Hotwife Seduction by Sexy Beast

Aug 17, 2021

Hotwife Seduction by Sexy Beast

A few weeks ago I got an email. I didn’t recognize the sender’s name. It was from someone named Kirk.

The email said, “Hi, I’ve read some of your stories on “Literotica” and I really have enjoyed them. I saw the link to your email and decided to contact you. I see that you live in Arkansas. My wife and I live in Florida but I travel to your area for business a few times a year. I’ve attached a few pictures of my wife. I’d love to get your thoughts on her.”

Attached to the email were three pictures. I opened the first picture to find a very attractive woman in her late thirties. She was attractive but conservatively dressed. It was a picture of her standing out on a balcony. She was dressed very stylish with a nice top, tight jeans that rolled at the ankle, and booties. She was a brunette and had a slim, fit body. His wife had the look of a “PTO” mom whose husband made a good amount of money to afford her the latest in fashion trends. I was immediately attracted to the innocence of her appearance. Her smile was simply beautiful.

The second picture was similar to the first. It was a picture of the wife and another woman sitting at a restaurant table. It looked like maybe Kirk took the picture while sitting across from them. She was once again conservatively dressed with a beautiful, innocent smile.

The third picture was different than the first two. The third picture was of his wife in a black cocktail dress. The dress was sleeveless and was long. It was floor length. The dress had a slit going up one of the legs to her mid to upper thigh. She had on black heels. Her hair was down, and she was wearing an amazing diamond necklace. She was standing next to a table and I could see people in the background. It appeared to be a charity event or gala of some sort. She looked good in the first two pictures, but this picture was sexy. Her leg came out from the long slit in the dress and you could see how amazing her body was. She looked good in those sexy black heels with an ankle strap.

My email back said, “Hi, thanks for the email and kind words on my stories. I looked at the pictures of your wife, and she is very beautiful. I’m not sure what type of feedback you are looking for but I find her very attractive.”

I checked my email a few times that day after I replied. I didn’t get a response back that night. I checked it again the next day and still no response. I looked back at her pictures many times over those two days, I found her incredibly sexy. She had this innocent, yet sexy look.

Two weeks went by and I still had not heard anything back. I had meant to try to reach out and email again but just got busy with work and life. It puzzled me why he would send me pictures of his wife, mention he visits the area but not reply.

Finally, three weeks after that first email, I received a second email. It was Kirk again.

His email said, “Sorry on the delay responding, my last few weeks have been very busy. I’m glad you find my wife to be attractive. Based on your stories, it sounds like you are an attractive man. I think my wife would be very attracted to you. Would you be interested in meeting her?”

My email back to Kirk said, “No problem on the delay. I understand things in life come up, and we all get busy. Yes, I find your wife very attractive. Yes, I’d love to meet her. Can you tell me a little about what you have in mind?”

Kirk responded with, “What I really want, to be frank, it for you to seduce my wife when we come to town next week. We fly in Sunday night. I have meetings all weeklong. We have a room at a nice hotel. My wife’s name is Kari. I want you to seduce her and give her a hot sexual experience. We started dating when we were in high school. We got married at nineteen. She has never been with another man. Last week, I told her about my fantasies of her being a “Hotwife”. I think it upset her at first but near the end of the conversation she seemed more interested than upset. I think she just doesn’t want to hurt my feelings. You saw the picture I emailed of her in the cocktail dress. This was at an out-of-town charity event about six months ago. Normally, my wife dresses very conservatively. She dresses fashionable but still modest. That night, well, you saw the dress. The slit on that dress got every guy at the event coming on to her. I could tell she enjoyed the attention. That night, when we got home from the event, we had the best sex we have ever had. The next day she went shopping and started buying more revealing clothing. I thought all the signs were there. When I told her about how much I wanted her to be a “Hotwife” I was expecting her to be completely on board with the idea. Instead, she was reserved. But I did sense a glimmer of hope. I think she was coming around near the end of the conversation. So this is what brings me to you. You are a stranger. Not someone from our town that she might run into again. You might be able to seduce it out of her. Would you be interested in pursuing this more?”

My email back said, “Yes, I’m interested. Let me know more on the details of how you would like this to happen. Next week my schedule is open.”

