Hotwife Fun in Room 101 Erotica

Jan 18, 2022


Hotwife Fun in Room 101 Erotica

Harry and Lucy were going at it hard. Soon the headboard on their bed was banging against the wall. That didn’t stop them or slow them down. Gladys cried, “Give it to me lover. I don’t care if you knock the wall down. Shove it to me.”

They were celebrating their twentieth wedding anniversary and were still in love. It had been a good twenty years, unique in their circle of friends. Several had split up. Others stayed together but had a tenuous relationship marked by jealousy and suspicion. Harry and Gladys were seemingly made for each other and it showed. Both had active imaginations, a zest for life, and a catholic interest in everything that happened. Each day was an adventure. On special occasions, such as an anniversary, Harry would try something new and exciting in order to make it a great adventure.

Their twentieth was no exception. He was inspired by the opening of a new pizza parlor. It promised home delivery for special occasions “NO REQUEST TO RIDICULOUS TO BE CONSIDERED.” On a whim, Harry called and asked for one to be delivered at 7 a.m, the day of their anniversary.

He heard the early morning doorbell, but pretended to be asleep. Lucy grumbled but threw on a robe to answer the annoying thing. There was the owner of the pizza joint dressed in a red cupid’s outfit. He was joined by a TV crew and a couple reporters. “Happy anniversary Mrs. Jason and here is the breakfast your husband ordered,”

Alerted by the TV crew and gaggle of reporters that this was a practical joke, but a good one, Lucy managed a smile, “And what on earth am I having for breakfast,” She asked.

In an exaggerated faux Italian accent the restaurateur waved his arms and replied, “I have a breakfast pizza for two. You can eat it in your bed. And a happy anniversary. Now go back to bed and really enjoy it and everything else you want do in bed.”

The pizza guy got his publicity, the reporters and TV crew got an item for the paper and evening news, and Lucy and Harry got ham, sausage, eggs, and pizza sauce on a crust, which they ate in bed.

After the unique breakfast Lucy gave her husband a big kiss and said, “Thank you lover. You make our anniversaries exciting you know.”

“Yeah, but the day has just begun,” Harry replied. “Open the top drawer of my dresser.”

Lucy did and there was a present, all gift-wrapped. She tore off the wrapping and exclaimed, “Oh my God. It’s beautiful but this outfit won’t keep me warm.” She held up a skimpy night gown. “May I try it on?”

“Sure, and tell me if it makes you feel sexy.”

She did and it did. “Oh god it makes me fell like a slutty, high class whore darling. I bet I could fuck a room full of guys, starting with you of course.”

This was part of a recurring joke, and only a joke. The two had been absolutely faithful to their vows and to each other for two decades. Harry replied, “Don’t start yet. We have a whole day of celebrating ahead of us. And, by the way, I have some new sexy PJs too” He undid a pair of silk pajamas decorated with figures of cupid.

That afternoon they walked on the beach, and skipped stones off the water, just as they had done when they were dating, and couldn’t afford much more.

Now though, Money was no longer a problem. For dinner, they ate on one of San Diego’s tall buildings overlooking the airport in an expensive and gaudy restaurant. As would be appropriate they played kneesies under the table.

Next stop was the small bistro where they had often nursed a couple drinks and danced to some romantic songs on the jukebox. He stopped in front and said, “I don’t see a parking place near by. Why don’t you go on in and sit at the bar while I’m looking for a parking place. I want everybody to see what a lucky guy I am.”

“Can I dance with one or two love.”

“Sure, pretend you’re still in high school. Tease them if you like.”

Lucy attracted a lot of attention. She was easily the classiest gal in the place, and she seemed to be alone. One guy sitting near her at the bar did ask her to dance and she accepted. Then she moved in a lot closer than he expected. Soon they were cheek to cheek. She would not go further and she didn’t mean to be a tease but it was a heady feeling when she felt his erection pressing against her.

She smiled at him and remarked, “Don’t get too excited my friend. My husband will be along soon.”

“Oh sure,” he said. “May I do something in the meantime?” He dropped his hands to her ass and gave it a big squeeze.

She looked around. Her back was to the wall. It appeared nobody saw them.

