Cheating Wife and Neighbour Erotic

Jan 11, 2022

Cheating Wife and Neighbour Erotic

There are certain drawbacks to being a stay-at-home wife. My hubby is rarely there, and I am lonely and aroused as a result. My romantic life is non-existent, despite the fact that I am in my late twenties. I’m very sure my spouse has a girlfriend, and I’m stuck at home alone. I do get some solace. Harry, my elderly next-door neighbor, grates on my nerves. He isn’t the most attractive man in the world. His hair is thinning and he has a paunch. He has a large cock, which is the greatest part.

I can see the bulge in Harry’s shorts while he’s outside working in his yard. His cock must be massive. I wish I could have seen it in person. One day, I worked up the courage to do it. Harry was outside, mowing his lawn. I put on a pair of shorts and a tight tee. I stepped outside and made a signal to Harry.

“You look good,” I assured him, “and I have some cool beers in the fridge.”

Harry came over to our yard and stopped what he was doing. I invited him inside to grab a cool drink. We entered the home, and I took two beers from the fridge. I could see Harry’s gaze was fixed on my breast. My breasts are a C cup size, and my nipples are fairly big. We sipped our drinks while clink-clink-clink-clink-clink-clink-clink-clink-clink-c I knew I’d have to take the initiative. I set down my beer and walked up to Harry.

I leaned up close and kissed him on the lips.

“Ellen?” he inquired.

I caught him off guard. I leaned down and brushed my hand across Harry’s groin while I kissed him. That piqued Harry’s interest. Harry put his drink on the table and drew me into his arms. His huge cock was straining against my body. That cock had to be seen and felt. I took a step back and knelt. I slipped on Harry’s shorts and saw his dick for the first time.

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw how large it was. I’m guessing his prick was around the same size as my wrist. I took Harry’s cock in my hands and brought it to my lips. As I took Harry’s monster into my mouth, he sighed. To be honest, I couldn’t get more than a few inches of food into my mouth. Harry couldn’t care less. He pressed his palm into the back of my head, urging me to fall on him.

Harry had to have been around eight inches long. It didn’t take long for him to become completely ruthless. I took a step back and stood up. I stripped down to my underwear and stood naked in front of Harry. Harry didn’t squander any time. He took off his shirt, took off his shoes, and kicked his shorts aside. I wrapped my arms around Harry’s neck and he used his hands to hoist me up. I could feel his large mushroom attempting to penetrate me.

I sank down onto Harry’s cock as he gently lowered me. As I felt his prick enter my tight pussy, I groaned. I’m quite sure I’d never felt a cock that big before. It took a while for Harry to get his rod all the way inside my stomach. That was the start of the fucking. Harry smacked me in the face with his massive cock. As he took me like some cheap whore, I believe I shouted aloud.

For a few minutes, Harry fucked me like that. He then ushered us both over to the couch. He lowered me while maintaining his cock. Harry then stretched out and pushed my legs on my chest. As he drove his cock deep into me, I watched his ass bounce up and down. As he gave me the fucking I deserved, I wrapped my arms around him and essentially held on. If only my hubby was as kind to me as Harry. My husband’s cock, however, was nothing near as huge as Harry’s.

These deep cock thrusts were given to me by Harry. When he slipped all the way inside to the bottom, I felt his mushroom just at my folds. Harry is older, yet he must have fucked me for at least one hour. I sensed his body stiffen up, and he slipped into me again. After that, Harry shot me with his sticky cream. It was scorching hot as I tried to milk his sperm from his body with my pussy muscles.

Harry continued to pour his cum into my body for another 10 minutes. I could feel some of his love cream dripping down my arse. Harry bent down and sucked my nipples in his mouth when we had cooled down. I enjoy having my erect nipples sucked on, and this caused me to have a massive orgasm. Harry softened and yanked his prick from my body. We kissed for a little longer until Harry allowed me to get up and clean myself up.

As I sat on the toilet, all that bile poured out of me. Harry was on his back when I returned to the living room. For a long time, I gazed at that jerk. I knew I’d have to have him once again. It was, unfortunately, late in the afternoon. My spouse was on his way home. We both suited up, and I noticed Harry heading for the rear door.

“Don’t be a stranger,” I begged him, “I’ve been wanting that for a long time.”

My husband scarcely recognized me when he returned home. I knew I’d made the proper choice in choosing Harry to be my boyfriend. As my husband slept off that night, I reached down and touched my pussy with my fingers. Some of Harry’s come was still splashing around within me. I just prayed it wouldn’t be too long before I felt Harry’s cock within me again.

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