5 Top Tips to Find The Perfect Swingers’ Club

Oct 31, 2021

5 Top Tips to Find The Perfect Swingers’ Club

The Top 5 Factors To Consider When Trying To Find The Perfect Swingers’ Club

 One of your first steps towards venturing into the swinging lifestyle may be checking out a local swingers club. Swingers clubs are a great place to test the waters, as there is usually little pressure for you to participate in anything, and you can just stand back and observe until you find your comfort zone. Just as swingers club can help you have a good first experience, it can also be the very reason you run away from the swinging lifestyle. We are not going to say any of the swingers’ clubs are bad. We will simply say every club is different and what you see and experience at a particular club can create a perception of the swinging community that you may or may not like.

So before you venture into your first swingers club experience, it is important that you know exactly how to pick a club that will suit your particular interest. Here are some of the key factors that you may want to consider when looking for a club.

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  1. The Average Age Of The Members

One of the biggest factors in having success at any swinger’s event is being amongst a group of people that is within your age range. If you are a younger couple, in your 20’s or 30’, you may not enjoy the experience at a club that caters mainly to couples over 50. The reverse applies if you an older couple. Your best experience may not be at a club that caters mostly to a younger age demographics. There are ways in which you can go about getting a general idea of the age range of the members of a particular club. One such way is by contacting the owner or manager of the club and asking this question before visiting the club. You should also ask where you could join a guest list to see those who are attending the club. Most club owners post their special events on all local swingers dating sites, and through those sites, you can view the profiles of those who are registered for events at this club.

  1. How Members Carry Themselves

One factor that may even be greater than the age of the crowd is the general appearance and behaviour of the members. Does this club set a standard regarding how their members dress and behave, or are they just about the money and do not take particular interest in setting out proper members’ guidelines and expectations? By visiting the website of the club you are considering, you can get an idea into how much effort they put into ensuring a high standard of behaviour and appearance is kept amongst their members. Their website should include pages with proper rules and guidelines, along with a screening process to ensure the members uphold these rules.

  1. The Setting

This one is imperative. I have personally attended many swingers clubs throughout North America, and only a select few take the time and investment required to create an upscale venue with proper amenities that would make you not miss going to a regular downtown bar. Some venues have been downright scary, tucked away in old industrial or deserted buildings in the middle of nowhere, with very little invested in upgrading the facilities. The good news is, in almost every major city you will find at least one club that offers a high-end experience that rivals any of the top clubs in your area. If this is something that is important to you, take the time to do your research about the club before you attend. Join forums on local swingers dating sites, or even Facebook groups (yes there are swinger groups on Facebook. Thousands of them) and ask for feedback from those who have attended or know of the club. Also, check to ensure that there are proper and up-to-date pictures of this club on the club’s website.

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  1. General Attendance

Most of the top swinger’s clubs in any city, averages anywhere between, 160 to 300 people on an average Saturday night and about 40% less on a Friday night. On nights where there is a special event, such as Halloween, or New Year’s Eve, these clubs will see the attendance of up to 50% more than their regular averages. However, this only represents the top lifestyle venues. A lot of swingers clubs are set in smaller venues and for those venues, a night of 30 to 40 couples is a lot. This comes down to your personal preference. Are you interest in a bigger venue with a more party atmosphere similar to a mainstream nightclub, or are you looking for smaller more intimate settings? From my personal experience, the quality of the people has always been more important than the number of people at any lifestyle event. However, greater numbers bring increased opportunities, so it will definitely come down to your personal taste.

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  1. The Cost Of Membership

You will find that general admission to get into most swingers club is more expensive than getting into your average mainstream nightclub. This is particularly true in the U.S, as most swinger’s club are B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Booze), so club owners try to make up revenues lost from the sale of alcohol by charging higher entrance fees. In Canada, the rules are different, so a lot of Canadian Swinger’s clubs have full bars attached, so therefore entrance fee is a little cheaper. First time members pay more because of the annual membership fees each club charges. The legalities behind operating a swingers club require for such, but I will not go into the details of that in this article, just expect that for your first visit, you will be asked to pay a one-time membership fee in addition to your general nightly admission. I have been to clubs where that translates to about $120 for a couple, just to get in. This may or may not be a factor for you, but something to consider in your planning. If you are a single female, a lot of clubs offer special incentives for females so your cost may be significantly less, sometimes nothing at all. Single males may be charged a premium if single men are indeed allowed. Make sure you are aware of the applicable fees before showing up at any club for the first time.

You will find that visiting any swingers club will most likely prove to be a refreshing and liberating, unlike anything you would have ever experienced at a regular club. Finding a club that is suits your needs will make that experience even greater. Your first time for anything is a big deal. Take the time to do the necessary research to make sure your first swinger club experience is one that is worthy of repeating.

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