Are You A Stag Or A Cuckold

Nov 15, 2021

Are You A Stag Or A Cuckold?


Let this article help you decide whether you’re a stag or a cuckold…do you know what the difference between being a Stag is or being a Cuckold?

If you’re having thoughts about what to name your fetish, or if you want to identify yourself on the basis of what exactly you are or what is it that you like, read on to know more and finally get some clear answers!

Who Is Called A Stag And What Is Being A Cuckold?

Before we get into any explanations, we need to understand what a Stag and what a Cuckold really is. So, here are these two terms explained for you to just get the basics sorted,

  • A Stag is someone who enjoys watching or hearing about his wife (called the Vixen or Hotwife) or his partner being with other men sexually.
  • A Cuckold is someone who also enjoys watching his, mostly, wife having sexual encounters with men other than him… but this enjoyment comes with a sweet dose of much appreciated humiliation.

Now, it’s understandable why many could think there’s no difference between being a cuckold or a stag – maybe except the part about the added humiliation – but if there weren’t any more differences, this article wouldn’t be here.

Jokes apart, cuckolding has been popular for some time now. A lot of people have embraced this fetish and that’s the reason it’s so hot and happening at the moment! But being a Stag and Vixen couple is nothing like fulfilling the cuckolding fantasy!

To understand better how these two are different, let’s find out what happens in the lifestyle next…

How To Know The Difference Between A Stag And A Cuckold?

To know and decide for sure if you’re a stag or a cuckold, it’s vital you know what happens in either of these two relationships. The core differences between these two, other than the humiliation that comes with cuckolding, are:

  • A cuckold never joins his partner.

The cuckold fantasy involves a man watching or hearing about his wife being with other men sexually. The cuckold is never allowed or even wants to join his wife in action and this adds to the fulfillment of his fantasy.

A stag, on the other hand, sure does immensely enjoy watching or hearing about his wife’s sexual escapades; and if present in the room while she’s having a fuck session with other men, the stag is more than welcome to join the wife.

So, ask yourself, once you know that you want your wife or partner to be with other men…do you also want to join her or just watch or hear about it?

  • There’s no humiliation involved in being a Stag.

Both a cuckold and a stag likes to be teased about how this other single man (a vixen’s bull) is a far better lover with a larger or better cock but where a cuckold enjoys the humiliation that comes with it, a stag won’t even consider a vixen having sex with her bull as humiliation.

There’s a lot of trust between a stag and the vixen. The ritual of reclaiming removes any traces of the bull from their relationship. In fact, many stag and vixen couples have rules about how to choose a bull or have their own boundaries.

A cuckold fantasy could be spontaneous and even a happy surprise – finding the wife in bed with another man may be thrilling for a cuckold. Stags and vixens decide among themselves when and where the bull will join them, and it might be unconventional to do otherwise…but hey, you get to make your own rules in this lifestyle.


So, Have You Decided If You’re A Stag Or A Cuckold?

If you like to just watch and not join, you might be a cuckold. If you want to join and feel no humiliation, you could be a stag…but here’s the third deciding factor on if you’re a stag or a cuckold – there’s no reclaiming in the cuckolding fantasy but added humiliation.

A cuckold night be made to lick another man’s cum from his wife’s pussy and even lick the bull’s dick – and he sure would love to do it. This isn’t exactly joining the wife but simply added humiliation to fulfill the extreme cuckolding fantasy.

So finally, ask yourself if you’re excited about being allowed to be humiliated by the bull…if yes, you’re a cuckold. A stag, when joins the vixen and the bull, reclaims the vixen by fucking her and sealing their bonds of trust stronger. A cuckold simply enjoys sharing his wife with others without mostly joining in.

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