Hotwife and African BBC

Dec 26, 2021

Hotwife and African BBC

Miles (my husband) was working in the Congo and was contracted for 12 months his business was Oil, I was lucky and my work was online (Digital Nomad is the trendy term these days I think), Miles asked me to join him over Christmas so I jumped at the chance, and in the back of my mind was the naughty thought of the odd Big Black Cock. (If you had read our fist Erotic Story Swinging in Cancun you will know we are a full on Stag Vixen Hotwife Couple and we love The Lifestyle.) My name is Jess I am 44 years old, short at 5’1”, with a great ass and boobs so I’ve been told. With strawberry blonde colored shoulder length hair and a shapely figure, I am a confident, independent lady but in a subtle way.

I arrived in the Congo and soon settled into a routine, of Miles going off to work and I would  working on my Tan by the pool while on  my Laptop but being distracted by the attention of the young black men working in the Resort as I wore my skimpy but classy Bikinis.

Hotwife Sex Bikini

Nothing else happened really until my second week. It was a Friday night and Miles and I were planning to go to local restaurant. It was a well-known and excellent restaurant that was about 10km from our resort. I was wearing black dress shorts that’s hugged my tight ass and a white thin blouse to show my newly acquired tan I was feeling so sexy and horny.

We ordered a taxi via the front desk. It arrived and we climbed inside the driver was a very handsome and charismatic, friendly, chatty African man. He was probably several inches taller than Miles, I would guess 6 foot 4, and he was muscular like an American football player.

Taxi Hot Wife BBC Driver

I was attracted to him straight away. Miles knew this and sat quietly in the taxi and glanced between me and the driver as I chatted to this handsome sexy man.

I told him the restaurant where we were going for dinner and then I said, “I suppose you know all the good restaurants around here don’t you? Are there in the night clubs that you would recommend?” The man smiled and said, “I know lots of restaurants and the one you are going to is a good one.  The nightclub is not really my scene though, so I don’t really know very many of the night clubs, beyond the location.” He smiled at me in the rearview mirror and his brown eyes shone on his face.

I decided I was going to speed this up I was needing a good fuck, I said, “I understand not everyone in a relationship can handle the nightclub scene. I am lucky enough to have a husband who enjoys mixing it up just like I do.”  At this, the driver’s eyes lit up even further. The driver said, “I am William by the way.” I smiled harder and said, “I like that name. I am Jessica but you can call me Jess and this is my husband Miles.

I am staying here for another few weeks, and need some fun and see more I am getting a little bored around the pool.” William said nothing but our eyes made contact in the mirror and as he glanced at me he gave me a knowing wink and naughty smirk. I smiled and nodded back at him as I adjusted my position.

Miles knew I was super horny for this man and this was turning Miles on too. Miles leaned over to me and whispered, “I think we should forget dinner and invite William back to our room. I think you need this and to be honest I would love watching you ride him.”

I stared at Miles all wide eyed and a little shocked at the speed of Miles’ suggesting it, all I could do was nod as my mouth was so dry, it was the only thing that was dry though my pussy was soaked.

Miles’ mobile rang, “I’m sorry, this is my work. I have to take it,’ He answered the phone and stared out the window of the taxi cab. I listened to his conversation and gathered he was going to need to go into work due to a problem.

“I will be there as soon as I can, (Miles said to the caller) I am in a cab with my wife right now. We were on our way to dinner, but I will have the cabdriver drop me off at work instead. I think I should be there in 15 minutes or so.” He ended the call.

“I am sorry Jess, but I have to go back to work.  One of the rigs is malfunctioning and we need to fix it.” I nodded. He gave William the address of the work site where he needed to be dropped off at.

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Miles turned to me and moved closer could feel his hard erection on my leg, he put his arm around my shoulder and leaned into me and whispered, “I think you should go back to the hotel room with William. Have fun and I will be back as soon as I can.” I stared at my husband for a moment and a smile spread across my face my eyes lit up and I said, “I feel bad playing while you’re at work.” He shook his head and said, “I don’t want you to worry about that. I will be back as soon as I can and I want to know you are having a good time. You cannot miss this opportunity for a new experience.” I nodded and squeezed my thighs together in anticipation of what was to come.

I leaned into Miles and put my hand on his lap feeling his erection and whispered, “I will do as you want, if you will do one thing for me.” I rubbed his hard cock through his jeans his breath quickened as I felt his erection growing I said,  He said “I will do anything for you Jess, but I cannot get anymore turned on right now I need to go to work.”

I smiled at him and said, “I will help you with that in a second, but first I want you to promise me that you will finish work quickly. If you’re a good boy and fix the problem, I will let you come back and watch.” Miles laughed and nodded. He kissed me on the forehead and said, “I will do my best and will enjoy watching immensely.”

