My Hotwife Loves to Tease

Feb 14, 2022

My Hotwife Loves to Tease

My wife said she had to stroll carefully past Roy’s house twice because he didn’t seem to see her the first time. She went to the store and when she returned, she pretended to be adjusting her bags in front of his gate. She returned home, having given up hope of receiving a coffee invitation, believing he must be furious with her for the way she entertained his company. Maybe he was envious, but she had warned him not to become too connected to her.

She explained, “I had been home for approximately fifteen minutes when the phone rang.” “It was Roy — he asked if I wanted to come over to his house in a harsh tone. I wasn’t sure if I should say something because he sounded strange, but I did.

The men were still there, and no one said anything, so I started to feel a little uneasy. I was ready to ask Roy why, if he wasn’t in a good mood, he had bothered to ask for coffee in the first place. Surprisingly, being back in the company of the men didn’t bother me; the older one still had a sneer on his face, while the other stared at me lewdly.

After a while, he appeared to be more calm, and my thoughts returned to the events of the previous day. Roy couldn’t stay still and was constantly getting up to conduct small tasks that required him to leave the room. I wondered whether he was attempting to isolate me from the men, but why would he do so? The men explained that they had been packing their belongings because it was time for them to leave, and that everyone was busy walking from room to room.

Because I was the only one who wasn’t busy, I was asked if I would mind making us all a cup of coffee. That’s when things started to happen: as I was standing in the kitchen pouring the drink, an older man approached from behind and placed his hand on my tits. He pulled me around to face him, and because I didn’t see anybody else, I let him kiss and grope my breasts. He instructed me to place my hand on his cock, which I did. As he kissed me and played with my breasts, I carefully touched his bulge. It was barely a half-minute, but it was enough to persuade Roy that I was delighted to help his friend. He had been watching us from the doorway, and when I opened my eyes, he was staring us down.

“I wasn’t sure when they told me what happened yesterday – but now I see it’s true,” he said, seeming surprised. I just wanted to let you know that I didn’t tell them you could be willing to do favors — I didn’t break our agreement.”

I wasn’t sure if Roy was worried that if I found out his pals were fabricating stories and blaming him, I’d be annoyed, or if he was furious that their claim was real and my favors weren’t limited to him. Now I knew why he was in such a good mood — his pals had told him everything and he assumed he was getting the same treatment.

Both guys laughed quietly and smugly, as if to say, “I told you so.”

I realized I had my hand still on the large man’s bulge and removed it. Roy told me that I wasn’t his property, therefore I should keep doing what I was doing. His voice had a tense quality to it, as if he was still processing the news.

We ultimately sat in the lounge, and Roy came over to me and kissed me passionately. He claimed that if I had returned so eagerly and promptly, then what his buddies had told him about what had transpired the day before had to be accurate. We all knew that if I was willing to come back the next morning, well, it didn’t need to be spoken.

The talk was a little rushed and awkward, but there was a sexual tension in the air because they all understood how eager I was to be “friends” with them. When one of Roy’s younger guests stood to walk into the kitchen, he asked loudly if I would accompany him and assist him in refilling the coffee cups. Of course, everyone knew that wasn’t the true reason — as he put down the cups, he wrapped his arm around me and began kissing and feeling my tits.

It didn’t take long for me to become as enthralled as he was. He had easy access to my breasts because I let him unfasten my top – the wrap around one. The rest stayed silent in the next room, as if they were only listening. I became ecstatic when the thought occurred to me that they would be waiting to take a turn with me! I eventually sat in a chair with the man in front of me, sucked him off, and let him “come” in my mouth.

When I turned around, the others had already begun to enter the kitchen. They noticed me sitting with sperm on my chin and the cock still in my hand. My tits were still hanging out, and they just stared at me for a bit. In the next hour, they had me bend over the table and strip my pants off. They fucked me from behind and then just toyed with my body, groping and feeling me. I sucked their cocks and pressed them against my skin, allowing the sperm to penetrate my skin.

