Hotwife and Hubby visit Paris Sex Club

Dec 29, 2021

Hotwife and Hubby visit Paris Sex Club


Hotwife And Hubby Visit Paris Sex Club

A few months ago, my wife and I had the chance to go to Paris with the disguise of a business trip.  What I thought was going to be a week-long conference, turned out to only be a few days, I was not complaining.  Jess and I had booked a 7 day trip, and so our free days had meant we had more time to play together. During my conference, Jess explored Paris for another sexual adventure for us to go on together. She and I had quite a repertoire of what we had done across the world and we wanted to add another sexual adventure while in Paris.

When the conference finished on the second day and I got back to the hotel where we were staying, Jess grabbed hold of my hand and in excitement said, “I found the perfect club party for us. I have signed us up for tomorrow night.” I smiled at her excitement and said, “Wow girl I love you taking the initiative. Where are we going?”

Jess told me about this exclusive sex club that was famous for its darkroom. Jess said, “I know it’s expensive, but believe me it will be worth it, it’s so classy but so fucking erotic with great reviews. They have a darkroom, that can hold up to 25 couples, and you will not know who you are making out with. Everyone just floats around the room in the dark and has sex with strangers all night long.” I smiled and felt myself getting aroused at just the thought. I said, “I think that sounds fantastic fuck I am so hard now.”

I went over to the chair and sat down as I said, “I think this type of night deserves a special ride.” I pulled out my cell phone and found a limousine company.  I made a reservation for a stretch limousine to pick us up the following night and drive us to the club. Jess and I talked with excitement about our upcoming night.

The next night, when we had finished a light dinner, Jess and I went back to the hotel room to get ready for our special night. After washing up and changing clothes, Jess and I walked hand in hand down to the front of the hotel to meet the limo. Just the idea of what was about to come had us both aroused and we were both quiet as we stood out front. She looked stunning and men stared at my wife, dressed in a figure hugging black dress that showed her strawberry blonde hair off nicely and her firm 36C breasts, she was tanned from our holiday just last week.

Moments later Jess and I climbed into the very back seat of the limo. I was aroused just by the idea and could feel myself growing more aroused by the second.

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My cock was already semi hard as I adjusted my fly hoping to relieve the pressure.  I took a breath and told myself to relax. The last thing I wanted do was to peak too soon.  I had a long night ahead of me I reminded myself.  As the limo driver drove off, I glanced over at Jess. Her eyes sparkled with arousal and I knew what she is thinking. I smiled at her and said, “I am looking forward to this.” Jess nods and says, “I am too.”

She put her hand on my fly and felt my bulging erection that is near full completion.  If it were not for the restriction of my pants, it would be sticking straight out. I said, “Jess, I have to be able to last all night.” She said, “I think we should get each other ready to go.” I smiled and said, “There is one experience that no one else will do.” Jess nodded.  Her hand was still on my fly and my erection was reacting to it.   I glanced at the front of the limousine, where the driver had the screen up already. I knew that there were cameras probably in the back of the limousine, but at least the driver could not look in the rearview mirror and see what we were doing.

I had tried to resist but couldn’t any more.  I groaned and began undoing my trousers as I said, “I will last longer if I can get off once.

Jess nodded as she lifted up my shirt and began kissing my chest and stomach. She then grabbed hold of the waistband of my boxers. I lifted my hips and allowed Jess to pull my boxers down slightly. I moved forward on the seat giving her mouth and face full access to my erection and balls.

Jess leaned in and began kissing my cock softly at first and then her kisses grew more intense. I was already moaning in pleasure as her tongue caressed the head of my cock.

Jess shifted as she took my entire cock in her mouth.  My hips thrust in excitement as I groaned, “I am about to cum.”  Jess shifted her mouth and hands without missing a beat on my cock.  Her lips kissed my cock and balls as her hand massaged quickly under the head of my cock.

She got her head in position and pressed her eyes to the back of my balls.  I felt her eyes shift as her hand continued to work.  “Oh my god,” I groaned as cum shot from my cock in five intense pulses.  My whole body tensed and then relaxed as I panted from the delight of orgasm.  She came up and put her hands on either side of my hips to lean up and kiss my lips. I was still panting.  When we separated, I said, “No one does that like you.”

