Getting started in the lifestyle

May 28, 2021

Getting started in the lifestyle

Start with honesty and trust

We’ve been happily married for over 20 years, with the usual challenges and ups and downs of life. Our sex life has always been very activeand until recent years only included the two of us and some fantasies. Onething I tell everyone is that if your relationship/marriage isn’t strong and in a good place, getting involved in this lifestyle probably isn’t the answer. You have to have complete honesty and trust to make this work.

In recent years we started getting more adventurous with our fantasies and loving every minute of it. We also wanted to be able to enjoy our fantasies afterwards too, so started photographing and filming our sessions. Watching ourselves is such a turn on and made us push the boundaries even more and want to be more adventurous with other people.

Just normal people like us

Although we talked about what we’d like to do, we hadn’t actively gone out to seek other people. Our first experience of the lifestyle was actuallyunplanned! We were on holiday and recognised a couple from our neighbourhood. After chatting for a while they told us they were here on a stag & vixen holiday. We knew what that was but didn’t know a lot about, we were definitely intrigued. We had drinks and met the rest of the group they were with.

Nope, they weren’t all glamourous singles, porn stars or slightly dodgy characters, they were like us. Married, some with kids, doing normal jobs and enjoying their sex life exactly how they wanted to andwithout judgement.

Later that night, we had our first experience of the lifestyle with the couple we knew and swapped partners. We took it slow (no penetration) and enjoyed every minute of it. From there, we haven’t looked back. The rest of our holiday was spent fucking and exploring every inch of this couple, they were thrilled to introduce us to the lifestyle and took great pleasure in sharing their experiences and showing us some of their favourite things.

No rules, just fun

Part of the attraction of the lifestyle is that there are no rules, onlythe ones you want to create to enjoy a safe and fun time. My wife and I identify as stag/vixen and almost all of our experiences are with other couples FFMM, as we both enjoy that. We choose our playmates together and they have to be right for both of us, otherwise, we don’t play. I’m not into being humiliated, it doesn’t do anything for me, but seeing my wife being fucked by another man she’s chosen, that’s the biggest turn on for me. We do some MFM too, watching my wife and then knowing I get to take her back, it’s a rush. My wife likes to watch too, she says watching me with another woman gets her so wet she can’t help but play with herself while she waits for me to take her.

What works for us, may not be what’s right for you, so take it slow. Start talking to each other, explore your fantasies and slowly push the boundaries together so that you’re both comfortable as you explore the lifestyle.

If you’re starting out on your journey to experiencing the lifestyle, you’ll find like-minded people at VXN. Join today and choose a membership level to suit your play.

Whether it’s Hotwifing Stag Vixen , MMF, FFM, Cuckolding or group sex, if you’re ready to play, set up your profile now and join us for some play time. Sign up now

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