Co-Worker in High Heels

Aug 21, 2021

Co-Worker in High Heels

Thank you very much  for the Story Sexy Beast 

I have worked with Katie for about 5 years. We work at different offices in different cities. I talk to her on the phone about once a week.

Katie is in her late 20’s. She is married and has two kids. She is about 5’7″ and weighs about 120-130 pounds. She has a very good body. She has long brown hair and brown eyes.

Katie works in our headquarters and I work in a field office. I travel to our home office about once a quarter. I’m about two hours away so most of my trips are day trips when we have a meeting.

I had always found Katie to be attractive but she wasn’t someone I was attracted to. I believe everyone has things that turn them on. I think for each person those things are unique. Some guys like women with a certain way and some an opposite way.

For me, I like the girly girl types. My biggest turn on is a woman in high heels. This turn on can be in the bedroom or just in normal everyday situations. On a scale of 1 to 100, I’m at 100 when it comes to how much a woman in heels turns me on.

I think the thing that turns me on so much is the way a woman looks in heels. It’s not the heels themselves, It’s the look. I think heels have a strong, sexually confident, vibe to them. They have a naughty feeling combined with style. When I see a woman in heels it amplifies their sexuality.

I’m an attractive man. I work out and I take care of myself and my appearance. I dress nice and put a good amount of effort into the way I present myself.

I have probably seen Katie thirty times over the past few years. I would describe her style as plain. When I have seen her, she has always been in tops that were larger and covering, pants or jeans, and flats.

Two weeks ago we had an annual employee meeting. The meeting was longer than they had been in prior years. This time it was a three day meeting and I decided to spend the night rather than commute back and forth.

The first day was as I expected, just a typical employee meeting with breakout sessions and team building. It was good from a work standpoint, but it did interrupt my daily routine.

One day one we were put into groups of ten. These would be our groups for the next three days. Katie was in my group. I work for a large company I did not know a number of the other employees. Katie was the only one in my group I knew. Katie and I were also the youngest two in our group. The rest were all a little older with most being in their 50’s.

At the end of the first day two of the women suggested a night out. I wasn’t feeling it and declined to go with the group. It sounded like a group of 6 or 7 people going out to get some drinks. While it sounded a little fun, it just wasn’t doing anything for me. Also, the baseball all star game was on and watching that in my hotel room just seemed like a better option.

I heard Katie tell two of the women she was going to go home and change then come back to the hotel to pick them up. It sounded like they had plans to carpool to the bar.

I headed to my room to change and unwind. It was about 7 that evening and after changing I went down to get a meal at the hotel restaurant. I sat down to eat and noticed about twenty feet from me a few of the people in my group gathering and waiting to go to the bar.

I don’t really remember exactly what Katie wore that day to the meetings. The best I can remember was a grey long sleeved top, black dress pants and black flats. Her hair was also pulled back. From what I remember, her pants were not sexy or tight dress pants. They were loose and did nothing to show off her body.

I’m starting to cut into a steak and I see Katie walk in. She is wearing a sleeveless blouse, tight jeans and 4 inch white high heels. Her hair was not up but she was wearing it down. I froze from cutting my steak. I could not take my eyes off her. Katie looked so sexy. Her ass looked incredible in those jeans. Her breasts looked amazing. Her eyes looked ten times sexier than just hours before. I watched her standing in those heels. I was getting so turned on. Everything about her seemed so different, so sexy!

I watched them leave the hotel heading out to the bar. I ate as fast as I could. I panicked. I wanted to see more of her. I didn’t know which bar they were going to. I didn’t know how to catch up with them.

I rushed back up to my room and found a list with the other employees contact information. I found Katie’s cell phone number. I called it and it went straight to voice mail. I panicked again and didn’t leave a voicemail. I wasn’t sure what to do. My mind was racing on my next move. I was so turned on I was not thinking straight. I tried calling again but it again went straight to voicemail. I knew I couldn’t call anymore without looking bad. I texted her explaining that I decided I might try to join then out and asked for her to call me back. I waited and waited and never heard back.

I got in my car and tried driving around. I was unsuccessful in finding them. I didn’t know the city well and there were just too many places they could have gone.

The next morning Katie came up to me and apologized for not getting back with me. She explained that her cell phone battery had died and she didn’t get my text until late after she got back home.

Katie was back to her normal attire on day two. She was back to flats, dress pants, long sleeved top and hair pulled back. After seeing her the night before, she seemed different. She seemed sexier.

After the second day, there was almost no discussion of going back out to a bar that evening. I really wanted to see Katie dressed up again. I asked a few of the people if they were going out again. I didn’t get much of a response back. Finally, one of the guys spoke up with me and encouraged the group to head out for another night out. Reluctantly a few of the others started to agree. One of the women suggested a bar that was right down the street from the hotel. She said she saw it had a ladies night and a dance floor. Katie was the only one in our group that was from there and knew the city. She said it was more of a club than a bar but said it would be fun. The group agreed to try it out.

I wasn’t exactly sure what to wear so I dressed up with a blue dress shirt, black dress pants, and back dress shoes. I knew clubs were sometimes a little more dressier than bars.