She backed off, and they finished the dance. On the way back to the bar she whispered, “Sorry I led you on. But if you want to know, I enjoyed the squeeze too.”

He gave her a peck on the cheek just as Harry walked in. She smiled at him and took her seat. Her heart was beating. That was exciting. “I wonder what women who put out do when someone puts the make on them?”

Harry interrupted her musing. “Like your little moment of being single again,” asked Harry.

She gave her husband her most wicked smile and answered, “I just learned that I have a pinchable ass. I also learned it is still exciting to be pinched by a total stranger.”

Harry leaned over and gave his wife a quick kiss, “Wonderful, Tonight of all nights, I want an excited spouse.”

They spent about an hour in the bistro, dancing all the slow ones.

Harry looked at his watch. “Time to go darling. We have more adventure ahead.

“Where we going love,” she asked?

Harry pulled her face to his, kissed her, and said, “Not far, and you’re going to a chance to wear that sexy nightie. I packed it.” As she reached under the table and groped his erection she merely replied, “mmmmmmm, good.”

The next stop was not a classy joint, far from it. He pulled in at a motel with a neon sign blaring ADULT MOVIES ON TV. Perhaps it wasn’t as ritzy as some of the snooty hotels downtown or in La Jolla but it was exactly what this adventurous couple was looking for.

His key was waiting for room 101. Inside a bottle of Champaign and two wine glasses were on ice. Harry knew every single bit of his wife’s body but he loved watching her undress then put on the nearly transparent nightie. He simply undressed.

Lucy asked, “Aren’t you going to wear your new PJs?”

“Nope I just got them in case of fire.”

He poured two glasses of Champaign, lay next to his wife, turned on the TV, and flipped through to a porno channel.

“Now let’s see if we can learn something from this thing.”

Hotwife Fun in Room 101 Erotica

They weren’t disappointed. The set provided something for everybody: twosomes, threesomes, and moresomes. Participants contorted themselves in every possible position. Nobody suffered from premature ejaculation. The girls moaned and whined even when giving a blow job. But to ensure everybody knew it was real, each session ended with a cum shot. Lucy didn’t want to put a damper on the party but she wasn’t aroused much.

Then a simple twosome came on. A tiny blond lay beneath a big black guy. He nearly covered her body. Lucy poured herself another glass of Champaign, never taking her eyes off the screen. She didn’t even think to ask Harry if he wanted another. She lay back down, her body touching Harry’s. The couple were doing nothing except banging away. The blond was saying something but whatever it was, was indistinguishable, except she was calling her lover Charlie. One thing’s for sure if she was faking an orgasm she was one hell of an actress.

Harry heard his wife murmur, “oh god.” Then she reached over and stroked his penis. Her legs were parted and she was moving her hips in rhythm to the beat of the actresses on the tube. Soon she was quivering. He reached over and, through the thin material of her nightie, stroked her labia. Then he pushed the material inside and fondled her clit. Lucy started moving her hips more and he pushed the material up inside her vagina.

She looked at her husband and he saw that her eyes were glazed. When the camera moved in close for a crotch shot she moved even harder. Then the man’s cock disappeared deep inside the blond and he held it tight. The blond screamed “YES, YES CUM IN ME.”

That’s when Lucy had her first orgasm of the evening.

Harry moved on top and had the wildest sex of their marriage. It started out slowly, but Lucy just kept increasing the tempo. One orgasm after the other followed for her. Soon both were going all out. Lucy was calling for more, and the bed was shaking so much the headboard banged against the wall. Then, with one big grunt by Harry and one more cry from Lucy it was over.

“Whew!,” said Harry.

“Didn’t you like it? responded his wife.

“The video excited you didn’t it?”

“God, something did.”

Then, the phone rang.

Harry answered. A man’s voice said, “Man that was exciting. We could hear you over here in room 103”

“Uh. Sorry, we didn’t mean to disturb you.”

“Hell, man you were better than any of the channels on the TV. When you got going my wife and I turned down the sound and just listened to you folks enjoying yourself. You married?”

Harry relaxed. “Yeah, we’re married twenty years tonight. We’re celebrating.”

