Cuck fun in Edinburgh

May 10, 2021

Cuck fun in Edinburgh

I’m not new to online fun, but I was looking for something new and stumbled across an intriguing ad, “Male needed for cuck fun”. I did wonder if it was a typo but figured I’d find out more. The ad was in the Edinburgh area for that night, I couldn’t believe my luck. Couple looking for a fit young lad to fuck a wife while the husband watches on. Game on.

I got their number, called and a man answered. They sounded a little surprised to have a response so quickly, but they were happy I’d called, especially the wife, Nicky. We exchanged pictures. Clean at first, then the obligatory dick pic to give them a taste of what I’ve got on offer. Apparently, Nicky loved what she saw, the message came back ‘I want that cock tonight…’. I was ready for action that’s for sure. They shared more pictures of her, her boobs, packed into a kinky black bra, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on those. Then her thong and just enough of her butt. I’m excited at this point. I want in. We agreed to meet at a hotel bar, where they’d book a room.

I showered, dressed and arrived a few minutes early, ordering a whisky and sitting in the agreed spot. Dave approached me first. He had a whisky too. We got chatting but there was no sign of his hot wife. Then she called me. She’d been watching and liked what she saw. She told me to put her on speakerphone s her husband could hear. “He’s perfect,” she told him, “I want him. I want to fuck him tonight”.

She teased the fuck out of me

To my surprise, Dave stood up to leave. I thought I’d fucked up, but I was quickly reassured as he simply said “See you later then” with a knowing look and a firm, slow handshake. My heart was racing and I was impatient to meet Nicky. She joined me after what felt like forever even though I’m sure it was only a few minutes. Dave was out of sight, I hadn’t seen where he’d gone.

Nicky looked stunning in a tight black dress. Her tits looked amazing, and her skirt showed off her awesome legs. When she sat close, the top of her stockings show a little, teasing the fuck out of me. We instantly clicked. She was flirting like hell. I felt Dave was watching, but didn’t know where he was. She didn’t waste any time getting down to business.

Fucking hoped I was ready for this. I was horny as hell but I did feel a bit nervous. She asked me loads of questions, like “have you ever had a threesome and were you the most impressive?” I’d had a few threesomes with a couple of girls, and told her it had been a fun experience all round. “Have you fucked someone in front of others before?” she asked me next, “I have” I replied, feeling like I was less out of my depth than I thought, “Yeah, I fucked my friend and then her girlfriend last summer”. I felt like I was passing the test.

She fell silent, looked at me and finished her drink, so I followed suit. Then she stood, slowly, sexily, giving me a clear view of her gorgeous arse. I’m hard at this point, my dick pushing against my jeans. She bent down to take my hand, clocking my bulging jeans and whispered in my ear “Come with me”.

I want you to fuck me in front of him

We walk to the lift, hand in hand, my cock throbbing with expectation. She presses the button and the doors close. She kisses me, pressing herself on me. “What I want you to do is this,” she tells me, quietly, her face close to mine. “My husband is in my room. He cheated on me and I want to teach him a lesson. I’m going to tie him up then I want you to fuck me in front of him. I want you to give me the best night. I want to humiliate him. I’m gonna film it so I can watch you fuck me again and again and make sure my husband never forgets it.”

We get to the room and tells me to wait outside. After a few minutes, she opens the door and I see in the room, the camera, the bed. In the corner is her husband who is waiting on a chair. He’s naked, hands tied to the chair and gagged. I shut the door and come in. I catch her eyes and she smiles so big, her moment has arrived, she comes up behind me and starts to run her hands on me. We are only a few feet away from Dave. He is watching us intently.

It’s bigger than your tiny dick

She moves her hands over my chest and slowly unbuttons my shirt. She kneels, feeling my thighs, touching me then slowly unzipping my jeans. She looks at Dave, making sure he knows how much she’s enjoying herself. She runs her hands down my abs, looking me in the eye as her hand land on my cock. Her eyes light up and as she caresses me, she looks over to Dave and tells him “It’s bigger than your tiny dick”. Suddenly she takes me in her mouth, rolling her tongue around, sucking, pushing my dick deeper and deeper as her hand grabs my arse. She pulls it out and leaves it wet.

She tells me to undress and get on the bed, then slowly takes her clothes off for me, right in front of him. I can see they are both enjoying it and so am I. She gets on top and grabs my dick, I look over to Dave to humiliate him further, smiling as she wanks me off. She slides up the bed and covers my face with her clean-shaven pussy. I start to lick, suck and explore her wet hole. She tastes good and is so turned on, so wet. Her juices start to drip down my face I can hardly swallow them all. We find our rhythm, she’s setting the pace, riding me as my tongue penetrates her. She pulls hard on my hair and screams as she cums. She shakes with ecstasy. She tastes so good. She moves down, kisses me deeply and licks my face to taste herself.

She guides my cock into her again

She takes a moment to look at Dave, turns around and straddles me, guiding my cock into her pussy as she rides me backwards, staring at Dave as she bounces up and down. I reach around to grab her tits pressing her down on me so I can get as deep into her as I can. We both look at Dave as we fuck. She quickens again, so I reach a hand down and put my finger on her clit, rubbing her as she moans louder and louder and I feel her shake as she cums again.

She rolls off me and turns around, lays back on the bed with her head tilted towards Dave, her legs wide open, offering herself to me again. I don’t need to be asked twice!

I thrust inside her and start to fuck her. I look over at him and he is hard and smiling. She is focused only on me now. She tells me to fuck her hard, slow, deep. I haven’t cum yet and she tells me she wants me to cum inside her, but not yet. She gets up, walks over to her bound and gagged husband and leans over his knees with her arse and pussy in the air on show for me. I enter her again, fucking her over her husband’s knees, we’re all enjoying it. I cum as she moans and throws the odd glance at her husband. She pushes me back, and my wet dick slips out of her, she turns around and takes me in her mouth. Right there, in front of her husband, she licks my dick clean then turns to kiss her husband so he can taste me too.

After a moment, she stands up, straightens her hair and goes to the bathroom. I sit on the bed, deeply satisfied and unphased by Dave’s watchful eyes on my naked body.

He takes me in his mouth

When Nicky returns, she releases Dave, guides him to stand up and move over to the bed. She kisses him, pushes him gently back on the bed next to me and then takes his hard cock in her mouth. I feel a little awkward for a moment, unsure what is expected of me, but my dick knows what to do and so does Nicky. I’m hard again now and she grabs my dick and starts to wank me, then Dave gestures to me and I put my dick in his mouth and he starts to suck me. Nicky changes position and starts to wank him and herself. We come together, me in his mouth. I wasn’t expecting this but it felt so good.

Dave goes to the bathroom and we hear the shower start. I thought we’d join him but Nicky has other ideas, “one last fuck to make sure he’s punished”, she says. I push my dick deep inside her again. She seems to enjoy having me all to herself again. Her moans, her writhing body. I fuck her with all I’ve got, and we come together. We lay there, finally satisfied, and wait for Dave to come back.

Dave returns from the shower and we spend the next hour or so talking between us. We’re naked, it’s hard not to be playful as we drink and chat. We talk about meeting again sometime. I take a shower, get dressed and leave. I sure am glad I stumbled across cuckold fun, here’s to many more nights like that.

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