Everyone gathered in the lobby again. Everyone was there except Katie. One of the guys in the group suggested we head down to the club. Everyone agreed but someone had to get ahold of Katie to let her know to just meet us there. I offered to get in touch with her. They all left and I stayed behind. I could have called her but I knew she would be showing up at anytime and just decided to wait on her.

I saw Katie walk through the hotel lobby door and my jaw dropped. She was wearing a strapless black, tight, bodycon dress and black 6 inch heels. The heels were strappy open toed heels. They had two straps, one around the ankle and another over her toes. She had bare legs. The dress was tight, and it fit her to show off every curve. It came down to her mid thigh. She carried a small purse in her hand.

“Where is everyone?” Katie asked as she looked around the lobby.

“They just left. I told them I would wait for you.” I replied as I tried to look her in the eyes and not look at her body in that dress.

“Ok, so are you ready to go?” Katie asked.

“Oh yes!” I replied.

“You want to ride with me?” Katie asked.

“Yes, that sounds good.” I replied.

We walked to the car and I noticed Katie’s dress was one that would rise up as she moved. It went from mid thigh to right below her ass checks by the time we got to her car.

I got in her car and watched her sit in her seat. Her dress was very high up. My eyes were moving all over the place. I didn’t want her to catch me looking but I couldn’t help but look. Once she started driving she had her eyes more on the road and traffic. I kept looking at her legs as she drove. He legs were tone. She was in very good shape.

“Do you work out or run?” I asked.

“Yes, about a year ago I started running in the mornings and going to the gym. I’ve really worked hard to get in shape. Why do you ask?” Katie said looking at me curious as to why I asked about her working out.

“I’m sorry, it probably wasn’t appropriate to ask. I just noticed your legs and how good of shape you are in and thought you must work out.” I replied hoping she wouldn’t be offended by me commenting on her legs.

“It’s not inappropriate at all. Thank you for the compliment. I’ve worked really hard to get into good shape.” Katie said.

“Well, it’s paid off!” I said with a smile.

“A few years ago I was bigger. I don’t know what happened. I let myself go. So I made a commitment to myself to get back to we’re I was.” Katie said.

“I admire your determination.” I replied looking down at her body. “Although, I have known you for a number of years. I don’t remember you ever really being bigger.”

“Maybe bigger isn’t the right word. I just wasn’t tone or in shape. I just feel like I had let myself go. My confidence was gone.” Katie said.

“Ok, I understand now.” I replied. “So now your confidence is back?”

“Not really. I’m actually super nervous wearing this dress. It seemed like a good idea trying it on in front of my mirror at home but now I’m second guessing my choice.” Katie said as she was looking down at her dress.

We pulled into the parking lot of the club and parked the car. I could tell Katie was nervous.

“Well, I think you look very sexy in that dress. I can guarantee you will be the sexiest woman in here tonight.” I told Katie as I once again looked at her in that dress.

“Thank you, your making me feel better. I haven’t felt good about myself in a while.” Katie said.

“What? Really? Why is that?” I asked.

“Ok, so I’ll tell you.” Katie said hesitantly and looking around like she was about to confide in me. “I got married six years ago. When I got married I was confident and I looked great. Sometime during the last six years of my marriage, my confidence went away and I stopped working on myself. My marriage has not been a good one. We are more like roommates than a married couple. So I made a choice to get myself back to me.”

“I’m sorry to hear about your marriage. I imagine that can take a big toll on your confidence. I’m glad you made the decision to take control of it. It sounds like it’s been a good one for you.” I replied.

We got out of the car and walked into the club. We met the rest of our group at the door. They were leaving. They said the atmosphere was more of a club or party atmosphere then what they wanted. Katie and I decided to go ahead and go in anyways.

We walked in to the club and found a seat at a table off from the dance floor. The music was loud. It wasn’t the easiest to hear. We ordered drinks a watched the dance floor.

I had trouble hearing Katie so I slide my chair closer to hers. Moving closer put me in a great spot to look at her legs. When she spoke I leaned in to hear her. This gave me the opportunity to look at her without being obvious.

Katie’s skirt was riding up. She had her legs crossed and was facing me at a slight angle. My legs came down right next to hers. I was getting turned on as I got more comfortable. Katie ordered a Long Island Iced Tea, so I ordered the same. After a few drinks my nerves were calming.

I looked down at Katie’s heels. She had her toe nails painted red and the heels looked very sexy on her. I imagined what she would look like in just those heels and nothing else. I got lost in my fantasy daydream and felt Katie’s hand land on my thigh.

“You thinking about something?” Katie asked me as she grabbed my thigh with her hand and moved her face down to make eye contact and break my eye contact with her heels.

“Sorry. Yes, just lost in thought.” I replied not sure if I should tell her what I was thinking about and wanting to see her naked in nothing but those heels.

“What were you thinking about? Everything ok?” Katie asked with a curious look on her face.

After she confided in me with her story before we went into the club I quickly thought I should let her know everything is ok. I didn’t want her feeling awkward or bad.

“Everything is fine. I’m just got lost in how sexy you look in your heels!” I replied.

“Ok..” Katie said with a sexy smile. “You like these heels?”

