The Power of a Vixen Hotwife Anklet

Dec 18, 2022

The Power of a Vixen Hotwife Anklet

(Hello everyone once more! Because of some extremely intriguing real-life adventures I’ve been having, I’ve taken a little bit of a “sabbatical” from writing. I’ll start writing about one right away (with only the slightest amount of embellishment),

In the months that followed the end of my “affair” with Derek, Jack and I both fantasised about continuing the adventure with additional “gang bang” and “Vixen Hotwife weekend” encounters. And when I ran into Derek at a VXN Lifestyle Club Meeting , Jack and I would indulge in some extremely passionate sex while I spent the majority of the meeting thinking back on all the sexy times I had with my black lover, particularly his penchant for sodomising me.

Additionally, it goes without saying that my contributions to VXN Erotica Hotwife Stories and readers feedback on our pieces kept the bedroom flames stoked and blazing.

It didn’t take long for Jack to start urging me to find new love. When we went out for a special supper by ourselves one night, our server was a very appealing young black man. Though it was more to rouse my husband than to entice the waiter’s attention, I complied with Jack’s request that I unbutton my shirt one more button. Jack would occasionally join me at the gym and propose in whispers that I should get one of the other guys a brief blow job in the sauna. Alternatively, he would approach me at dinner parties and advise me to entice one of the male guests by offering myself for a quickie in the restroom.

Due to my husband’s travel schedule, I frequently found myself alone and, in a sense, “left to my own devices.” Locking the door to my bedroom allowed me to routinely enjoy my libido while using some of our toys, such as the vibrators, nipple clamps, and leather collar. I would think back on my “dates” with Derek as I masturbated. I would shower, shave my legs and pussy, ask Jack to help me choose the underwear, and then experience the illicit, electric thrill of going to his house or riding in his car, knowing that he would make me submit to him. I would then return home to a husband who would want to know every naughty detail as he licked or fucked me.

The tremendous, unbelievable sensation of having one cock in my pussy and another in my ass, while I was being kissed, caressed, and fucked by two very hot, passionate men, is what I would recall if Jack and Derek had taken me at the same time.

Despite my thoughts about masturbating, I didn’t feel particularly driven to find a new partner because my life was already so full without trying to figure out how to locate, appeal to, and entice a new man. I would eagerly participate in Jack’s fantasies about me having sex with other men when we were actually having sex. Although I wasn’t opposed to the thought of taking another lover, I did not regard it as a very high priority, I informed him in reality.

However, my husband was not as readily discouraged. When he called me from the airport before boarding his aircraft home on a Friday after a business trip, he asked me to get childcare for our son because he had a little “surprise” for me and wanted to take me out to dinner.

He also specified that I needed to wear a sexy bra, stockings, a garter belt, and a thong underneath my skirt. I assured him that I would be happy to fulfil his wishes, and throughout the remainder of the day, I simmered in anticipation of his “surprise.” I took a shower, shaved my legs, then shaved my pussy as a little surprise for him.

We jumped in Jack’s car and began driving to one of the fancier steakhouses in town once Jack arrived home and changed into a suit and tie. I made fun of him by teasing him about how I’d prepared and how much I liked the sensation of having lingerie on underneath my clothing. He leaned down and gave me a long, passionate kiss while fondling my breasts as we pulled up to the restaurant.

He replied with a mischievous smile, “Before we walk into the restaurant, Tam, I need to give you your small ‘present’.” He dug into the pocket of his suit jacket. He presented it to me in the form of what appeared to be a gold chain.

Is it a bracelet, Jack? It’s gorgeous. I posed the question as I held up the jewellery in the parking lot’s illumination.

“Okay, Tammy. An anklet, that is. the right ankle.”

I was a little perplexed. “Jack, why can’t anklets go on either leg?”

He kissed me one more and said, “They can. “Wearing it on your right ankle, however, is a hint that you are a married lady who fucks other men with the consent of your spouse. It is a sign that you are having an affair with your husband if you wear it on your left ankle.”

I smiled and responded, “Oh, I see. I guess this is just some little game Jack came up with.”

As he gently rubbed my thigh with his hand and kissed my neck, Jack mumbled, “And there’s one more small rule too.

“It means that your lovers must use condoms if you wear it under your nylons. You will take them bareback if you wear it over your nylons.”

My husband’s erection was visible through his clothes as I grinned and put my hand to his crotch. Naturally, you would want me to take them bareback, wouldn’t you? I murmured.

He smiled. Naturally,” he mumbled.

“I want you to put the anklet on right away, Tammy, and I want you to wear it constantly moving forward. Knowing that you’re “selling” yourself as a hotwife will be a big turn on for me while I’m on the road.”