Jess smiled.  “That was so sexy.”  I said, “Now I will get you ready to go.”  Jess leaned back on the seat of the car as I pulled her panties down her tanned firm legs. I smiled at her as my hands caressed her breasts through her dress I then kissed my way up her legs and in between her legs.I put my mouth and tongue to work, within seconds, she was gasping and groaning.  She grabbed my hair as her pleasure intensified.  A few moments later she pushed my head deeper into her pussy as she gasped, “Faster don’t stop.”

I smiled as I continued to lick and kiss her delicious tasting pussy.  I used one finger to stimulate her clit and moved it faster.  She had her head back against the seat and she quivered in pleasure.  I knew she was close to orgasm. I picked up the pace and the more I thrust my tongue in and out of her pussy, and used my finger to do a circular motion on her clit, the louder her gasps grew. It did not take but another minute, before she was screaming in pleasure as her whole body tensed. I slurped eagerly at the juices of her pleasure as her pussy throbbed in orgasm into my mouth and on my face.

As the last of her orgasm faded I leaned up and kissed her passionately on the lips. We were panting for breath as we smiled at each other. “I hope we find each other tonight,” I said. Jess smiled and nodded.  The limo driver announced that we had arrived. Jess and I arranged our clothing and climbed out the Limo.  We walked hand in hand into our first Paris Sex Club.  We were met by a perky young woman who showed us to the dressing room.  She said, “Once you are ready go through that door and have fun.” It felt so welcoming.

Jess and I quickly stripped down after the woman left. The room was filled with small wardrobes where we stowed our clothes and personal belongings. Once they were secure, I held the door open for Jess and we walked into a completely black darkroom.

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I could not see what was in front of me or next to me but could smell erotic sex, perfume and heard the sounds of people in the throes of sex. I could only feel my way around the room. Marvin Gaye music was playing over a loudspeaker and I felt Jess next to me. I put my hand out and found a railing that turned out to be a bed.

Jess said, “I will go left and you go right in a naughty excited tone.” I love how brave and up for anything my wife is I said, “Ok.  Have fun.”


I had only taken a few tentative steps when a female hand grabbed mine and pulled me down on to the bed. The next thing I knew, her lips were around mine and her tongue darted into my mouth. She then began kissing her way down my body.  It felt weird to me to not know her name or what she looked like.  But as she took my semi hard cock in her mouth, I couldn’t worry about it anymore. It didn’t matter anymore, she was turning me on with every sloppy kiss.  I marveled at how I was turned on by a women I had never met and could not see.  I was groaning in pleasure even without visual stimulation.  Usually the sight of a woman sucking me makes me get harder, but tonight just the sound and feel had me so aroused and lustful.

The strangers’ lips squeezed my cock as she sucked.  Her hands held the base of my shaft as her head moved up and down on my cock.

I could only focus on the intense feelings that I had as my erection became rock hard and slowly started to pulse.  I groaned and said, “Fuck I am going to cum.” This made the strangers’ mouth work with a new intensity and without instruction she did it just how I liked it. Her hand went down to massage my balls as her tongue swirled around the head of my dick.  Her other hand rubbed the shaft quickly.  “Yes,” I grunted as my hips thrust up automatically.  I felt my whole body tense as I shot three loads of cum down the strangers’ throat within a matter of seconds.

I was panting in ecstasy as my cock relaxed in her mouth.  She slipped my dick out of her mouth as I said, “That was amazing and so erotic thank you merci.”  She giggled and pulled me down on top of her.

It is then my turn to reciprocate.  She lay on the bed and pulled me down on top of her.  We kiss for a moment and then I began kissing down her body.  I was able to tell by touch that she was a petite woman in great shape.  Her tight body was accentuated by firm good sized tits and the same firm ass.

As I kissed her pussy and rubbed her clit, I imagined how wonderful her tight pussy would feel around my cock.  I became hard as I continued eating her sweet pussy and imagined myself inside her. Soon I was brought from my daydream as she moaned and used her legs to grasp my head closer to her pussy as the orgasm shook her body.   As soon as she was done she pulled my face to hers.

We kissed both panting for breath.  As I got off the bed I said “merci’ again, and began making my way around the room, I felt another female hand grab me and pull me with her.  I stumbled after her through the dark room.  Moments later, I was being pushed up against a table and a new female mouth took a hold of my semi hard cock.  Her mouth sucked me until I was rock hard, (thank god for Viagra I must be honest).  My mind still imagining being inside the tight French pussy also helped.