I said, “Good in that case I will now help you with your hard problem.” I put my hand on Miles’ zip and felt his bulging erection that was near full completion.  If it were not for the restriction of his jeans, it would be sticking straight out, I nodded and with mischievous smile slid off the seat and knelt on the car floor. I slowly undid the zip and I suddenly realized what I was going to do.  I glanced up at William from between the car seats, who was watching us in the rearview mirror every few seconds with a turned on smile of his own on his face. Miles lifted his hips to allow me to pull his jeans down slightly. He sighed as his erection sprung up as soon as it was free.  Once they were around his knees, I gently took his erection in my hand and began stroking it.

My kisses grew more intense around his now engorged cock, I pushed my hair to one side and leaned in more to my husband’s erection.  I stared up at him lovingly as I kissed down one side of his shaft and up the other. When I reached the head of his cock, I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, my tongue slowly worked the underside, and bringing more pleasure to his cock and making it twitch.

My lips squeezed, gripped his shaft and opened my mouth slightly and took it deeper in my mouth.  I grasped the shaft with my lips and sucked my way slow and methodically down his cock.

I looked up and could see Miles’ eyes closed and head drifted back against the car seat as the pleasure of my cock sucking skills, consumed him entirely with pleasure. I was being a complete slut sucking my husband’s cock in a back of a taxi with a big black driver watching and I was loving it. It was intense and wanted him to cum I could feel he was close to erupting in my mouth

It was at that moment that William announced, “We are here.”

The realization that we were at the worksite, quickly took the pleasure away momentarily. But, without missing a beat of sucking the throbbing erection, I said with my mouth full, “Drive around the block.”

William put the car in gear again and did as I asked, I focused on the intense feelings that I had for my husband’s cock and erection as it throbbed rhythmically in my mouth. A few seconds later, he again was close to coming.  I moaned as Miles said, “I am so close.” This made my mouth work with a new intensity. My eyes stared up at him adoringly as I took one hand to cup his balls. I gently squeezed and caressed them and moved a finger back to the perineum. I rubbed his perineum in a slow circular motion as my other fingers gently squeezed the balls. It was as if I had found the magic combination. For after only a seconds of this happening while my mouth still sucked and licked the head of his cock, he exploded in my mouth. Miles grunted and groaned as his hips thrust up automatically.  I felt him release a load into the back of my throat.  I moaned as I felt the warmth and taste of his cum on his cock head and my lips as I continued. A moment later his cock tensed again and more cum shot out of his cock and again I groaned in pleasure.

After one more small shot of cum to the back of my throat, his orgasm was complete.  His cock relaxed in my mouth.  I kissed the head once more as I pulled his cock from my mouth.

I smiled up at Miles and wiped a little bit of cum from the corner of my mouth and swallowed it. We kissed briefly as I sat back on the car seat. As our lips separated, Miles whispered, “Jess that was amazing.” I smiled at him and said, “I told you, that’s just a preview of what is coming tonight. Hurry back.” He nodded with eagerness and excitement

He quickly pulled up his jeans and zip as William pulled back in front of the work site. Miles told William, “I want you to take good care of my girl while I am gone OK?” William l nodded and said, “I sure will and thank you sir.”

I have asked Miles continue the story and his as he remembers and he witnessed it, I was lost in absolutely ecstasy to recall all the details………..


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I could not get the idea of Jess and William together out of my mind as I worked for the next several hours to help my team fix the issue. Finally, it was late, but we had the problem under control and I was able to get a cab back to the resort.

As I rode across town, my mind drifted to what Jess and William were experiencing. As big of a man as William was, I can only imagine how he was hung.  It had been a long week, and I was ready for some more sexual fun with Jess. I found myself getting aroused just as I think about what I would hopefully get to watch and participate in when I reached the hotel. It seemed as if the cab driver took forever to get me to the resort, but finally I was walking through the resort doors and down the hall to the elevator.  I continued to imagine what Jess and William were doing and I felt myself get aroused. As I reached the corridor where my room was, I heard a female scream of ecstasy.

The scream sounded louder as I approach room 542. I quickly knew it was an orgasm from my wife. She had always been very vocal and that was one of the things about any sexual experience I loved with her.  As I fumbled in my pocket for the room key, I found myself growing more aroused by the second.

I finally managed to get the card out of my pocket and hold it up to the scanner. The green light on the door lit up and I opened the room door. The hotel room was dark, except for the one lamp that was on next to the bed. Jess continued to moan in pleasure and as I walked into the room. I saw Williams head was buried in between Jess’s legs.  She was sitting at the head of the bed, with her hands behind her back and a blindfold over her eyes. As her moans subsided, William came up and kissed her lips. They sucked each other lips and tongue loudly.  I smiled as I had entered the room completely unnoticed. I stripped out of my clothes, giving my ever forming erection more room to move and grow. I sat in the chair that was at the corner of the room by the table.

I heard William whisper, “Jess, that was such a turn on.” She replied, “I cannot believe you lick pussy that well William it’s amazing.  Now let me show you my skills.” William quickly untied Jess’s hands and took the blindfold off.