I raised my right leg and slowly wrapped the anklet around my right ankle, smoothing my skirt up so Jack could see the tops of my stockings.

You want it that way, Jack, right? I teased while lightly pressing his hand. You want other guys to be aware that you desire bareback fucks with your devoted wife, right?

My spouse gave me a passionate kiss while muttering, “Exactly.”

We both trembled with strong desire at the little game we had started in the parking lot throughout dinner. I requested Jack to sit on my side of the booth when dessert was brought out so that he could feel me up under my skirt and that I could whisper sexy little nothings in his ear. My thoughts were racing with topics for what I expected to be a very “heated chat” in bed.

After leaving the restaurant, we hurried home, paid the babysitter, and fell right into bed, eager for sex with a vigour and passion we hadn’t truly had since the affair with Derek ended. I gazed into Jack’s eyes and began softly stroking my thumbs across his nipples as he entered me.

Would you prefer that my next partner be a black man, Jack? As I stroked my fingertips down his spine, I questioned. Could you watch another black man fuck your attractive white wife’s pussy? Jack sighed admiringly as he added, “And my gorgeous white wife’s ass, too,” in response to my creative thinking.

Would you prefer that I seduce another black man? I said. “Or maybe next time, I should try another black cock.” I queried.

Jack responded, “Mmmmm,” while kissing my neck and pinching a breast. “Tammy, why not one of each?” He gently but firmly squeezed one of my nipples, causing me to gasp. Or two of each?” he asked, growling sensually.

I mumbled, “You are such a kinky spouse, dear.” “Jack, you want your wife to have four men in her life. Four boyfriends taking me bareback, all of them?”

My pussy was deeply invaded by my hubby He continued, “I think it seems like a fantastic start.”

I kissed Jack very passionately and then said, “So tell me, Jack.” Why is it crucial that my partners give me bareback fucks, hmm? I gave him a passionate kiss after briefly licking one of his nipples. Is it because you want to get warm, sticky fuck from another man in my pussy? I murmured, pinching his other nipple between my teeth as I did the same.

Or perhaps it’s the flavour, Jack? I questioned as I gazed into his eyes. Did you enjoy tasting another man’s cum in your wife’s pussy?

He gave me a lusty downward gaze. He questioned, pulling out of my pussy and sliding down my belly, licking me ferociously till I had an orgasm, then he pushed his cock back into me and drove for his own pleasure.

He came, grinned, and touched one of my breasts. He grinned and added, “That’s quite a magic anklet, I suppose.” It surely is, I murmured hurriedly as I gave him a kiss.

So, Tammy, will you always wear it for me? Jack queried.

I’d be pleased to wear your anklet if it made you feel hot, Jack.

We both rose from bed and began donning our pyjamas after exchanging a kiss. In order to remove my underwear and put on my nightgown, I had to remove the anklet. As I was brushing my teeth, Jack came up behind me and began massaging my ass.

He said, “Tammy, aren’t you forgetting something?”

I gave a perplexed “I…I don’t think so” response.

“the anklet. I want you to wear it always.”

I grinned at his imaginative story and went back to my drawer to pick up the anklet and put it on my right ankle.

A few days later, Jack insisted that I wear stockings instead of pantyhose when I had to attend a presentation at a client’s office. He then observed as I put the anklet back on my right leg, obviously over the stockings.

Although nothing transpired at the meeting, my husband undoubtedly felt its effects. He claimed that the fact that I was wearing the anklet while out in public without him really roused his desire, and that night we engaged in another intense round of dirty talk sex.

I discovered that wearing the anklet in public during Jack’s subsequent business trip made me feel sexy because I imagined how excited Jack would be. I have even emailed him a selfie taken on my phone while wearing my anklet over my pantyhose. We again fucked like we did during my romance with Derek after he returned from that trip.

A few weeks following that incident, my employer requested that I go to a networking event being hosted at a nearby jazz club. My spouse naturally asked me to wear stockings and a garter belt underneath my dress as I had to dress up a bit for the occasion.

Obviously, the anklet was worn over my stockings as well.

We drove to the event while chatting about office politics and other topics as a colleague joined me. When we arrived at the event, a representative from the local chamber of commerce welcomed everyone and hoped they would all find the relationships formed useful. We listened to him without paying attention.

A tall, attractive man wearing what appeared to be a custom-tailored suit approached me as I stood at the bar and waited in line to get another glass of wine after my colleague left. He grinned as he took a quick look at the nametag on my chest, apparently using the occasion to let his eyes rest on my cleavage.

