Ecstasy at our first hotel meet

May 28, 2021

Ecstasy at our first hotel meet

We had been busy getting to know each other intimately for some time but had never met in person. Miles and I swapped sexy stories online and had p hone sex one night when I was working late at the office, which felt naught y but oh so nice. I only had to hear his deep, sexy Scottish accent and I g ot as horny as hell. We’d been making full use of webcams, teasing each oth er with smutty little snippets or full blown images of furious, urgent wank ing for the other to enjoy. Testing my limits, watching at work with everyo ne around me unaware, if only they knew what I was up to.

We decided we had to meet. The time had come. We enjoyed each other so m uch from a far, I couldn’t wait to feel him inside me and experienc e him in all his glory. We chose a local hotel and a time to meet. We talke d with great anticipation about how we’d let our first time togethe r unfold and it fuelled our fantasies as we worked out the details. I love that Miles wanted me in my work suit, with black underwear, sheer stockings and stiletto black boots. I was eager to please and told him how I wanted him.

I hitched my skirt a little higher

He was waiting for me when I arrived, as I parked my car, a naughty mess age appeared on my phone, requesting a little tease as I got out of the car and I was only too pleased to oblige. I took my time, checked my hair and applied a fresh coat of lipstick, feeling exhilarated that he was watching me. I hitched my skirt a little higher than it needed to be and made sure h e’d have a good view of the lacy top of my stocking as I slowly ope ned the door and got out of the car.

I walked expectantly over to the entrance, made my way to the hotel bar and ordered a drink while I awaited the next contact. The anticipation made me tingle with excitement as I could feel my pulse racing. I couldn’t see Miles in the bar, but I sensed he was watching me. I liked it.

Miles messaged me again, asking me exactly what I was wearing under my s uit. Still I couldn’t see him, but I told him my black lacy bra, th ong, suspenders and stockings were ready and waiting for his embrace. ‘Take your thong off in the ladies and come back to the bar’ he messaged. I took another sip of my drink and went to powder my nose. I took a moment for my self in the cubicle, feeling my excitement and just allowing myself a littl e of my own private pleasure before giving myself to him. I wondered if any one could tell I returned with an extra glow and with a little less on.

I slipped the thong into his pocket

Miles was waiting for me at the bar and the knowing look between us made me feel like we were in for a wild night. He ordered us another drink and he slipped his hand on my thigh, inching it a little higher, and a little f irmer as our eyes met. I slipped the thong into his inner jacket pocket, st roking down from his chest and over his crotch as I pulled my hand back to my drink.

I couldn’t wait to feel what was in store for me. We had fantasi sed together about this moment so many times and now it was here. The drink s were consumed with urgency by both of us, both keen to get the party star ted and I could see from the bulge in his trousers he wanted me. My shaven pussy was wet, throbbing and so ready for him.

We held hands as we made our way as coolly as we could to the lift. Woul d we manage to keep our clothes on as far as the room? We had to, but we di dn’t want to. As we got into the lift and realised that we were alo ne, we hit 6 and as the lift ascended so did he. As he touched me for the f irst time, it felt electric. His hand under my skirt, and one on my waist, strong and gentle all at the same time. He pulled me closer and I felt his hard penis, willing its way to me. His sexy Scottish accent set my pulse ra cing even faster, ‘Do you want this’ he pushed into me a little harder, ‘Is this what you have been waiting for you naughty girl?’

I took him in my mouth

The lift reached our floor and we clumsily found our way into our room. I threw my bag on a chair and turned around to face him, his flies were und one, and his huge circumcised cock was waiting for me… I got down on my k nees and took him in my mouth for a moment. He gently pulled me towards him and we kissed.

I had imagined playing it a little cooler, but god I needed to feel him inside me, I was so horny. Before I knew it, Miles was on his knees, lifting my skirt and gently pushing my legs apart, I fell back gently onto the be d as he licked my soaking wet pussy. As his tongue went deeper and deeper, I could feel I was about to come. I groaned, he knew exactly what to do as he went harder and faster, I couldn’t find the words as my orgasm t ook over.

We paused, him nestled in my thighs, me savouring the feeling but only f or a brief moment until we had to have each other. We undressed each other, and I leant over the bed as Miles rubbed his hard cock against me, mixing his juices with mine until I could wait no longer and begged him to enter m e. As his huge, hard cock entered me we moaned. He fucked me hard and fast, his hands playing with my nipples at the same time. It was amazing. I push ed back against him so he could get deeper and deeper.

He dipped his fingers into my pussy

He withdrew, turned me around and kissed me once more, his cock pressed against me. I begged him for more. I turned around, keeping my hand on his cock and guided him to my anus. We played there for a moment and I told him thats what I wanted. He took his time, dipped his fingers into my wet pussy and then circled them around my anus. It felt so good…… ‘Is this what you really want now, you naughty girl?’

‘Yes, now’ I told him, ‘Take me, now’, and he slowly entered me inch by inch… It felt so massive there, but so good. We go slow until he is fully in me and my god, my god. Fuck me, fuck me I groan.

Ecstasy at our first hotel meet

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