You’re My Favourite Dessert

May 10, 2021

You’re My Favourite Dessert

Her foot ran up the inside of his leg

The hole in the wall restaurant was packed with people on this Friday night. Most people dressed for the night clubs that would follow their light dinner at Manny’s. Their menu had all sorts of small plates that would fill you up but not weigh you down. The bars around were not quite hopping yet but the night was starting to heat up.

The room was warm because of all the bodies and yummy food filling the room. Ash looked across the table at Eric and smiled a knowing little grin as her foot ran up the inside of his leg under the table. They had not been seeing each other long but it had been hard for her to keep her hands off him. His dark brooding eyes and soft lips made her shiver with need. The look he gave her was almost one of warning. He picked up his napkin and wiped his mouth before putting it on the table.

He stood and moved his chair closer to the side of hers and leaned in to whisper in her ear.

My panties were wet

“You have been teasing me all night leaning over the table so I can see your tits trying to push out of your dress and playing with me under the table.”

“Mm, you make it hard not to keep my hands off of you. Just seeing that look in your eyes makes my panties wet.” “I do believe you are enjoying my teasing,” Ash whispered back, sliding her hand under the table rubbing her palm over the bulge in his pants.

Before she could quite finish the statement, he grabbed her wrist from under the table and pulled her to her feet. Her breath caught with the shock of his fast reaction and almost stumbled as he pulled her with him away from the table. He guided her almost forcefully across the room and down a small hallway to the back door. The door let them out to the back stairwell leading to the alley.

Time for my desert

“You have played with me and now it is my turn.” He guided her up a couple of steps and then turned her around. Lightly, he kissed her while he pushed her to sit down on the stairs. The light kisses turned to a growl as he spread her legs with his hands.

Pulling away, he gave her a hungry look and said, “Time for my dessert.”

He knelt in front of her spread legs, ripped her panties to the side, and started to finger her fast and hard. She was gasping and moaning as he pulled his dripping fingers from her and licked them one by one. Before she could catch her breath, he buried his face between her legs, licking her from her ass to her clit, cleaning the juices he made flow from her with his fingers.

Eric took her clit into his mouth and began to suck on the sensitive nerve bundle. He would then flick his tongue against the hard, little bud causing her to put her hands in his hair trying to pull his mouth back to her clit. Finally, after teasing her relentlessly with his tongue, he hungrily took her clit in his mouth again and worked it hard and fast in his mouth.

He pushed his fingers deep inside

Ash’s hips were rocking with the rhythm of his mouth. His fingers pushed deep between her wet, swollen pussy lips and began to fuck her. It did not take long for her to start to feel her climax growing in her belly and her legs open wider feeding him her lust. Her orgasm ripped through her clenching her pussy tight around his fingers as she pulsed with release.

Eric pulled his face away from her and wiped her cum from his mouth and licked it off his fingers. Looking down at her still spread, but now trembling legs he grinned.

“You are my favourite dessert.”

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Written by Vixen Ann @VixenAnn

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