Kirk emailed back, “Let’s plan for Monday night. I’ll ask Kari to meet me in the hotel bar for drinks after I get off from my work meetings. Instead of me meeting her at the bar, you will be meeting her at the bar. I’ll tell her you are a coworker and will keep her company until I get there. How does that sound?”

I emailed back, “I like the idea, email me the specifics on the hotel and what time. I will be there.”

It was about 5:30 on Monday, and I was finishing up work. I received an email from Kirk. The email had a picture attached. The email said, “Kari is trying on outfits. She just sent me a text with a picture of one of them. Here is what she sent. I told her I wanted a fun night out and asked her to spice things up a little. She is out shopping right now for a new outfit.”

I looked at the picture attached. Kari looked good. She was in her hotel room and was dressed in a pair of tight, black pants, a sleeveless dress shirt and black heeled boots. I thought she looked rather sexy in what she was wearing but since Kirk told her to spice things up a little, I wasn’t going to say much back. My reply to Kirk said, “She looks good, but I agree, you don’t always get a night away, spice things up. I’m ready to head to the hotel soon. I’m just waiting on you for the green light.”

Five minutes later I got a reply. Kirk said “I think you will like the picture attached. Kari picked out this tight little black skirt and top. I really like the heels too. She has never worn anything this provocative before. She was hesitant, but I talked her into it. My wife is driving back to the hotel right now. My wife said she would meet me in the hotel bar at 6:30. I’ll email you again at 6:30 to confirm.”

I looked at the picture attached and Kari had on a very tight black skirt. It was very short. She had on a black, tight top, and some black high heels. I replied to Kirk “she looks sexy! I’m heading to the hotel. I’ll wait for your confirmation before moving in.”

I arrived at the hotel about 6:15 and waited in my car. I received an email from Kirk about 6:25. The email said, “Kari went from worried about the skirt to excited about the skirt. She has great legs. She is having fun with this. I told her I was still at work but hoped to be off soon. I told her to go ahead and go down to the bar. She is heading there now. How about you go in and have a seat at the bar or somewhere close to her. I’ll take it from there. I’ll email back more very soon.”

I emailed back, “Sounds like a plan, I’m heading in. I’ll wait for your next email.”

When I walked into the hotel bar I immediately saw Kari sitting off to the side at a table. She had ordered a drink and was holding it in her hand. She looked excited, she looked very sexy. We made eye contact. She smiled and I smiled back. I sat at a table close to the bar where I could see both Kari and the front door. My angle gave me a perfect view of Kari as her skirt was so short. Her legs looked amazing. Her heels were so sexy on her. They were black with an ankle strap. I’d say about five inch heels. She had her legs crossed as she sat at the table and sipped on her drink. The hotel bar was mostly empty. This helped with getting Kari’s attention. She looked over a few times. Each time I held the glance a little while. Enough to show I was in interested without staring too long. Kari played with her hair immediately after exchanging a glance. She also uncrossed and crossed her legs so that she was sitting at a better angle to face me. She knew I was interested in her.

I saw Kari look at her phone and then type in a text message. I then looked at my phone and saw an email from Kirk. The email said, “I just told Kari I was running late. I asked her if she was flirting with anyone at the bar. She replied with a smiley face.”

I emailed back, “She is here. I’m sitting close to her. She looks very sexy. We have made some eye contact and exchanged some glances.”

I watched Kari as she again got a text, and she replied. She looked a little upset.

I got an email from Kirk, “I told Kari that a coworker will be joining us for drinks. She wasn’t too happy with that idea, but I have a plan. I told her my coworker’s name was Jason, and he should be there at any minute. I told her I would get there as soon as I could. Hold tight a few more moments.”

I replied, “OK, I’ll hold tight, but she might think it is me that is meeting you two. There are not many people in here.”

I watched as Kari sent a text on her phone. She appeared to be having a conversation. A few times she would glance over at me.

I received another email from Kirk, “I just told her my coworker is in the bar already and keeps talking about this very sexy woman in a little black skirt. I told her that I told you the woman he was looking at was my wife. I told her you didn’t believe me and you were about to blow us off to go pick her up. She confirmed there was a guy in the bar with her that she was exchanging looks with but wasn’t sure if it was you.”

I looked up from reading my email on my phone and saw Kari sending a text on her phone. I replied to Kirk, “She really is into her phone right now. You seem to have her flustered.”