Voice answered, “Youl must be about our age. Like to come over and have a drink with us? I’d suspect we have a lot in common.”

“I don’t know. I’d have to check with the missus. . . as soon as she catches her breath.” Harry was sure his neighbor could catch the smile in his voice.

“Hey, let me talk to her. I won’t bite and, at least for now, there is a wall and locked door separating us.”

Harry quickly explained the call to his wife who was furiously shaking her head “NO.”

He put his hand over the phone and said, “I think they’re are black.”

She stopped shaking her head and took the phone. A few words exchanged them. Then Lucy hung up, smiled, and said, “Hey why not? They sound like nice people and they are about our age. We can just talk to them until we get horny again. Huh?”

Harry, remembering his wife’s transformation while watching the black/white sex they’d recently wondered what else might ensue from a visit.

He finally got dressed and Lucy put a robe over her nightie and they unlocked the door connecting the rooms, and knocked  on the door. Immediately they heard the lock slide back on the other side. They entered the other room and Lucy said, “Hi neighbors. I’m Lucy and this is my husband of twenty years, Harry.”

“And we are George and Sylvia, welcome and congratulations on 20 years, would you like a drink? We have some Champagne.”

They shared some of the bubbly. After a while, none of the four were drunk, but they were tipsy enough that they had dropped many of their inhibitions. All were sprawled across the bed in various stages of undress. George was wearing nothing but a pair of boxer shorts. Sylvia’s robe was open and her nightie didn’t cover much of her buxom but shapely body. Harry and Lucy were still more or less covered, but nobody seemed concerned when her robe fell apart and gave a good peek at her nightie with two lovely boobs peeking through.

The TV sitting over by the wall was showing another orgy. George asked, “That is just too hard to keep up with. Have you seen any absolutely exciting shows on it yet?”

Lucy blurted “NO.”

Harry immediately corrected his wife, “Oh nonsense, hun. You got positively worked up over the black man and the small blond. That’s what led to the banging on the wall.”

She blushed and answered, “Oh it wasn’t because of that.”

George added, “I bet her interest was such a turn on so Lucy interracial sex makes you horny?

Lucy said, “Well, I have to admit it was stimulating, but that’s why we came to this motel for.” Then she giggled and blushed again.

Sylvia caught the action. “Well, now we are getting to the nitty gritty of why sex movies and motels like La Petite Rose are so popular. If fornication and adultery were legal nobody would be interested.”

Harry said, “It’s true that forbidden sex is exciting, but I think I got the hottest babe in the universe.” Still, everybody knew the question of swinging was just waiting to be broached. It was hanging in the air. And nobody was just sure how he or she would answer the question.

George brought it up. “I don’t want to be out of line but I think swinging would be a very exciting thing, and we are at the age when many couples try it. Furthermore, if an article in Playboy is correct, virtually all couples fantasize about it. And the article took a more or less positive attitude. After all nothing else in life is savored if the diet doesn’t change. Hell we even change reliable cars, those of us who can afford it.”

Lucy asked, “But what about the marriage vows and the promises each person makes to her mate?”

Sylvia said, “Is a promise valid at twenty binding at forty, if both parties want to break it? After all, if nobody is hurt and each one of us want to do it, wouldn’t it seem silly to stop ourselves from doing what we want?

It soon became clear that three of the folks wanted to swap, and Lucy was wavering. She finally said, “This is the most exciting thing I’ve ever thought of doing, but . . .

“But what?” asked Harry.

“But I don’t think I could do it while you are watching.”

George said “We have two rooms, and we can close the door.

Everybody was quiet for a long period of time. Then Lucy arose from the bed, took George’s hand and led the way into the room where she and Harry had so recently romped. Sylvia looked at Harry and said, “We going to make sure that all the sex in 101 and 103 isn’t on the TV.” With a naughty laugh.

Hotwife Fun in Room 101 Erotica

Harry, quickly slipped out of his clothes and took her in his arms. “Yes, let’s see if we can compete.”

Sylvia punched the remote button and the TV went dark. “If we going to compete let’s make it with our spouses. You know of course we can hear a lot through the walls.”