“I can’t tell you how sexy they look on you.” I replied. “You look so sexy in them I can’t focus.”

“Really? So what would you do it you saw me in nothing but these heels?” Katie asked not really waiting for my answer.

After asking, Katie stood up and grabbed my hand.

“Let’s go dance. You can think about me in these heels later.” Katie said as she pulled me from my seat.

Katie lead me to the dance floor and we went right to the middle. It was crowded. We started dancing a foot or two apart. After a moment or two Katie turned her back to me. I moved in closer and grabbed her by the waist. Her arms went up around my neck. I kissed her neck. She backed her ass up into my cock. I was very hard. My hands were on her waist and she moved her ass to the beat of the music making sure to rub her ass against my cock. She knew she was turning me on. She looked back up at me as I was behind her. I kissed her on her lips. She continued to dance. The dance floor was dark with only the strobe lights and I saw Katie close her eyes.

Katie kept dancing with the music. I was so turned on I was holding back not cumming. Her ass would rub against my cock in just a way they made me want to fuck her from behind right there on the dance floor.

My hands dropped from her waist and I noticed her dress had come up about mid way on her ass. My fingers felt her skin on her upper thigh. I moved my had over just a bit until I felt her panties. They were very wet as I felt them. Her dress was not completely on her waist but it was heading there fast. Katie let me feel her pussy through her panties. Her arms were still around my neck.

“I wish I would have not worn panties tonight.” Katie said in my ear. “Can you feel how wet you have me?”

“I am so turned on.” I replied.

I noticed a few people on the dance floor starting to look at us and her dress riding up. I pulled back from her and turned her to face me. She pulled her dress down. We were face to face and she kissed me again.

“I love dancing.” Katie said as she knew she had my attention and the attention of most of the guys on the dance floor.

“You are a sexy dancer.” I told her.

The song slowed down and we walked off the dance floor. We sat back at our table and ordered another round of drinks.

“You never noticed me this much at work, have you?” Katie asked.

“No, I haven’t.” I replied.

“And why is that? Katie asked.

“I think it has something to do with your look tonight.” I replied smiling.

“Ok, that’s fair.” Katie said as she downed her drink.

We stayed at the club for a while longer. Most of the time I was staring at Katie’s legs in her heels. She caught me looking a number of times. We left the club we walked back to Katie’s car.

“So what is it that you like about my loo tonight?” Katie asked as we were walking to her car.

“I like a lot of things about your look. You look hot tonight.” I replied.

“So what is the thing you like most?” She continued to ask.

“Well, if I were to pick one thing, I’d say it was the heels. The dress is a close second, but those heels look so sexy on you.” I told her.

“Ha, I thought you liked them.” Katie said with a naughty grin. “I call these my ‘come fuck me heels’!”

We got in Katie’s car and drove back to my hotel.

“Do you mind if I come up to use your restroom real quick before I head home?” Katie asked.

“Sure.” I replied.

We went to my room and walked in. Katie excused herself to use the restroom. I waited in the room patiently not really sure what to expect. I tried sitting on the bed, then I moved to the chair. I knew I wanted her but I didn’t really know what was on her mind. She mentioned her marriage wasn’t a happy one. Maybe she just need to freshen up before heading home to her husband. Maybe she just really needed to use the restroom. The night had some sexy moments, and I wanted her, but maybe she just needed a night out and some attention from the opposite sex and that was all. It seemed like she was in the restroom a long time.

I heard the restroom door open. Katie walked out very confidently. She walked out wearing nothing but her ankle strap high heels.

“I knew you liked my ‘come fuck me heels’ so I left them on for you.” Katie said modeling off her body in her heels.

I was so turned on I didn’t move. I was frozen with lust. I never wanted that moment to end. I looked over her body. Her breasts were perfect. Her legs were amazing. Her pussy was shaved smooth. My eyes went down her body stopping at her ankle straps of her heels. The sight of her in those heels had my cock harder than it had ever been before.

“So do you like them?” Katie’s asked as I was just in a trance unable to do anything but sit there completely turned on.

“Oh yes!!” I replied as I brought myself back to the conversation. “Sorry, I’m so turned on I’m having trouble speaking.”

“So you want me to leave these on while you fuck me then?” Katie asked as she walked toward me.

“Hell yes!!” I replied as I stood up.

Katie walked over and her hand went down to feel my cock.

“Wow, you are turned on. Fuck, that makes me so wet feeling you that hard.” Katie said with her hand rubbing my cock and kissing me.

Katie helped my unzip my pants and pull them off. Then we took off my boxer briefs. Katie grabbed me by my hard cock and lead me to the bed. Katie bent over the bed. I was behind her. The hotel room had a full length mirror on the wall next to us. I looked over at the mirror and saw Katie’s body bent over in those heels and me behind her. The mirror let me watch myself fuck her. I fucked her hard. I watched her face in the mirror as she came. Kati looked back and noticed I was watching myself fuck her in the mirror. We made eye contact in the mirror.

“These heels put me at just the right angle for your cock to feel so good.” Katie said looking at me in the mirror. “Cum inside me!”

I came inside her.

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