Thai Massage for a Hotwife

Jul 30, 2023

Thai Massage for a Hotwife

Only hours remain until arriving in BANGKOK after a once-in-a-lifetime journey. While lying by the hotel pool, my thoughts started to stray. Would I be able to locate the elusive massage experience that so many of my male friends had described? Google suggested more evening events than a lunchtime treat and sent me across the city. I went back to my bedroom, which was on the outskirts of Chinatown, and laid on the bed, gazing up at the mirrored ceiling and longing for some sort of release. I leaped to my feet, slipped into my tightest pair of denim shorts, and finished packing my case. I’d simply return to the same establishment I went to yesterday for another Thai massage close to the Hua Lamphong MRT. I took off my flip-flops and pushed open the door to be greeted by two men, both of whom I recognised from the day before. They chirped, “Oil massage, oil massage,” as one of them grinned cheekily. I knew exactly what I had been searching for before, but I had not anticipated finding it here. I was led past the curtained booths where yoga-inspired massages were being performed and through a maze of rooms before climbing a high teak staircase. My mind began to race as I wondered what I was doing and where I was going. My practical self and my slutty self were at odds. No one knows you are here, thus you could end up dead. You might have a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

I was led into a dim, screened-off room and instructed to take a shower while he set up the massage sofa. He appeared to be professional while the warm water sprayed over my body, but there were furtive glances that I caught each time. It was simultaneously liberated and mischievous. Without making eye contact, a fluffy towel was offered to me. Perplexed, I patted myself down and put on a black g-string for modesty, just in case.

As I lay face down, I could only detect movement, much as when wearing a blindfold, yet if I had wanted to look, I could have. I was engaged in game play! I heard a bottle being turned, and I could feel him getting closer. The warm lemongrass oil first touched the nape of my neck before softly drizzling down the length of my back and between my cheeks. More motion. My breath quickened as I waited, and I could feel the soft sheet become harder around my nipples. My mind began to drift south as I became aware of the yearning in my legs. He sat me down on the couch and straddled me. My shoulders were gripped by powerful hands, who softly stroked my flesh and drenched me in oil. I could feel his hardness against the curvature of my lower back as the pressure increased. He played with the g string by lowering his hands to my hips while his fingers trailed down and around in more provocative motion. “Off, ok?”… “Yes!”

I was now entirely naked as I was standing by my left side. His hands glided down to the inner part of my leg as he performed his magic on my calf and up the length of my hamstring. He was playing a joke on me by repeating the same action on my other leg, which let my imagination run wild.

When I was asked to flip over, I was completely exposed, and we both grinned as our eyes locked. a shared understanding of the phrase more please. The cool air conditioning and my eagerness both made my nipples harder. He cupped me in each hand while holding my nipples simultaneously while standing at the head of the couch. His hands ran up and down the length of my chest in long strokes, exposing my washboard-like stomach. My body was on fire, and I wondered if I was dreaming as I felt both joy and astonishment. Now that my legs have been gently pricked apart, his hands are between them, and he is working deep inside of my groyne. He is now massaging my fully exposed clit with the pads of his fingers sliding behind my lips, a really unusual massage technique. He was good; he was making me cum without even touching me directly. It kept growing. He bent over me, sucked each breast, and kissed each one goodbye as my body shook and the room became even darker. WOW!

After being asked to sit up, he crossed his legs behind me and massaged my powerful shoulders while complimenting my physical fitness and passion of boxing. He then asked me to meet him tonight at 8 p.m. to watch a Muay Thai match.

I briefly snapped a photo of my g-string hanging from a hook as a memento of the entire experience out of the corner of my eye. He observed me putting on my pants, zipping up my tight denim shorts and drenching my vest in oil the entire while. There isn’t enough time to take another shower like you did before.

I would be running late for my flight home.

I quickly showered after running back to the hotel before grabbing my bag and leaving for the airport. I had a huge grin on my face the entire 16-hour trip!

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