penises; the one that filled my pussy and the one that occupied my mouth. I was no longer the one being pounded, for I had taken control and was riding my Bull from my position on my knees. My orgasm greeted me yet I continued to pleasure the men either side of me as it was clear both were very close. My Bull came (literally) in close second to me but before he unloaded, he instructed me to sit back on my knees. He manoeuvred himself in front of me and as he stroked his penis, it became clear what he wanted; he was bringing himself to his climax and he intended to cum on my face. He did not need much encouragement before his wish was granted. Not wanting my Stag to miss out on the fun, I invited him to follow suit. With both men now spent, the three of us collapsed in a euphoric tangle on the bed.

As I laid there drenched in cum on the bed, it dawned on me that I had now slept with more people since being married, than I had before. There really was no going back now.

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