“Are you Tammy? Hello, I’m James. You must be attending one of these events for the first time since I believe I would have recognised a woman like you.” He smiled and held out his hand, which I shook. His salt-and-pepper hair and ice-blue eyes both contributed to his allure. “Yes, I’ve never done this before. Do you think they’re helpful?”

He insisted on paying for my drink despite the fact that we were at the head of the line. I’ve attended a few of them, albeit they are primarily used as an excuse to leave the workplace a little early in my area of business.

After leaving the bar, we came across a table with a few empty chairs. He supported me by holding my chair as I sat down, and when I joined him, he drew his chair nearer so that we could converse over the jazz band’s music.

James stated, “I oversee investments for a mutual fund. Tell me what you do, Tammy, except instilling inferiority complexes in all the other ladies in this room. His smile made my spine tingle with eagerness, and his white teeth and blue eyes.

“I…I work for a local marketing consultancy firm. The full works, including project management, surveys, and focus groups.”

He cast a quick glance to the ground; was he observing my ankle? He asked, his eyes sparkling, “And what do you do for fun?”

I finally responded, feeling as though I was being hit on, “Oh, I like to travel and, um, exercise and…I really adore my family.”

James continued to compliment me on how attractive I was for a few more minutes while we talked about the club and the weather. Eventually, he checked his watch. “I’m sorry, Tammy, but I have to leave for another appointment. Do you have a business card? I’d love to meet up with you because I know we have a lot of things in common.”

I searched in my handbag as I reached for it before giving James a business card. He smiled and added, “Thank you so much, Tammy,” with his blue eyes appearing to be gazing deeply into mine. I’ll get in touch with you right away. He gave me another handshake before blending into the crowd.

I found it difficult to breathe because of how excited James’ attention had made me feel. I attempted to calm myself down by telling myself that it had simply been a typical networking chat, that the anklet on my leg and the lingerie under my skirt had been turns on for me, and that James and I had just happened to be talking at the same time that I was already aroused.

However, deep down I knew better, so I made the choice to urge my coworker to take a taxi home so I could return to my adoring spouse.

By the time I returned home, both of our older children had gone out with friends, and our youngest had fallen asleep. I discovered Jack in his office working on a project, so I approached him and gave him a shoulder rub.

I said in his ear softly, “Jack.” “At the networking event tonight, a man approached me and bought me a drink. I believe he was making advances toward me “I added in a sneaky manner.

Jack brought me to the bed, made me tell him every detail while he undressed me, and then began licking my already-wet pussy. Jack then turned away from his computer. I somewhat exaggerated the situation, and when I arrived, he climbed on top of me and began fucking me while asking if I thought the man was handsome and if I would be interested in having him as my next lover.

“Wouldn’t you enjoy that, Jack?” While he fucked me, I mumbled. The notion that your wife was being fucked by another man? He grinned and said, “You know I would, Tammy,” in my ear before fucking me more quickly.

Would you want him to treat me the same way Derek treated me, Jack? I whispered because I could feel how hot I was making him. Would you like to be restrained and spanked by him? When I realised how sex-driven I was by the thought, I gasped. Would you prefer that I put the collar on for him? I muttered. “Would you be interested in seeing him rape your wife behind? And if he takes my ass, would you like to fuck my pussy?”

He gave me a lustful gaze as he peered down at me. He muttered, “The first time I’ll just watch; the second time we’ll do you jointly.”

I grinned and considered trying some more tactics on my kinky husband. “What if he asks you to record us fucking on camera? Jack, could you do that? Observe your wife being fucked by another man while holding a camera?”

He grunted sensually and added, “I’d love to try. I closed my eyes and recalled a few of my interactions with Derek.

“And if he wanted to fuck me right here in our married bed, would that be alright with you? Or perhaps he’ll fuck me where you have your morning coffee and bend me over the kitchen island?” I shrieked. As I was describing myself, I was becoming really excited.

“What if, Jack, he wants me to reveal myself in front of others? Do you want me to follow his orders?” The last words of my question nearly caused me to have another orgasm.

Jack continued to fuck me quickly, and I could sense his approach. I’d like you to submit to him entirely, he said while placing his lips next to my ear.

Jack’s whispering tone sent me over the edge, and I began to come. As my climaxing pussy clenched Jack’s cock, he also began to come. He then backed out of the bed and sat down next to me while we both took a breath.

What’s this guy’s name that we have to thank for tonight, Jack asked a moment later?

James, I answered. “I don’t recall his last name,” she said.

Jack gently rubbed my breast. Tammy questioned, “Are you genuinely interested in having him as a lover?

