Stag Vixen Group Fun – Erotica

May 29, 2022

Stag Vixen Group Fun – Erotica

The night started much like other nights of sexual debauchery, drinks and dinner just the two of them, a chance to focus on one another and all manner of things from mundane to sweet and caring to spicy. Catching up, flirting, enjoying one another’s company, with discussion of the upcoming nights events as a form of foreplay. Hearing one another talk about what they’re excited for, any guidelines for the night, fantasies they’d like to explore. Him getting harder with each detail, she feeling her wetness building, nearly having to change panties.

Tonight they decided on going to a sex party, one where they didn’t know anyone, but they both said that the guidelines were the same, whatever feels good for the individual was good for the couple. The trust they shared was immense, making their hotwife dating and sexual adventures that much more exciting.

They agreed that a sex party, where play was expected by everyone, the sexual boundaries were a bit more flexible than most nights. She wouldn’t say it out loud, but she could hardly contain her eagerness, the thought of being with multiple men in one night was a sexual erotic fantasy she long held. She had no expectations how it would happen, but she knew she what she wanted that night and continue being the loyal Vixen Hotwife to her Stag.

For him, he had no desires other than to see her being fully satisfied by whomever she allowed the pleasure of having her married pussy.  Her pleasure, no matter who was giving it to her, drove him wild; the faces and noises she made when cumming were what his fantasies were made of as a Stag husband. She had quickly become his favourite porn star, watching her fucking and being fucked by others was thrilling. She had already fulfilled so many fantasies,, but he knew there were more she would reveal for him and her desires.. Little did he know,  what lay inside her, the desires, secret fantasies, that would make most housewives blush. But she was no ordinary woman, she was sexually liberated, something most people should experience, but few would.

After finishing dinner and now with a good content buzz, the kind they loved to have going into a new experience, they headed to the party, minds swirling with nerves and desires. “Be yourself tonight, let your inhibitions go, live in the mind blowing escapade.” he said as they neared their destination. Grasping  his manhood and feeling how excited he was for the night’s events, she whispered, “So, I get to be the naughty vixen you fantasize about, the one who wants to get her fill of men?” His nearly rigid cock told all she needed to know, the rules were out the window tonight and he was hoping her true inner slut would come out; the part of her that she wouldn’t let out often, but when she did, she was empowered with how she owned her sexuality.

They didn’t come to this night lightly, but a true swingers house sex party was always a fantasy that they knew they both wanted and knew it meant multiple partners and much looser boundaries. She had already convinced herself to be brave, so with his agreement and encouragement, she felt comfortable to do whatever she felt was right.

As soon as they arrived, they both let out a sigh of relief and nerves settled. Almost as if they were saying to the other, are we really doing this? But an unspoken gaze between these long time lovers was all they needed to say. Grabbing their stuff, they walked up to a house that was clearly alive with excitement; music, voices inside and out, and flashing lights all confirmed they had the right house.

Not knowing anyone there, they had no idea what to expect, but as soon as they walked in, they were greeted with a hearty hug from a topless woman and a man in not much of a swimsuit. Hosts, they assumed, but who knew??

Sure enough they were the hosts of the night and they welcomed them in, showing them around. Several rooms were already in use as old friends wasted no time to get reacquainted. The hosts, who noticed the couple trying not to look like they were staring in each room, says “Oh, those doors are open for a reason. Watch as much as you want and join in if invited. No one is shy here!” With a wicked smile and a nervous stomach, they looked at one another and in that moment, without saying a word, they agreed this night would be different.

Some appetizers, small talk, and plenty of drinks later, the night had made a noticeable shift from cocktail party with some sexy play, to an all out sex party where the majority of guests were naked, with a few exceptions, including the newest additions to this group. But in the blink of an eye, she lost the last of her clothes now only in tiny panties and a see through bra with her husband down to skimpy briefs.

The men she had been flirting with all night quickly took notice and as if in a coordinated plan, were at her side laying their erections pressed against her. She was receptive with her eyes and her touchy approach showed her interest with invitation to reciprocate. With their wives all wrapped up in one another in a back room, the three men saw this as a chance to welcome the new wife to the group.

The men, couldn’t hide their eagerness. To tease even more, she smiled a minxy smile and with sex dripping off each word said, “You boys want to see a show?”, while half bending down and looking over her shoulder. One of the men, who up until now had been the quietest, stepped up and with a slap of her juicy peach said “You bet your fine ass we are! I’ve been imagining what is under that dress all night.” And with perfect timing, still bent over and just barely pulling her panties to the side, she said “Oh, you mean what this tight, wet pussy looks like?” Only revealing a peek, but long enough that all four men standing behind her, saw her wet, pink lips and a hint of what awaited them inside.