As he watched, I noticed that he had a complete erection that was most likely over 8 inches long. It was also one of the thickest erections I have ever seen. I guessed it was over three inches thick. As Jess was freed, she eagerly took control.   She knelt on the bed and pushed him playfully backwards on the bed, as her eyes now locked with mine. She smiled at me and said, “I am glad you are here. Now you can watch us continue to play.” I smiled at Jess and she quickly turned back to William.

I glanced down and saw that I had a near complete erection sticking up towards my stomach. I continued to watch as Jess sat William back against the headboard and used the leather straps to tie his hands to the bedpost. William was lying, basically spread eagle, with a throbbing erection pulsing on his hips.

Jess pulled a vibrator from the night stand and began running it across Williams legs and hips. I saw his entire body tense in anticipation as she kissed his body passionately. William moaned, “I am so close already fuck me.” Jess pulled the vibrator off of his hips and said, “I want to feel you come inside of me.” William rocked his hips back and forth as he stared at Jess begging her to finish him off. Jess slowly crawled up Williams legs, and gave him a teasing smile as she did. Her amazing breasts swung back and forth as she moved.  I had a fantastic view of her wet pussy and swollen clit.   My hand automatically moved to my own throbbing dick as I continued to watch. My hand rubbed just under the head of my cock as Jess straddled William and lifted his erection up so that she could lower herself on to it. She rocked back and forth several times and within seconds, his entire length was inside of her as she let out a long moan as she sunk down on his massive black cock, stretching her white married pussy.

Jess knelt across Williams legs and began moving herself up and down in a rhythmic motion as William and my wife moaned in pleasure. I could not take just watching anymore. I jumped up from the chair, my hand still caressed my own erection.  I went over to the bed and climbed on standing next to Jess. I leaned in and kissed Jess and fondled her breasts.

Jess continued moving up and down and back and forth on Williams’s erection, as he continued to moan in pleasure. His own hips were rocking up times rhythmically with her.  Jess was panting as we kissed, and she quickly took my erection in her hands. Her touch brought me immediately closer to my release and I grabbed her behind the head and pulled her back to me. My cock deep in her mouth now as my hips thrust eagerly as she chocked a little. I pulled back momentarily as Jess managed to get her other hand across her body to caress my balls. I gasped, “I am going to cum.”

At that moment, William groaned and thrust his hips up firmly into Jess. Jess gasped in surprise and William groaned, “I am coming hold still.” Williams hips thrust rapidly up into Jess as he moaned and groaned in pleasure. I can barely pay attention to what is happening, as I am close to coming myself. Just as William gasped and relaxed with his enormous manhood still inside of Jess, I groaned as my own hips thrust my erection in her mouth one last time pulled out, her hand automatically tensed on my balls and my seed shot out and coated Jess’s ample breast. I threw my head back and closed my eyes as I thrust my hips again and more cum shot out of the head of my cock. With one final thrust, groan and small cum shot, my orgasm ended.  But I was still flying high from it. I felt my erection relax within Jess’s hands, and I panted for breath. It was only then, that I realized that both William and Jess were watching me.

I said, “I think that was so fucking horny.” Jess said, “I think we need to get you in on all the action this time.” She climbed off of William, and his already semi flaccid cock collapsed on his leg. She quickly untied him and he rolled on the bed to grab a water bottle off the nightstand. He said, “I think we should make a few minutes about you Madame Jessica.   He looked at me with a wink and said, “I love how loud she is.” I smiled and said, “I love it too.”

William and I worked together to get Jess onto all fours, where I laid  at first under her between her arms giving me ample access to her mouth and tits.  William started on his own knees behind her kissing and teasing her pussy and clit.

Within minutes of William and me working on Jess, she was panting and moaning. As I listened to her gasp of ecstasy grow in volume, I knew she was going to come.

William stopped his work suddenly, and slapped her lightly on the ass as he said, “I want to see you come in your husband’s mouth.” I smiled.  William and I quickly traded places while Jess quivered and panted on her knees.  I got in place and put my mouth and tongue to work. Within seconds, she was back to gasping and groaning and I knew she was close again. But the more I thrust my tongue in and out of her sopping wet pussy, and used my finger too do a circular motion on her clit, the louder her gasps grew. It did not take but another minute, before she was screaming in pleasure again. I felt the juices of her pleasure on my lips as she squirted all over my face and tongue her pussy throbbed in orgasm.

As the last throws of her orgasm fade, I leaned up and kissed her butt cheeks and up her back. I wrapped my arms around her stomach and leaned my head over her shoulder so I could kiss her lips. She kissed me passionately. As we all sit back, it is only then, that I was aware of my own arousal returning. My cock once again at the semi hard state. I saw Jess’s eyes glancing between me and William. Only then, I noticed that William too had a semi hard cock. I smiled to myself and think, this is going to be a great night. I knew from the look in Jess’s and Williams eyes that they were far from done. I looked forward to another round as I put my hand on my cock and began massaging it, to speed up the process. My mind was racing with excitement of this new experience and I knew it meant that we were all going to have some great orgasms.  As always, I did not want this night to end.

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