They decided to take me upstairs after a while, and when they felt recharged, they tried new things on me, such as forcing me suck a cock while another was in my pussy. They wanted me to let them put a cock up my arse, but I refused because I had never done so before and wasn’t willing to risk it. It didn’t stop one from slipping his finger into my bottom while I sat on top of his friend fucking him while my bottom was bucking into the air.

Having males treat me like a whore and a slut does, unfortunately, make me highly aroused. I liked it better the dirtier it was – even the fatter older one who panted and sweated over me while I licked his cock. I felt like a true dirty lady offering my bottom up into the air for them while they took turns fucking me doggy style. “I nearly wished I’d been willing to experiment with anal sex.”

As she finished her story, my wife appeared to be lost in thought. Simply put, that night and for many others after that, we fucked hard and long. The men had long since vanished, and she would still pay Roy visits again and then, but the thrill had worn off — we had both grown accustomed to it. It was like to eating your favorite meal every day — it became monotonous and lost its allure. When we fucked, we still talked about her adventures, but it was evident that we were both tired of her game.

She admitted to me one night that her visits to Roy had become stale. He would take her to his bed every now and then, just like a dull married couple would. Even the daily blow jobs she offered him while sitting in his kitchen had lost their thrill. Surprisingly, hearing my wife say she’d been fucked by Roy again again had no effect on me — I’d grown accustomed to hearing it.

She highlighted the new neighbors – specifically their son, a muscular twenty-year-old – in the same chat. This made me a little envious — this wasn’t some lonely middle-aged man she’d never ran off with, but a young stud! She went out of her way to run into him, and she informed me that he was starting to notice her more. She admitted that she was actively chasing him in the hopes of finding an opportunity.

All of this built up over the next few weeks, while Roy faded further into the background. I once discovered her on the patio in the dark getting kissed by the stud at a party. His friends were with him, and they chalked it up to a housewife who had had too much to drink and didn’t realize how far she’d gone. What would their reaction be if they knew my wife would probably be willing to take them on and do far more than simply let them kiss her? I stood there thinking.

I was pleased to see those studs with bulges in the front of their pants because I imagined what they would do to my wife. After that, I gently urged Debbie to give it a shot; perhaps she’d be able to get him inside the home when I wasn’t looking. But things took a turn for the worse, and she made a critical miscalculation that led to our current predicament.

Debbie sat alone one night while I was gone, and her mind drifted to the young man. She claimed he was alone at home, with his parents out for the evening. She figured a couple of his buddies might be with him, but she was now brave enough to take a chance and hope they’d get the idea and leave if she didn’t get the reaction she was hoping for. She’d cross the street to his house, make an excuse, and dress to draw notice.

The aim was to undress rather than dress — she’d get ready for bed in a see-through short nightie under a loosely tied robe, only to discover she needed a light bulb. That was her motivation for going two doors down the road: she wanted to see whether he had one and if he did, she wanted to show him a little too much and pique his attention. He’d like this sultry young wife to stay a long, and she’d become sloppy with her robe flapping open. It all sounded simple – after all, if his buddies didn’t get the clue and go, she’d accept the invitation to stay!

“If his pals stayed, maybe he’d take me upstairs for sex,” she informed me several days later. Or there was the possibility that if I wanted him to fuck me, I’d have to entertain his pals as well — I was willing to give it a shot. He knew how much I like the way he kissed me, and I had made it apparent in the previous few weeks that I was willing to play around.

But I got it horribly wrong – I’m not sure how I did it, but I could have died. He was in the house with his pals when his father answered the door. I was standing there in my robe, speechless and tongue-tied!”

“So what did you do?” the vision was almost funny. I inquired.

“I could only think of saying the things I had prepared to say — explain about the light bulb and ask if they had a spare one I could use while my spouse was out.” It sounded implausible and corny now, but I couldn’t just flee — I needed a reason to stay. I anticipated his wife to be there when he welcomed me in, and I cringed at the prospect of her seeing me dressed like that, but there were three other guys present when he showed me into the sitting room. It was the father who stayed at home with his mates.

