The Keys And Anklets Podcast with DevotedStagUK

Aug 9, 2021

The Keys And Anklets Podcast with DevotedStagUK

The process of discovering and living out your truth is courageous and always worth while. Michael C. Is joined by DevotedStagUK to discuss his journey into the hotwifing lifestyle with his wife. DevotedStag shares the origins of his desire for his wife to pursue sensual pleasure with other men and how it took hold early in their marriage. As is often the case in pursing the lifestyle, the reality didn’t always live up to the fantasy for DevotedStag and his wife . All of that changed when DevotedStag and his wife began listening to the Keys and Anklets podcast and began connecting with the intellectual and emotional depths of hotwifing. DevotedStag truly lives up to his name as a passionate and compassionate stag. Listeners will surely be moved by his level of devotion to his treasured wife’s happiness.

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The Keys And Anklets Podcast with DevotedStagUK

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