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    Great topic


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    In our experience finding a respectful guy has turned out to be very difficult.


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    The guys I have actually been with have all been fun to be with if not exactly gentlemen. But I wasn’t looking for tender loving sex and neither were they. I have had a few problems with guys who wouldn’t take no for an answer and several who were all hands. But i usually make friends with the bartenders in clubs I frequent so it does offer some insurance when guys get a little pushy.


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    We have had hit or miss experiences with bulls


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    That’s great they look after you. Our local club here has people paid to monitor and keep an eye on people.

    They will ask just ask a lady if she is OK. They take consent very serious. Touch without asking…got tossed. No conversation. Every member gets the same tour and instructions.

    Glad you feel safe. Every woman should feel safe. Do not tolerate handy guys. Be a gentleman.

    On that note heading out to another club tonight. Going to NYX in Oakville tonight


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    Hard to find relable ainlge guys it seems. They are all yah yah until time of meet…then they do not show up. Then few days later message with an excuse. Lol..last guy said he had a random girl stop by for a fuck. Oh well.. not getting lucky with Mrs now.


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    We’ve had both good and bad playmates. Some guys where we are just want to “pump and dump”. Some encounters have lasted less than 15 minutes, while others have been great and went on for hours. The challenge is finding a bull that respects our marriage and lifestyle and wants to do all the fun stuff unselfishly. Play time is 2 (or more) people doing everything they can to ensure the other’s pleasure and satisfaction. Some guys are one sided. But we have found good playmates that make it fun and spicy, so there is always hope!

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