They put their arms around each other and kissed. “God I want you Sylvia. You are so wonderful and soft.”

“I’m overweight you mean?”

“I love curvy ladies, you feel wonderful right now. I do want you.”

“What  do you you like to do?”

“First I want to put my face on your tits and have you hold your lovely tits tight against my face.”

She pushed his head down and nearly covered him with her large boobs. He moved his head left then right and licked the mounds. Then he worked his way to the nipples and kissed and sucked on each in turn. He was hot, and getting hotter.

They disentangled just in time to hear the opening sequence from the other room, Lucy was making the little noises that always excited Harry, sort of “ooooh oooooh my god.” Harry said, “George just touched her clit. That’s the sound she always makes when that happens.”

Sylvia added, “Yes and I’m sure George was rubbing the head of it on her clit.”

“Then he’s got a wet cock.”

Both smiled, she pulled him tight, his cock at the entrance, Does it bother you that my husband is going to fuck your wife?”

“No. I thought it would, but she was so excited at the video of the black man and white woman. When he saw George, she really wanted it to happen. It’s our anniversary and we always try to do something exciting and, even spontaneous.”

Sylvia gave a big smile and said, “Well, George is spontaneous and then some. Do you know that when they start fucking we can hear them through these thin walls?

“I hope so. Believe me it’ll excite me.

“Ummmm hmmmm I can tell” They started moving together. Slowly and looking at each other from close range. Then Harry paused and he worked his way down her body. When he got to the triangle he pulled her the lips of her labia apart and got his face wet. He started to move to the 69 position but she stopped him.

“Let’s do it missionary style. Our ears will be right at the door and we can hear.”

He moved on top and they started moving slowly, savoring each second of it. But their partners in 101  weren’t taking it easy. Lucy’s  noises grew and increased. The bed could be heard shaking in the other room.

Harry said, “She is going to cum. I can tell.”

Sylvia also knew her mate’s routine, “George will pound her hard but he can hold off for another few minutes.”

Sure enough both could hear “Oooooh god yes, yes George fuck me. shove it to me hard DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!” Then the long low groan that Harry had heard so many times.

“She did it. She came hard.”

Slyvia added, “If George didn’t he’ll finish off doggie fashioned. He loves to look at it going in and out.”

Harry was hoping they would continue. God this was hotter than anything he could have imagined. As he and anothe mans wife listened, their desires and lust increased  themselves.

Sylvia said, “This is getting to feel awfully good Harry. Keep going.”

Harry picked up the tempo and Sylvia matched his pace. They were now sweaty.

And the adventure continued in the other room. They could hear Lucy nearly shriek “Ohhh my god. ohhhh yes that’s good. now do it hard and fast . . . I love to watch  in the mirror . . . harder harder.”

Soon the headboard was banging against the wall, in tune with the timed cries of Lucy as George pounded  into her. Their neighbors in the next room were keeping pace what had become a foursome.

Then George shouted, “I’m cumming.” This was followed by a series of grunts.

“Oh god,” Harry said. He pushed it in and held it.

“Yeah, oh god” Sylvia echoed. That was quite a load you gave me.

Then everybody lay still. The noises ceased from the adjacent room and Harry looked down on the face of Sylvia. Both smiled. She pulled his face down and they kissed again, this time as a token of friendship not passion.

Soon George came  from the other room. “You better go over and rescue your wife, he said. “She’s the hottest thing I’ve been with in a long time.” Then he paused, smiled and said, “With the exception of this lovely right here of course.”

Harry rolled off Sylvia, gathered up his clothes and went back to Lucy. She was lying on the bed head turned away from him. He crawled in beside her and put his arms around him. “You two really went after it. We loved to listen.”

She said, “oh god. I was excited but I didn’t want to cum like that.”

“Nonsense, he said. “You were supposed to enjoy it and I’m so glad you did.”

She turned to him, pulled her face to his and kissed him. “So am I darling. I got a wonderful fucking and I still love you.”

Let’s keep that memory along with all the other memories we have with each other.

Lucy still got in the last word, “And I want you to fuck me one more time when we wake up. I love you more than I can say.”

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