Kirk emailed back, “OK, so Kari seems confused about what is going on. Maybe she thinks I’m joking with her. She sent a text back saying that there is a guy at the bar and described you. I told her that I was going to text you and tell you not to pick her up that you were my wife. I also told her that you still don’t believe she is my wife and you continue to say how hot her legs are. I told her I would tell you to just go say hi. So now is go time to make your move!”

I stood up from the table and approached Kari. “Hi, are you by any chance Kari?” I asked.

“Yes, you are Jason?” Kari asked as she stood and shook my hand.

“Oh my gosh, I’m so embarrassed.” I told her. “I believe I just acted really stupid to your husband.”

“Don’t be embarrassed. Everything is OK. Would you like to sit?” Kari asked.

I pulled out a chair and sat down next to Kari.

“So you work with Kirk?” Kari asked.

“Yes. Well we worked on a project last year. He never mentioned having such a beautiful wife. I mentioned to him an attractive woman here at the bar and, well, it turned out to be you. So I’m slightly embarrassed.” I told her.

“Kirk didn’t mention you until five minutes ago. I thought we were going to have a night out just the two of us. As you can see, I even dressed more for a date night than meeting one of Kirk’s coworkers.” Kari said as she referenced her short skirt. “I’m the one who is embarrassed.”

“No, you can’t tell it’s that short. No need to be embarrassed. You look good. I wish I had a wife looking that good for me on a date night.” I told her.

Kari’s phone lit up with a text. She looked at her phone and read the text message. “It looks Kirk will be a little late. He asked me to entertain you until he gets here.”

“Entertain? Really? That’s interesting, do you juggle?” I joked.

“Exactly. What does he expect me to do? He just said to entertain you until he gets here. So how can I entertain you?” Kari joked back.

Kari’s phone lit up again. She looked at the message. “I guess he is serious, he says you are high up in the company and it’s important that I keep you entertained until he gets here.”

“I’m sorry, when Kirk wanted a little of my time to discuss a new project he was working on, I just assumed he could meet tonight. Yes, I am higher up in our company and my time is valuable but I shouldn’t have just assumed Kirk was available to discuss work tonight. This is my fault. I should excuse myself so you two can have fun and enjoy your date night.” I told Kari.

“Wait, let me ask Kirk. I’ll send him a text right now. He’s replying. So I guess he really wants to meet with you. He is insisting that I do whatever it takes to keep you here until he gets here.” Kari told me.

“OK, I’ll stick around a little longer, but only if you agree to have a little fun. Let’s get a bottle of wine.” I told Kari.

“Wine? I thought you said fun. Let’s do shots!” Kari said.

“I’m game for shots!” I told Kari as I motioned for the waitress to come over to take the order.

“I have to warn you though, I get wild when I’m drinking!” Kari said.

“Really, I love wild.” I told her.

“Well both times I got drunk I got wild.” Kari said smiling.

“Both times?” I asked.

“I don’t drink a lot.” Kari said. “You know what, I need a fun night out.”

Kari downed that first shot and I ordered another round. Kari quickly downed the second one. It didn’t take long until she was feeling a buzz. I think those two shots brought out a naughty side of her.

“So tell me about you Kari. I know you are married. Do you have any kids?” I asked.

“Yes, I’ve been married for seventeen years. Kirk and I were high school sweethearts. We have a son, he is fifteen. I have a very safe, very boring life.” Kari answered.

“High school sweethearts? No way? Really?” I asked.

“Yes, high school sweethearts. It’s hard for me to believe we have been together seventeen years.” Kari said.

“So just one guy? Seventeen years?” I asked.

“Yes, just the one guy!” Kari said back smiling.

“Interesting. Is that why you dressed so sexy for date night. Trying to make things less boring?” I asked her looking down at her sexy short skirt and heels.

“Thanks, I just feel like I’m showing a little more than I should.” Kari said.

“No, you look good. You look sexy!” I told her.

“You think I look sexy in this?” Kari asked.

“Yes I do!” I answered.

“Kirk likes it when I dress up like this. I guess it does make things less boring.” Kari said.

“Kirk likes it when you dress up? And what do you think about it? Do you like it?” I asked.

Kari paused in answering.

“Be honest?” I said.

“Maybe” Kari replied.

“Maybe? Why just maybe? Honestly, do you like it.” I asked again.

