A Key and Anklets Podcast Interview With Three Experienced Bulls

by | Aug 16, 2021

The China Shop Presents The Court of Kings – A Discussion on Race in the Lifestyle – Pt.1

The presence of interracial eroticism has prompted a great deal of discussion within the hotwifing and cuckolding lifestyle. The conversation surrounding common lifestyle terminology such as big black cock (BBC) and queen of spades (QOS) has lead some to wonder about the appropriateness of their use within the lifestyle and how they originated. Michael C invites three experienced black men in the lifestyle with over 80 years of combined experience to engage in an honest and revealing conversation about their views on raceplay, terminology, and fetishization. Michael, Pagan, Demetri, and Mr. Mocha speak frankly about their lifestyle experiences and share how the interracial elements of the lifestyle enhance their experience. If you’ve ever wondered how the men who fulfill so many sensual fantasies truly feel about the elements of race in the lifestyle, these episodes are for you.

Permission to Publish this on VXN Lifestyle was kindly granted by Michael C https://www.keysandanklets.com/

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