Losing My Swinging Virginity

Mar 22, 2022

Losing My Swinging Virginity

I used to live in Hannover, and one night my then-boyfriend, Milo, a German, asked if I’d like to accompany him to one of the city’s famous sex clubs. I answered yes at away, intrigued, and ran off to find something appropriate to wear. This is the tale of women’s lives: no matter what the occasion, we must always select an outfit!

I knew it would have to be a very exposing outfit because these clubs have very tight dress standards (at least for the women!). The hotter you appear, the faster you will be moved to the front of the line. As a result, I went for a very short, very tight PVC skirt with stockings and suspenders but no knickers. The curve of my ass cheeks was clearly evident when I moved, and it barely covered my pussy lips. On top, I wore a matching bustier with a large, gleaming silver zip running up the centre. It was a little small, but I liked how it made my boobs ‘pop’ as if they were trying to get out. I was ready to go with a pair of studded stiletto heels.

In the line, we ran into a couple friends and another female, Ana, whom Milo recognised from work. She was perhaps 20 years old and extremely beautiful. I could see her large, round tits fairly well through her completely transparent top because she had long red hair and very pale skin. She was dressed in small leather shorts that squeezed her tight, curvy ass, and it was most likely because of her that we were escorted to the front of the line and into the gloomy entrance.

The music was extremely loud, but that only added to the buzz of excitement in the club because once my eyes adjusted to the dim light, I could see a slew of couples and groups performing a variety of sex activities in front of a crowd of onlookers.

There were no inhibitions, and simply witnessing so many people have sex with reckless abandon on tables, sofas, chairs, and beds was making my pussy pulsate. The smell of cock and pussy was thick in the air, and it was intoxicating. Some guests even wore masks, which contributed to the night’s atmosphere of mystery and intrigue.

We continued on our way into the club, and I came to a halt when I noticed a large line of men, all holding their hard dicks, some of whom were rolling on condoms. I looked to see what they were waiting for, and there was a woman lying on her back on a table at the end of the line. She was a thin brunette who was entirely naked, her long legs extended out wide to allow the eagerly thrusting man into her. All the men were simply waiting their turn, I realised.

I got closer just as the man who was violently fucking her reached a climax and then pulled away. I could see the enormous hole in her cunt and had a strong desire to go down on her. The next guy was in his place in a second, and she was asking him to penetrate her while opening her legs even wider. While her hand worked furiously up and down his length, another man appeared by her side, fondling her small, firm tits and squeezing her brown nipples. She gave another guy a sidelong glance and motioned to her mouth, at which point he pressed his erect dick between her lips and she began sucking. I looked around to check if Markus was still behind me because her sheer lack of restraint was definitely getting me on.

As I was doing so, I noticed a very tall black man leaning against a pillar. I couldn’t see his face because he was wearing a mask, but I could tell he was really gorgeous. He had the most exquisitely sculpted mouth, which, when combined with his well-defined chest and abs, was enough to halt traffic. Not to mention the magnificent cock he was slowly stroking to full size between his legs.

I observed a group of folks gathered around a table to my left and went over to check what was going on. Ana, the lovely redhead, was sat on a table, her legs spread wide, leaning back on her elbows. Her lovely tiny leather shorts had a hole right where her pussy lips protruded, I noted. A small blonde female with several tattoos approached her, dropped her head, and began licking her cunt long and slowly. Then I noticed Markus, his lustful eyes twinkling, stroking his cock as he watched. Ana let out a quick yell as her hips brushed up against the girl’s tongue and she landed on her face, smearing her pussy juice all over it.

Milo was between Ana’s legs after the girl stepped back, appreciatively licking her lips. He drew her closer to him and began sucking greedily through her translucent blouse at her erect nipples. She took his cock and placed it in her cunt hole, which was still wet and glistening after the blonde’s furious tongue fucking. Milo sank his big cock into her, and she gasped as she wrapped her legs around him and pushed her hips against him.

I was getting so turned on while watching Milo fuck Ana that I was dripping wet. My hand reached for my pussy, but then I heard a deep voice behind me say, “Let me help you with that,” and a massive black hand gently pushed mine away. He tenderly stroked my nude pussy and pushed his long fingers inside me while clutching me closely against him with his other arm around my waist. I looked behind me and saw the person leaning against the pillar I’d seen earlier. I squirmed against him, wanting to feel that cock inside me, as I felt his massive erection pressing against my ass.

But he just muttered, “Watch!” as he moved my head towards Milo and Ana. While I watched Milo pound into Ana until he moaned and blew his seed within her, his fingers caressed me up and down my sopping wet, hairless slit.

I was yanked back, and I noticed the masked man had taken a seat. His erection was lengthy and thick, and he had a great erection. I knelt down and sucked him into my lips. I couldn’t get my lips around him because his head was so big. Under my tongue, he felt hard and smooth, but I wanted more lubrication, so I reached between my legs and scooped up some of my own pussy juice to rub over his shaft. I licked and sucked his head while twisting my hands up and down. I widened his slit across my lips and grabbed his balls as I began to pump my hands quicker till he mumbled something.

“Sit on me, baby,” .

I stood up and chose to turn away from him so that I could enjoy gazing at the crowd we’d gathered. I straddled him and slid down his stiff cock, enamoured with the way he stuffed my cunt to the brim. I began to pump myself fiercely up and down on his lovely black cock as he grasped my waist and drove himself hard into my hot and receptive pussy as I gently rotated my hips, feeling him jerk inside me. I yelled at him to fuck me harder even though I thought his cock was going to tear me apart.

My tits burst free and began bouncing up and down with each furious thrust he made into my cunt as my bustier was unzipped. I could see a number of the men in the crowd squeezing their hard erect cocks and wanking themselves off, which made me feel hornier than I’d ever felt before and spurred me to ride even harder on the massive cock inside of me.

The guy spurted his cream into me, and I fell back against him as waves of ecstasy overtook me as my reward was a shattering climax.

One of the men who had been watching us came up to us and offered his long, thin cock to my lips as I lay panting against him. I slithered from the black guy’s lap and knelt to receive this fresh offering. I licked and sucked his dick till it was moist with saliva and rock hard from my hand pumping. Two enormous black hands were rough stroking my tits and pushing at my stiff nipples, and I felt my hips being pulled back and up. I kept sucking and licking the dick in my mouth until the enormous black cock pressed up against my asshole, and I readied myself for another amazing hammering.

And that was only the start of the evening.

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