I fixed my gaze on my husband’s eyes. I continued, “He was handsome…and flattering without being smarmy about it. I don’t know, Jack. Maybe he wasn’t even flirting with me; perhaps the lingerie and anklet were just what turned me on. I would have taken practically anything as flirtatious.

“He requested my business card; perhaps he needs some marketing assistance. If he contacts me, we’ll see “I remarked as I rose from bed and began donning underwear.

In the end, there wasn’t much of a wait. After dropping the kids off at school on Monday morning, I discovered I had received an email from him.


I had a great time getting to know you at the networking event on Friday. If your husband is willing, might we meet this Friday at 6:00, say? I’m looking forward to it, but please let me know if you can’t make it.


He gave me an unusual downtown location, so I looked it up and discovered that it was a pub.

Jack was understandably quite thrilled when I told him about the email. He immediately took me to bed and explained how I should get ready for the Friday appointment with James. In between two orgasms, I consented to get my pussy waxed at the spa — something I hadn’t done since the affair with Derek ended — and to go shopping for new underwear.

It seemed like Friday would never come. At least once a day, Jack would take me and tell me about various things he hoped James would want to do to me on Friday. What woman wouldn’t have appreciated having her husband pay attention to her? However, a part of me worried that this would merely turn into a business meeting.

I had a waxing session on Thursday afternoon, and on Friday late afternoon Jack and I shut the bedroom door as I got ready for my “date” with James. I put on a new set of stockings with lace tops, a new garter belt with matching lace, a thong, and a bra. I then dressed in a dark skirt that complemented my shape and a vivid blue silk blouse that brought attention to my breasts.

I chose a professional-looking blazer for the look and put on a pair of high shoes after that. I placed my right foot on a chair and slowly fastened the anklet as Jack stared.

I said to my husband, “I suppose that’s everything,” as he embraced me and kissed me passionately.

Jack responded in a low voice, “No need to call if you’re going to be late. As he pushed my ass through the skirt, he continued, “And the later the better.”

I kissed him before driving apprehensively towards the city. I soon located a parking space in the bar’s parking lot towards the back. I realised I was early when I looked at my watch. Before getting out of my SUV, I combed my hair. When I entered the bar, it felt more like a club than a place to hang out on a Friday night. James was nowhere to be found, so I turned around and sat down at a table close to the bar. I asked the waiter for a glass of wine when he arrived. Despite not understanding why I was meeting James tonight, I could feel my heart racing.

A hand brushed on my shoulder. James sat down at the table across from me and said, “Tammy, I’m so glad you agreed to join me tonight.” He asked, his eyes shining, “I hope I’m not dragging you away from something too essential on a Friday night.” I said, “No…no I’m glad to meet you here.

The server handed my wine glass and inquired as to James’s beverage preferences. He declined, stating he wouldn’t be staying for long, which was a curious statement. James glanced down at the ground as the waiter left, seemingly to examine my legs. He gave me a tiny smile when he turned to face me. So James, what was it you wanted to discuss with me tonight? I questioned apprehensively as I shifted in my chair and felt the rubbing of my thong against my cheeks.

He murmured, leaning forward, “Tammy.” “I’ll speak plainly. You are a pretty lovely woman in my opinion. And I’m going to venture a guess that you’re sporting the anklet on your right leg for the same reason that my wife does.”

I noticed that I was flushing; this verified my suspicion from the previous week that James somehow knew my secrets.

“If I’m mistaken, please pardon me; I won’t get in touch with you again. If I’m right and you’re interested, I’ve reserved a room at the hotel next door, he remarked with a smile. I’ll hold off for 30 minutes. Room 1247. I’d be happy to have the chance to get to know you better.”

He said, “Much better.

I was left with a whirling head as he got to his feet and headed out the pub door.

I gulped down my wine as I struggled to make sense of what had just happened.

30-minute period. I have 30 minutes to choose whether or not to walk up to a charming stranger’s hotel room and…

I trembled in dread of the unknown. James talked about his wife, which I thought to be incredibly seductive. He suggested that I join him in his hotel room with such a casual assurance…

I sipped some more wine as I briefly considered calling Jack to ask him about it. I pulled out my phone and put it back since I knew he would urge me to check into the hotel.

I tapped the table with my fingers while I considered my options. I felt so hot that a part of me wanted to immediately reach beneath my skirt and massage my pussy right then.

Was James a boyfriend I was truly ready to accept?

I decided what I would do, let out a long sigh, finished the wine glass, and exited the pub.

Later, I inhaled deeply before raising my hand to knock on door 1247.

Keep checking back for the next instalment……..

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