With that she strode off, confident and not looking back, knowing she had her husband and three other men trailing after her, by her confident sexiness. Once in one of the empty rooms, she turned around and pointed to the three men commanding them to sit down and watch, no touching. With that she pushed her husband down on the bed, pulling out his throbbing hard cock, soaked wet from precum after watching his hotwife flirt her way across the party all night. Turning around one last time, she dropped her bra for the three strangers to finally see her breasts and erect nipples, perked with excitement.

Back to the man she’d loved most of her life and the dick she still creamed herself thinking about, she began slowly engulfing each inch of his thick shaft. With each stroke of her mouth, a louder groan came from her lover. She had sucked his cock for years and he still could barely contain himself when she was working him over. Over his moans she could hear the other men commenting about her ass, how good her tits looked swinging with each bob of her ponytailed hair, and imaging how wet the slit of her flower had become.

Hearing that a couple times was enough for her to remove her panties and once down, reach back with one hand to open herself up just barely, but enough you could hear how wet she was. All the while never stopping the blow job. As soon as her husband heard her wetness, he knew she must’ve dropped her panties, so he slowly sat up and motioned to the three men. Wasting no time they popped up and walked toward the round ass that was bobbing in the air.

Pointing to the guy he knew she was hottest for and extending his hand, motioning toward his wife’s backside, just saying, “By all means, please.” Stepping behind her, the tall stranger reached with both hands around the front of her hips and opened her legs wider, while sliding his right hand between her legs as he said “I just have to feel how wet you are.” To his pleasure, she instantly squirted all over his hand, unable to help herself she was so turned on. Quickly, falling to his knees to lap up each drop he could, diving further into her pussy, tasting of lust and desire. Best of all, this man could give head, screams of “Yes, fuck me what are you …don’t stop, I’m cumming!” A tidal wave of orgasm gushed from her open flower, her new lover knowing how to keep her riding the wave of cum.

That’s all the invitation he needed, spreading her legs further, he slid into her as she gasped while squeezing her husbands cock, her eyes momentarily disappearing. Back to blowing she went as she took a slow building pounding from behind, the sound of slapping skin filling the air between moans and dirty comments from the two men watching and waiting.

Squeezing the tall stranger’s cock from the inside as she kept squirting, temporarily abandoning her husbands cock to focus on the passionate sex she was having. With two big thrusts, she felt her partner unload his cum, slowly pumping the last drops as he pulled out of her. Glazing her lips with lube for the next man.

By now she was dizzy from being bent over for so long, so upon turning around, she pointed at the most muscular guy and said, “You, I need to lay down and have a big, hung stud like you to do the work.” No questions asked and he was picking her up and dropping her on her back, his stiff 9” cock at rigid attention. “I need a break, baby, so be a good girl and let him work you over while sucking his cock.” her husband said pointing to the last man in the room, as he took his break walking out to get some water.

How it happened, he didn’t know nor did he care because he loved what he saw, but when her husband returned to the room, he found his wife where he expected, but she also had a new man in the room that she was stroking along with a few more onlookers. But the look in her eye and the hedonistic grunts with each toss of her hair, let him know to step back and let her enjoy the moment. And the guys involved were clearly having fun as the guy being blown, to the surprise of everyone, came within minutes. She tried to swallow in time, but with the unexpected finish, some dripped down her chin to her heaving breasts.

The remaining two guys took turns with her all to her delight with giggles and moans telling the story, moving her into different positions as she came time and time again, drenching everything in sight with her squirting pleasure. There was such a heightened sexual energy in the room that those watching couldn’t help but start fooling around with each other, joining the ongoing threesome in the bed so that all anyone could being seeing or heard were body parts and the sounds of pure sexual satisfaction.

As the last of her new lovers neared the finish line, she found her husbands eyes in the crowd and motioned him over, whispering, “I saw you watching and stroking, come give me that load.” as she opened her eager mouth, begging to taste him, his thick load spurting into her mouth. Her mouth full of cum, he leaned over, kissed her and held her tight as she came one last time, collapsing into a heap on the bed. Two women emerged from the crowd, handing her a towel for her face while helping tend to the swollen, cum-filled pussy, cleaning her and gently caressing her lips.

The night wrapped up shortly after the raucous romp with the husband and wife saying their goodbyes, heading home. Sitting silent for a while, trying to soak it all in, the silence was broken with a giggle and a longing, pleased sigh. “Did you have fun, baby, being the centre of attention?” She sat and thought, then said, “I never thought I had that in me and while I may never do it again, I’m glad I did. Thank you for letting me be the lover I never knew I wanted to be.”

He smiled and nodded, he was thrilled to have seen it happen. They got home, showered and got comfortable, and despite the nights events, they found their way into one another’s arms, caressing and kissing, knowing that their trust and love grew that night. It was time foe the Stag to reclaim his naughty Vixen Hotwife.

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