20th Anniversary, The Right Way

May 10, 2021

20th Anniversary, The Right Way

We found a booth, on the deck of the crowded restaurant and sat across from each other. It wasn’t long before a nice looking, muscular guy appeared and introduced himself as my wife’s date. My slid over and invited him to sit down beside her. We all ordered drinks and after some small talk, I excused myself to go smoke and give them time to get aquatinted.

Slowly rubbing and caressing my wife’s leg

When I returned, I was pleasantly surprised to find our new friend’s hand on my wife’s bare leg. I sat down and as we all talked, I watched the stranger slowly rubbing and caressing my wife’s leg, moving closer to her short skirt, that I knew was hiding no panties. I could feel my cock growing in my pants. Soon, my wife put her hand on his leg too! Watching their hands on each other’s bare flesh was a little hypnotic, but I snapped out of it and walked onto the nearby dock to smoke again, still staying in view of our table.

As I smoked, I could see my wife and her date talking, smiling and totally oblivious to anything except each other. My wife was obviously enjoying the attention of this handsome younger man and I was enjoying it too!

She was stroking his cock under the table

As I watched, I couldn’t help noticing that the couple at the table across from ours seemed to be watching too, especially the husband. I moved a little closer and could see the man straining and repositioning in his seat, so that he could get a better view of my wife. He was whispering to his wife and she was obviously interested in whatever was happening too. That’s when I caught sight of my wife’s arm movements and realised she was stroking her date’s cock under the table.

I stood there, with a growing bulge in my pants and watched the couple, watching my wife stroking his cock, and her staring into his eyes, unaware that she was now the floor-show at our favourite restaurant!

I was hard for her too

When I returned to the table, I could see their hands on each other’s laps and my wife was stroking his impressive hard cock through his this shorts and smiling wickedly at me!

I smiled back, sat back in my seat and enjoyed the sight of my beautiful wife stroking a man’s hard cock, in a crowded restaurant, while a man – now sporting a bulge too – and his wife watched.

As I sat there, I loved seeing how much my wife was enjoying herself. She was stroking this handsome, young man’s cock and smiling at me, knowing that I too, was hard for her. She would playfully run her fingertips alongs the length of his hard cock and then look up at me and give me that wicked little grin. I was touching myself under the table and the couple at the next table were getting more and more interested in our fun!

I sat watching knowing, what was about to happen…

After a few minutes, I suggested that we all walk outside and as we all got up to leave, my wife put her arms around me and kissed me passionately. I think the couple, by now, was a little confused!

When we got to our car, I suggested that they get in the backseat and I got in the driver’s seat. My wife was in his lap instantly, asking him to pull it out. I sat watching, my camera in hand, knowing what was about to happen.

He pulled his impressive cock from his shorts and my wife dived on his cock, taking it deep into her mouth and sucking greedily. She made love to his cock with her mouth, loving having another man’s cock in her mouth while I watched. I couldn’t believe how much she loved him in her mouth. Before long, he was moaning and I was encouraging her to make him cum, when he announced ‘i’m cumming’ and I watched as his cock twitched over and over, pumping cum into my wife’s greedy mouth.

Happy anniversary honey!

My wife released his spent cock from her moth, gave a little chuckle, and swallowed every drop, while we watched! A few minutes later, he said his goodbyes and left. My wife climbed into the front seat, kissed me again passionately with his cum still on her lips, leaned over, unzipped my pants and sucked my cock too!

Afterwards she said ‘HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, HONEY!’

Best anniversary ever!

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Story: @bear_shares

Farmer, Bear and his younger Hotwife BJ shared the story of their 20th anniversary.

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