They smiled and introduced themselves, but their eyes undressed me and had more nasty ideas. Jim, the boy’s father, urged me to have a seat while he went to get a light bulb for me. I was fully committed now, and sitting down felt like I was on display – I was acutely conscious of how short my robe was and how little I wore underneath.

Jim returned to the room and stated that locating the spares would take some time. He suggested that someone offer me a drink, and before I could advise him to relax and forget about the bulb, he vanished. One of the men fetched me a drink, and I chose a short one so that I could finish it quickly. I ordered a scotch, but it arrived in a very large glass, quite powerful despite my request for plenty of water.

I could tell the guys were having a good time because they hadn’t anticipated me to be there. I felt safe because they all appeared pleasant. They were all in their mid-fifties to early-sixties and politely inquired about where I lived and what my husband did for a living.

I’m not sure how long I sat there for – certainly not long – but I felt more calm and noticed how their gaze kept moving down my body. My robe had loosened a little, and the half below my belt had dropped open a little. They could already see most of my naked thighs, but now they could see just a little bit more – not all the way, but enough to keep them intrigued. The upper half of my nightdress had billowed out, and because it was so low cut, it made quite a show.

I let them have their fun while staying just barely covered up. As we talked, one man in particular gave me a knowing glance. Then, when Jim returned with the light bulb, I thanked him and was prepared to finish my drink and exit the room. I was urged not to rush and to take my time finishing the drink. Jim had now seen how everyone was looking at my physique and sat down to do the same. The second man spoke after he reassured me that I didn’t need to hurry.

“In fact, stay a little longer — let me refill your glass for you.” It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to speak with a lovely young lady.”

Jim and the others quickly backed him up, and I admitted that I wasn’t sure — I wasn’t clothed correctly. When I queried Jim about his family’s return, things seemed to get a little naughty.

“How will your wife – or son – react if they return home to find me dressed like this?”

“Don’t worry, no one will be home for a long time — how about you, your husband?”

I assured them that it would not be a problem. It was as though we’d just committed to do something nefarious and secret.

“So, would you like your glass refilled then?” Jim inquired.

If he was certain his wife wouldn’t return, I said yes.

We sat conversing, and because I was already undressed, it felt sexier than it had at Roy’s. They tried to get a better look, but it was always just out of reach. Their confidence rose as the booze began to take effect. They openly admired my naked legs and commented on how perfectly sculpted my thighs and calves were, and I kept getting minor compliments on how nice I looked.

“We wondered whether you were naked under that robe when you initially stepped into the room,” the one who seemed to be the leader, Peter, stated.

I laughed and said I could understand why – it was short – before telling them about my tiny nightdress. They were becoming agitated and shifted around in their seats a lot. They looked upset when they realized my glass was empty and that I would have to depart.

“I don’t suppose you’d like another?” I was asked, as if praying for a miracle.

While they waited for my response, you could have heard a pin drop.

“With all this drink, I’m going to get exuberant and tipsy — you could take advantage of me!” I made a joke, but the concept piqued their interest. “I’m still worried about your wife coming home, else I’d stay for another drink with you.”

This should have told them something, but everyone assured me it wouldn’t. They couldn’t believe their good fortune that this half-dressed gorgeous housewife would stay in their company – knowing full well that they had been admiring my physique and hoping I would get careless. Another man, Steven, gained the confidence to make clever but obscene remarks.

He quipped, “Well, we might take advantage of you.” “We’re past our prime, but we’re still functional!”

Looking at each of them, I informed them that I had noticed!

We chatted for a few more minutes, laughing and joking – the booze had loosening tongues.

“It occurs to me,” Peter observed, “that your nightdress must be really small if we can’t even see it beneath your robe – because that is certainly short!”

“Steady!” exclaimed one of the others, “If we get carried away, we’ll scare her away.” She’ll flee into the street, shocked and screaming!”

“I don’t believe so,” I said, smiling. “Perhaps you’d get too thrilled and have a heart attack!”

They chuckled, and one said he’d be prepared to take a chance – but they all agreed that I wouldn’t – but the idea was intriguing. Steven really questioned whether I was sure I wasn’t upset by the way they were staring at me. The others gave him a cold stare, as if he had been too forthright in revealing how much they were looking sexually and given me the opportunity to say enough was enough.