I wanted to fuck this woman but didn’t know the dark room etiquette.  It seemed as if the women had control.  Just as I decided there was no harm in asking, the female stood up, spun me around onto my back and guided herself onto my stiffness. She settled her tight wet pussy down to my base in one smooth motion. I sighed and moaned.

The woman rocked and ground against me so it rubbed her clit as she panted, “I could feel the desire in your cock how much you wanted my pussy.” In the sexiest French accent I had ever heard.

I groaned in pleasure and leaned forward toward her and began thrusting my hips in rhythm with her.  For being complete strangers we easily found a good rhythm together.  Soon we were both moaning.

I became aware of my own orgasm building inside of me, so I stopped thrusting hoping to slow myself down.  My stopping didn’t affect her.  She ground and rocked for a few more minutes before she had cum with a powerful orgasm, her juices flowed all over my cock.  Her pussy gripped my dick in a way that only increased my urge to cum.

I felt my erection begin to throb. I gasped, “I am so close.” She gasped, “I want to feel you come inside of me.” I thrust into her and enjoy the orgasm rising in me.  “Get ready,” I grunted as I thrust into her extra hard and extra deep a couple of times before I unloaded.    With my dick deep inside of her I shot my cum into her as I grunted in pleasure and squeezed her hips harder.

I panted for a moment with my cock still deep inside her pussy.  It was so warm and tight that I didn’t want to leave. I felt myself shrinking already though so I slid out of her and said, “I enjoyed that thank you.” I knew it sounded stupid, but I wasn’t sure what else to say. I stood in the dark room, wondering if I could get another erection.   I walked a little further and found a very dimly lit drinks bar.

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I stopped there for a while to catch my breath and I was thirsty after my sexual encounters.  After a bottle of water and a shot of tequila, I decided to continue going clockwise around the room. I carefully made my way as I thought, this is going to be a great night.

I wondered how much further I had before I found Jess again.  I walked and heard many grunts, moans and squeals around me. As the sound continued to fill my ears I became aware that I already had semi hard cock forming.   I could not believe how much I was enjoying myself and how much energy I still felt.   As I continued to walk, I heard a familiar gasps. I stopped and thought to myself, that is Jess.  Her orgasmic sounds were so obvious to me.  I found it erotic as I wondered if she was being fucked or her pussy being licked. As my cock hardened and lifted from between my legs she gasped, “Oh my yes right there.  Yes more, faster.” It was her I confirmed, I recognised her posh Scottish Lilt.

I smiled as I realized that these were the same instructions that she gave me earlier in the limo.  I stood nearby, wanting to be able to grab her when she finished with the stranger. I found it erotic to think about doing my hot wife, in the dark without her knowing it was me.  This made my cock grow hard quicker and maybe just one more time.

As I continued to listen to the sounds of pleasure coming from my wife, I felt another female hand grab my arm and then my semi erect cock.  For a moment, the stranger kissed my lips, I could smell what was an expensive perfume it was so exquisite, I felt her move to her knees and took my cock in her warm, wet mouth and begun to suck, only making it harder with every move she did.

I stood there stunned for a moment but quickly came to and groaned in pleasure.  Just as I thought my erection could not get any harder, the woman stopped sucking me.  I grunted in protest.  I moaned not for the first time that evening, as my hand went to my cock.  I was prepared to finish myself off when I felt a woman against me.  Her leg went around my hips and I moved my hand out of the way.  She lined me up and as soon as I felt her wet pussy against the head of my dick, I thrust my hips and her hips met mine. I slid into her easily.

As I thrust I felt the woman grind on me as I thrust.  She gripped my shoulders with her finger nails digging into my skin. My cock felt like it was going to explode as I clenched my entire body and slowed my thrusting as I tried to delay cumming.  It worked momentarily but just as I was getting my urges under control, the strangers’ pussy began moving rhythmically as that she grew closer to orgasm.

While it was my instinct to go faster to help her achieve it, I knew I would cum within seconds of picking up the pace.  Thankful I didn’t have to worry about it because this woman grabbed my hips and she said, “Hold still.”