“OK, yes. I do like it.” Kari said.

“Why do you like it? You like the guys looking?” I asked.

“Looking and touching.” Kari said.

“Touching?” I asked.

“Yes. OK, I’m not saying anymore. I’ve been drinking and said way too much.” Kari said.

“Well you started it. I want to hear more. Or, I guess I could leave and tell Kirk you weren’t entertaining me.” I told her. I was mostly joking but I said it in a way that was just serious enough to get her to open up more.

“You won’t leave.” Kari told me.

“I will, unless you finish your story.” I told her.

“OK, fine. So about six months ago Kirk and I went to a charity event. I wore a very sexy cocktail dress. At the event I had a very attractive man touch me from behind.” Kari said.

“Touch you from behind? Like how?” I asked.

“Well I was in the hallway waiting for Kirk to get a silent auction item and a handsome man approached me, and we chatted for a minute. While we were talking I became turned on by him. Suddenly a woman next to me dropped a plate of food. I turned to look and took a step back. I stepped right back into this gentleman.” Kari explained.

“Interesting. So how did he touch you then?” I asked.

“Well, while we were watching one of the workers clean up the plate I stood there with my back to him. I felt him grab my waist. I leaned back into him so my ass was against him. He was, you know, turned on. His hand left my waist and down to the slit in my dress that was on my upper thigh. Just as he put his fingers into the slit and I felt him touch my skin, I saw Kirk. I immediately pulled away. Kirk got to us and I took him right up to our hotel room.

“That doesn’t sound too bad.” I told her.

“Well, I felt bad because I’m married.” Kari said.

“It wasn’t your fault. He touched you? Right?” I asked.

“Yes, but I liked it.” Kari said.

“OK, I see now. It sounds like harmless flirting to me. Did you tell Kirk?” I asked.

“Not really. Well, he knew something was going on.” Kari explained.

“What makes you think he knew?” I asked.

“I’m sure he could tell. I’m sure I was blushing.” Kari explained.

“Maybe he likes you dressing like this because he knows you like the attention.” I told Kari.

“That makes sense, but what would he get out of it? I mean, other guys checking me out? Why would he want that?” Kari asked confused.

“Well, what happened that night of the gala?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” Kari asked.

“The night of the gala, what happened after the guy touched you and you left?” I asked in more detail.

Kari’s eyes got bigger when she thought of the answer to that question. “OK, interesting?”

“What’s interesting? Did something happen?” I asked.

“Yes. We went straight to our room, and he was more turned on than I have ever seen him before.”

“Really? So you were at an event, you were looking sexy, and he caught you flirting with another guy?” I asked.

“Yes.” Kari replied.

“And his reaction when you got up to the hotel room was that he was extremely turned on?” I asked.

“Yes. God, we had the best sex of our marriage.” She said.

“Sounds like a win for everyone to me. You get to look good and flirt with other guys. You both get turned on and the result is great sex.” I told her.

“I guess when you put it like that it sounds really good. I have found I really like the attention I get from men.” Kari said.

“You have a great body to show off.” I told her.

“Thank you. I think the bartender likes it as well. Or maybe he is just trying to look up my skirt. He hasn’t stopped looking since I sat down.” Kari said.

“Ha, can you blame him. I’m doing everything I can to maintain eye contact with you and not look down at your legs too.” I joked with her.

“I’m fairly certain I’ve flashed him a number of times on accident since we have been sitting here. I guess that’s my fault for wearing hot pink panties.” Kari said a big sexy smile.

“Wait, you are wearing hot pink panties?” I asked.

“OK, no I’m not. But if I were to be doing some fun flashing, I would imagine hot pink would be the way to go.” Kari said.

“With that black skirt, yep, hot pink would be the way to go.” I said.

“So, do you think Kirk would be turned on by me flashing the bartender?” Kari asked.

“I don’t know, but I do know a way to find out.” I told her.

“Oh yeah, how is that?” She asked.

“Text him and tell him.” I said.

“Text him what? That I flashed the bartender.” Kari asked.

“Yes, exactly that.” I said.

“OK.” Kari said as she picked up her phone and started to text. She read aloud as she typed. “Are you almost done with work yet? This skirt I have on is way too short. I am pretty sure I’ve flashed the bartender.”

Hotwife Seduction by Sexy Beast
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