I smiled and said it was alright – I didn’t mind at all – before stretching a leg out in front of them. It was lovely to be adored, I added, but it was terribly bad of me to be here with them in such little clothing. They were excited and fidgeted because I had pointed it out in such a way and in such a tone of voice.

“You’re incredibly nice to look at,” observed the fourth man, David.

He’d been very silent until now, but he appeared to be the most lusty of the group.

“I’m delighted you’re having fun with it,” I said.

The rest remained silent, and Jim nodded his head in agreement as I grinned and took a sip of my drink. For a long minute, nothing was said, and I sipped my drink once more. Then, without looking at anyone, I moved my free hand slowly and deliberately to my robe’s belt. I could hear them gasping for air as they contemplated what I was going to do. I yanked the end that untangled the knot, allowing the two sections to separate. As if that wasn’t exciting and daring enough, I split the robe even further to reveal my tiny see-through and very short nightdress.

The men merely sat silently, breathing heavily. They could see virtually everything now because the top was so low, and my tits appeared to be exposed anyhow because it was so flimsy.

“Now that you have a better view, shall I cover up again in case someone comes, or should I stay where I am for you?”

They couldn’t believe they had an option, and they all demanded that I stay the same!

Now we’ll see if your hearts can take it – and if my body lives up to your expectations.”

“There’s no point attempting to cover my panties – my nightdress isn’t long enough to cover them,” I added with a grin.

At least one of them groaned as a result of the attention I had drawn to my pussy. My panties were little lace things resembling a thong with a hardy triangle of material in the front.

“I believe the alcohol has an effect!” “I have to pee,” I explained.

Jim made a jumbled noise and motioned me to the restroom. To their delight, I stood up and let the robe fall completely off my shoulders. Now I stood in front of them in a nearly transparent and extremely short clothing that left little to the imagination.

I went to the bathroom and was unhappy to discover that no one had followed me. I realized that time was ticking away and that I would have to depart soon, so I decided to get things moving. Instead of sitting when I returned to the living room, I stood in the middle of the room, talking to them and giving them a great view.

“Are we still on track for time?” I inquired of Jim, “or should I hide now?”

He answered in a monotonous voice, his eyes nearly bulging out, “No – it’s no problem.”

“I didn’t realize how revealing these shorts are,” I lied. “My bottom is completely exposed.”

I turned around and exposed my bare cheeks to them; any material had long since vanished up my crack.

“I told you the wine would get the best of me!” “I’m showing you all much too much!”

I feigned to be tipsy and whirled around to show them who I was. My shoulder strap came undone, exposing my breast as it traveled down my arm.

“Well, that’s what you’ve all been waiting for.”

When I sat down and didn’t even try to cover myself, their jaws dropped agape and they swallowed hard. Also, I sat with my legs wide apart, and they all stared since a very damp patch was apparent in my crotch after visiting the bathroom.

“Oh no, I soiled myself!” I stated.

It took a long time for someone to gather the bravery, and in the meantime, no one said anything.

“Would you mind if one of us came over and gave you a little kiss?” Steven inquired, taking a deep breath.

There was no time to spend any longer; I sounded much more sober now.

“I’ll have to leave soon – but if you’re all convinced we won’t be stopped or discovered – then, if the door is secured, I’ll let you sit with me and touch.”

“Do you mean – all of us?” said Jim, who didn’t believe me, questioned.

I responded by looking him in the eyes and yanking the other strap from my shoulder. They could now play with both of my breasts, which were now exposed and nude.

As one went to check sure the door was secured, there was uncertainty and murmuring, while another worried and shook with anxiousness. David completed a useful task by refilling the cups. He was the first to have his turn and sat next to me when I was instructed to move to the couch to make way. He licked on my tits after feeling and squeezing them, twisting my nipples. He weighted my tits in his palms and rubbed them rough with his fingers, making me moan. I reasoned that the more I moaned and sighed, the more delighted they’d be – and I was correct.

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