I stopped in shock at her sharp tone.   Her tone took my urge to cum away which I was grateful for.  The woman rocked and ground against me.  My cock was still deep inside as she moaned louder and louder.  “Oh yes,” she shouted as her pussy pulsed around my dick and her legs squeezed me to her. I groaned in pleasure and held her firmer to me as her pussy gripped my cock as the orgasm faded from her.

I felt my erection begin to throb.  I was about to ask the woman if I could unload in her, another female hand came up and grabbed my face. She began to kiss me.   As I was getting into the passionate kiss, I felt the woman that had been riding me, slide off. I heard her say, “I will let you finish him off.” As her footsteps retreated.

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The other woman said, “I don’t believe we found each other” I laughed and said, “Jess,  I heard you, and was waiting, for my turn, then when someone else got my attention, It was rude to refuse the lady, but I need you to help me cum now please”

Jess laughed as she mounted me and we began rocking in the familiar rhythm that we had with each other as she said, “I was not about to go all night without getting at least one chance with you.” I moaned, “I am glad too. I’m not going to last long.”

Jess didn’t respond instead she kissed me. I knew that the night was still young and that we would have more fun, but in that moment, I was just enjoying the familiarity of getting to unload into my wife after being in agony for so long and being with so many strangers.

“I am so close,” I grunted as I thrust more forceful I could feel my wife’s hot cum filled pussy from a stranger now around my cock.  I was pounding my wife as I caressed her tits with one hand.   I realized that there was an extra set of female hands in the mix with us. The woman must have been behind Jess for soon Jess was kissing the woman’s face.   The idea of two women kissing brought my urge back. Jess moaned out and reached back to pull my face over to her and we began to kiss.

The woman moved silently around us and came up behind me. She began by gripping my ass cheeks and then wrapped her arms around my stomach and massaged my abs and chest as she kissed my shoulders and back.  As Jess and I ended the kiss, she turned my head and caught my lips with hers. It came fast, our lips soft against each other’s, then I could feel her passion as she shoved her tongue into my mouth. I was panting and trying not to grunt into her mouth as my hips kept thrusting.  My mind on how close I was to cumming.  We stopped kissing and I gripped Jess harder my attention fully on Jess and us cumming.

“Oh god I’m Cumming,” Jess called out just as I changed pace. “Don’t stop,” she gasped as her pussy pulsed around my already pulsing dick.

“I am going to cum too.”  I said

“Don’t cum yet,” Jess moaned and gasped as the orgasm shook her body.  She stiffened up and her pussy gripped my dick harder.  I wanted to blow my load so bad but slowed my thrusting and tensed up once again.  I felt my cock scream in protest but I managed to hold it in.

As Jess panted and hugged me I said, “Now I can cum right?” Jess said, “Hang on wait please.”

Next thing I knew, Jess dismounts me and tells the other woman, “Your turn.”  I felt a new tight wet pussy slide down around my throbbing dick. I immediately began to thrust.  Jess’s hands roamed all over us.  Jess, kissed my neck and bit my ear.

The woman said, “Thanks for sharing him with me.”

“Oh god,” I grunted.  I thrust faster as I gasped, “I can’t stop sorry.” Jess’s hand quickly got between the woman’s body and mine and begins to work the ladies clit at a frantic pace.

“I am going to come on you,” the woman said to me.   “I hope you like me squirting.” This was torture as I was so close to cumming but wanted to let this woman finish. “Cum quick,” I groaned as I thrust harder into her.

Just then as if answering my begging, she gasped and her body jerked violently several times but she never stopped holding Jess. I felt her juices flow and drain onto my cock and balls but my own load building to the point of no return was my main focus now.

“Wow, fuck, oh my God” the woman gasped.  “I am cumming,” I grunted, holding her tighter and thrusting harder. Jess’s hands cupped my balls and squeezed them as I thrust harder and moaned.  I grabbed the other woman’s hips harder and yelled as I thrust myself deep inside of her. I felt cum shoot from me, my dick deep inside her.  My erection throbbed and I came as I sighed breathless with pleasure. The feeling of cumming after waiting so long only made the experience better. “I am never going to forget this night,” I gasped as my orgasm ended.  I pulled out of the woman still panting for breath.  “Me neither,”  Jess said as she grabbed my hand and led me off to find another Stranger for her to fuck…………I had fun and no energy left.

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